Fortnite The Shark Prison and Other Map Changes Added in Update

by in Fortnite | Apr, 15th 2020

Epic Games is softening the blow of a Fortnite season two extension by releasing a new update today across all platforms. Players can download and install this update, and experience major changes to the map and more like the new Fortnite The Shark Prison named location.

Epic Games Drops Significant Update After Extension Announcement

Epic Games released update 12.40 today, Wednesday, April 15 for players on all platforms across PC, console, and mobile devices. If you are reading this right now, you can download and install this update to experience the significant and surprising changes that it has to offer.

It is even more surprising given the timing of this new downloadable update for the battle royale game. Fortnite was just announced to have an extension this week to give it a much longer second season than was originally planned for it.

Instead of ending around the end of April and starting with the new season sometime at the beginning of May, players will have to wait about another month or so to experience the third season of chapter two. It will make its start at the beginning of June but players have a lot to look forward to until then like the 12.40 update today.

Update 12.40 Has No Patch Notes Again

However, the one unfortunate thing about the new update for Fortnite battle royale is that there are no patch notes for patch 12.40… again. This has been a recurring issue this season with Epic Games not releasing any patch notes for the battle royale title and it strikes once again today.

As such, we don’t have an exact way of knowing what is new and changed in the season thus far beyond what is leaked in the in-game files and what we can find ourselves just by exploring the updated island. Fortunately, Epic Games has been good about releasing some details like bug fixes.

Also, Creative mode is still getting patch notes for some odd reason even though the more popular battle royale isn’t. This is a strange occurrence that has been happening since the middle of season one in chapter two and it looks to continue for the foreseeable future.

Fortunately, we have scoured through the latest changes to the map and come up with our patch notes of sorts that go over everything major that has changed for the island and what we know about what is new and different. Without further ado, let’s dive in to take a look.

What’s New: Fortnite The Shark Prison

By far, the biggest change that players will notice upon entering their next match of battle royale is that there is a new named location on the map. Well, it is sort of new at least. The Fortnite The Shark Prison is now the latest area to be added to the season two battle royale island.

Formerly only The Shark, the Fortnite The Shark Prison is now converted into a huge prison that is also home to the titular shark. The shark remains on the island but isn’t as significant as it was before. Instead of having a massive mansion accompanying it, that luxurious home has been converted into a state-of-the-art prison.

The prison is huge and has several floors and rooms to scour through plus the island itself that it is on. Given that it is on a secluded island, it certainly gives it an Alcatraz feel to it that is both strange and interesting. This change is likely a major step towards what’s next for the battle royale lore.

The biggest question is who will be housed inside of this prison? This question is further intensified by the fact that there is a separate cell that is far away from the rest of the prison. This high-security cell is floating on the water on its tiny little island.

Well, if you can consider an island at any rate. It is floating a bit away from the Fortnite The Shark Prison named location and is just a floating prison cell. This is likely reserved for someone particularly evil or special, and there are already rumors as to who.

It is likely that the prison, in general, is meant for the spies that have been at the crux of the season thus far. It is no doubt that the Shadow versus Ghost battle has been between two organizations that are anything but law-abiding citizens.

As such, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the fan-favorite season two characters like Meowscles, Brutus, TNTina, and the like be imprisoned on this special island. That leaves the floating singular cell for someone like Midas who has been at the top of it all.

This is further supported by the fact that the final two weeks of challenges this season are focused around him. Something will likely happen to him and the other spies once the 10 weeks of normal battle royale challenges are up this season.

The Agency Is Glowing

The new Fortnite The Shark Prison named location is far from the only new map change in this update. The other one has to do with The Agency that is at the heart of the island this season. It is one of the most popular locations, so the change this time is a smaller one.

Players who love this location shouldn’t worry as it is far too popular to change too much this early in its lifespan. We expect The Agency to be the next Tilted Towers of sorts, so we don’t think we will see any major changes to it, like in the case of The Shark and The Rig, for the time being.

That said, the one major change that we have seen thus far in this update is that the little bunker areas that are on the edge of the island where The Agency is located have started glowing. This is a rather mysterious change that we aren’t sure what to make of just yet.

The spies at The Agency may have stolen or come across some sort of artifact that is green and glowing like an alien relic or something of the sort. Perhaps whatever it is, is even the reason behind their capture and imprisonment soon.

