Fortnite Thor’s Hammer Has Created a Crater Near Salty Springs

by in Fortnite | Aug, 24th 2020

Epic Games is gearing up for the start of Fortnite Season 4, and one of the very first teasers for the new season has begun in battle royale. The battle royale island in Season 3 has changed a little bit already with the arrival of the Fortnite Mjolnir hammer recently.

Fortnite Mjolnir Hammer Has Arrived in Season 3

It was recently discovered that the Fortnite Mjolnir hammer is now found on the battle royale island, specifically, in a way that feels somewhat familiar to what has happened with Thor in Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. The hammer just appeared randomly on the island.

Even though Season 4 isn’t here just yet, Epic Games is teasing the new Marvel-themed season by having the Fortnite Mjolnir hammer show up on the map for players to check out. It has appeared on the Season 3 island and shows that Thor is about ready to make his debut.

You can hop into a battle royale match right now, and you’ll be able to find the Fortnite Mjolnir hammer on the map, located near Salty Springs, which is south of the named location. It is southwest of the small point of interest town and north of the river that runs west to east.

Players can find the hammer there between the two points, and it is not just hanging out there. It has fallen from the sky at some point in time and then created a massive crater there. The hammer has physically changed the Season 3 island, albeit in a minor way.

Comic Book Pages Are Also Here

Unfortunately, at this time, players are unable to go and take the hammer out of the ground and use it in combat. The hammer may be a major part of Season 4 in some capacity, but that isn’t the case currently as you can’t interact with it right now.

Regardless, the crater arrived in the game with the introduction of comic book pages, something that we knew would be coming to the battle royale game at some point due to leaks. Players can collect these pages and read them themselves when they aren’t playing matches.

The comic book pages are unique and seem to indicate an original story of sorts for Thor and other Marvel characters like Galactus, as they are fighting with some of the popular original Fortnite characters. Through these comic book pages, we can figure out what happened to Thor and his famous hammer.

The God of Thunder was in the middle of a fight when he began to lose, and his hammer fell out of the sky and was lost. The hammer has now crashed into the island, and the superhero is nowhere to be found. This is likely all some elaborate tease for the new season that will presumably amplify these mechanics even more.

You Might Be Able to Get Mjolnir as a Pickaxe

From what we gather at this time, Fortnite Season 4 will be all about superheroes of some kind, including Thor and others. We expect Thor to be the main hero like Deadpool in Season 2 and Aquaman in Season 3 that you will be able to unlock through the premium battle pass.

It is even likely that you will have to visit the Fortnite Mjolnir hammer at some point in the weekly missions to unlock the Thor skin. Perhaps there will be one where you need to pick up the hammer while wearing the Thor skin to unlock Mjolnir as an in-game pickaxe.

It is also likely that we will see even more comic book page collectibles in the new season, including some as part of the weekly missions that players have to do. This will add a new item type for players to collect and offer a new way to get more story content in the game.

We could not only find out more about Thor and his hammer but also some of the other characters that are coming to Fortnite Season 4. Even new characters leaked for the game, including Wolverine and others that are likely to come soon.

Fortnite Season 4 Release Date and Other Details

It is unlikely that they will be the free character through the battle pass like Thor is probably going to be, so players may have to pay extra cash to get them in the item shop. Given that there is still some time until the release of Season 4, it is unlikely that this is the end of the teases for the new battle royale season.

We still have a few more days left until the start of Season 4, so Epic Games may tease more superheroes and other content in the lead up to Thursday, Aug. 27 is the start of Season 4, only a week after the final batch of Season 3 challenges dropped.

It was astonishing to have this season release so soon, and on time after no other new season in this chapter has been able to do that thus far. Does the crater that Mjolnir created hint at the possibility of an Asgard or other themed location near where Salty Springs is?

That was also hinted at in the leaks for the game. We have had Salty Springs for such a long time without any changes, so it makes sense for that named location to change up in this new season. Stay tuned for more info as we find out about Fortnite Season 4.


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