Fortnite Tournaments Won’t Be Available on Next-Gen Consoles at Launch

by in Fortnite | Nov, 9th 2020

Epic Games has revealed that the next-gen consoles, the PS5, Xbox Series X, and S, will not have a key feature of Fortnite battle royale when they release. Despite having many welcome changes and features, the new consoles will not have Fortnite next-gen tournaments as initially planned.

Fortnite Next-Gen Tournaments Will Not Be Available at Launch

This announcement was revealed on Twitter by the official Fortnite Competitive account that usually posts about anything esports-related for the massive battle royale game. The account broke the unfortunate news that players will not be able to participate in Fortnite next-gen tournaments.

According to the account, both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X/S will not compete in tournaments in Fortnite battle royale when they launch. This feature will be unavailable to the new systems for a bit of time. Players who usually do these will have to look elsewhere.

It looks like there is some major issue that the Fortnite developer ran into while making the next-gen versions of the battle royale game. While testing the new versions of the game, it seems that there are some problems that the new consoles have.

These problems likely have to do with the Fortnite next-gen tournaments as it doesn’t affect anything else in terms of being removed from the game. But even still, this may be disappointing to those players out there who like to play competitively.

Tournaments Will Stay on Other Systems

For now, you will have to play on other systems if you would like to enjoy the tournaments that are coming up for the battle royale game for the foreseeable future as the PS5, Xbox Series X, and S won’t cut it. This means that you will possibly have to keep your old systems around.

If you were planning on getting rid of or trading in your old console for the new one, you might have to keep it around for the time being if you like these tournaments or miss out on them for time being while these issues are ironed out.

This is especially disappointing since a major tournament series is happening right now in the game. Fortnite is hosting the Marvel Knockout Super Series for basically the rest of this month, so we have this tournament series to look forward to for now.

But if you pick up the new consoles and play on there, it looks like you will not be able to participate. This is especially disappointing even if you aren’t necessarily pro level since competing in all four tournaments in this new series would grant you a free exclusive prize regardless of how well you do.

Next-Gen Players Will Probably Miss Out on the Marvel Knockout Super Series

The Marvel Knockout Super Series has four different tournaments to it. The first one was the Daredevil one. During that event, players could compete against one another in the superpowered limited-time mode in Season 4 and possibly unlock the skin early.

Another similar situation happened with the second tournament. Most recently, players had the chance to unlock the Ghost Rider skin in part two. Parts three and four have yet to happen and are likely coming up very soon, with part three already having rumors.

It is presumed that part three will host Black Widow as the main focus of that tournament, which is a bit odd since that skin has already been released for the battle royale game before. However, this new version of the character will be a brand new skin entirely.

There will be a fourth part after that. Unfortunately, it looks like it is likely that next-gen players will not be able to participate in them at all. Epic Games noted that it would let players know when things change and Fortnite next-gen tournaments become available.

What You Do Get With the Next-Gen Version

In the meantime, though, it does look like that is the only major issue that the next-gen version of Fortnite battle royale will have. Beyond this problem, the new consoles should have access to every single other feature, game mode, and so on that is already available on the current generation.

Even more than that, they will come with the next-gen upgrades that Epic Games is releasing as soon as either console launches. When you pick up your new system, you will immediately download Fortnite and take full advantage of the new hardware minus the tournaments section.

There are many awesome next-gen bonuses that players will experience on the new systems, including the upgrade to have the Xbox Series X version be in 4K with the full 60 frames per second that we’ve come to know and love, plus the much better loading.

Meanwhile, the Xbox Series S won’t have the full 60FPS at 4K, but it will have it at full HD, at least, while benefiting from some of the other bonuses. Meanwhile, the PS5 version will be heavily similar to the Xbox Series X version, including the new enhanced splitscreen at 60FPS.

But the PS5 version will also have Dualsense functionality, allowing the new PS5 controller to change how the game feels to you. You will even be able to select your favorite game mode from the UI menu of the PS5 before even jumping into the game, saving you even more time in the process. The new Xbox systems will release on Nov. 10, while the PS5 will release on Nov. 12.


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