Regardless, it is clear that Epic Games is already teasing what’s next for battle royale as the glowing bunkers will likely have some a major part in what’s to come in season three, along with the prison itself. We already have some burning theories on what this could mean for the game, but we will leave that for a future post. Needless to say, we do think there could be a bit of Roblox-like influence coming in Fortnite’s future.

New Deadpool Skin Variant Reportedly Leaked

Taking a step away from the normal changes that we have seen thus far in the game with this update, some of the in-game files have changed with this update to accompany the new challenges this week. As you likely already know, there is a new batch of weekly challenges this week.

They will be the week nine challenges and be the second-to-last ones in the series of normal season two missions. In addition, this week will be the penultimate week of Deadpool challenges as well. You might be wondering what exactly could appear this week for a reward and it may have already leaked.

In the in-game files with this update released, a new Deadpool skin variant has been revealed. The new variant is the X-Force Deadpool outfit and is a color swap on the normal one that is already in the game for you to unlock. This is a slick version of Deadpool’s gear with a classic black and grayish-silver look to it, representing the famous superhero team he was part of.

This is a nice skin variant, far better than the one that we got last week with the creepy unmasked version. This also likely hints at a 10th and final week of Deadpool challenges where we will likely get another skin variant of some sort. Regardless, stay tuned for the official confirmation of this and how to unlock it in the week nine challenges this Friday, April 17.

New Tech Upgrades in Spy Games and Bug Fixes

Last up for battle royale this week in the new update is an expansion of the Spy Games limited-time event that is happening right now. Players can pledge allegiance to either the Ghost or Shadow organizations and gain some perks in the process.

These things affect stuff like regenerating shields and the like and only affect the Spy Games mode that is in the game. Well, some new tech upgrades are now available in the Spy Games event that brings some surprising and welcome benefits to the mode.

For one, there is a tease of some sort of ability that lets you copycat your opponent. How this works is uncertain at this time, but you can copy their abilities or perhaps their weapon loadout at that time. Another lets you push through the pain with the Strong Resolve perk.

Another still will let you stock up in battle with supplies using the Resupply ability. There are likely more to it than just those and we suspect that there will be further additions in the future. An update like this one wouldn’t be complete without some bug fixes and there are a few in update 12.40.

These were pulled directly from Epic Games and are among the few announced changes that we know of in this update. For starters, those players who had problems with a controller not providing vibration or feedback when taking damage should have it fixed now.

There is also a fix for the Midas Golden Touch not changing items to gold like it should have been. That’s it for the bug fixes in this update that we know of but there is one major issue that players should keep in mind that hasn’t been fixed yet.

There is a problem with the normal grenade in the game so it has been temporarily disabled in all modes. It will likely return to the game once Epic Games has resolved the problem with the explosive weapon.

Fortnite Creative Mode Changes

There are quite a few changes now for the Fortnite Creative mode in this update. To kick things off, there are new props that have been added to the Jungle Temple and Diner prop galleries. Also, there is a new requirement where players have to include at least one tag on their island for it to be published.

That’s it for the new additions to the Creative mode of Fortnite but there are a ton of bug fixes as well. For one, the phone can no longer interact with the rift console on Hub islands. There is a fix for the problem where islands with multiple item spawns and 20 items stored would have some significant time outs at the start of the game.

There is another one for props in the island border that are deleted no longer reappearing after reloading the island. You can find the full list of the gameplay bug fixes below:

  • Fixed an issue where the asymmetric team rotation could fail if all players on the smaller team left the game before all rounds were complete in the match
  • Vehicles no longer continue to move after the player exits them after coming to a complete stop
  • Fixed an issue with the Perception Trigger device sometimes losing track of players riding a vehicle
  • Fixed an issue with multiple invisible devices appearing visible when scrubbing on replays
  • Fixed an issue where the Capture Area device zone is inaccurately scaled in replays
  • Fixed an issue where the Objective device UI displays inconsistently after scrubbing in replay
  • Fixed an issue where the minigame round ends in a draw after the spawn pads are destroyed and the player is damaged with ‘Only Allow Respawn if Spawn Pads Found’ set to on
  • Fixed an issue where players would be able to respawn in between rounds, allowing them to move freely before the next round started and bypass barriers
  • Fixed an issue where lobby music would start and continue playing after finishing a round

There are plenty more bug fixes for Creative mode that we weren’t able to cover due to just how many there are, so anyone who loves Creative mode and building your creations should check out the full blog post on the changes in this update for it here on the official Epic Games website.


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