Fortnite to Premiere BTS’ ‘Dynamite’ Music Video this Friday

by in Fortnite | Sep, 21st 2020

Shoutout to the BTS fanbase, and in particular, one of Jason’s friends who led us to this! Revealed on Twitter, BTS is coming to Epic Games’ Fortnite this Friday night to premiere “Dynamite (Choreography ver)”, and it’s a must-see. This is a huge get for Epic Games, and it promises never-before-seen choreography. How’s that for a hook to lure people into Fortnite on a Friday night?

What are the details? We’ve got you covered.

A.R.M.Y. Takes Over Party Royale

That’s right, on the Main Stage of Party Royale island, BTS is going to drop a real bombshell on Fortnite. Dynamite premiered last month on YouTube and broke the record for most-viewed video in 24 hours (101.1 million views), and has since broke 380 million views. That’s the power ARMY (BTS’ fandom) has.

Party Royale is a no-combat area of Fortnite, where players can socialize and hangout, and soon, it will be where they premiere a special version of BTS’ Dynamite. Dynamite is interesting because it’s the first full-English song by BTS, giving more people than ever the ability to listen, comprehend, and fall in love with the band. That’s perhaps why this is the biggest move for BTS and Fortnite; a song in English gives so many people an outlet to see what makes BTS such a global phenomenon.

In addition, we’re sure that plenty of BTS fans are going to log into Fortnite just to see this never-before-seen choreography, instead of waiting for gifs to show up on Tumblr, YouTube or Twitter. This is the kind of thing you have to see live, after all. BTS’ video Dynamite will premiere in Fortnite at 8 PM EDT, but there’s a special bonus!

After the Dynamite (Choreography ver), there will be a listening party for Dynamite (Tropical Remix) with karaoke graphics so you can sing and dance along to the song. Fortnite’s been in the news lately for their battle with Apple, but this will certainly put positive eyes on the Battle Royale. The hope for Epic Games, we imagine, is that these potential new players will come and stick around to play the game.

It’s not the first concert in Fortnite, and surely isn’t going to be the last. We also saw this morning that Fortnite dropped a tweet teasing the event with BTS themselves! Now we definitely want to see how many new accounts are created or old accounts are returned to, just to see BTS’ latest music video.


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