Fortnite The Ruins Leak Reportedly Reveals Final Season 3 Map

by in Fortnite | Jul, 2nd 2020

One of the biggest leaks in Fortnite Season 3 and for this season has been revealed. The Fortnite The Ruins leak includes a look at not just a new named location that is possibly coming soon to battle royale this season, but what the final Season 3 map could look like.

Fortnite Leak Reveals Final Season 3 Map

This Fortnite The Ruins leak comes from a Reddit user by the username of gh0stly2, who posted an image to the battle royale sub-Reddit page this week. The image is a spoiler image that potentially includes the final Season 3 map before Epic has released it.

Given that this has to do with one of the major points for Fortnite Season 3, we recommend that you turn back now if you are averse to spoilers for the game. This is akin to when a new season is leaked for battle royale, as this is most likely going to be the bulk of the new content this season.

If you don’t want to know anything about what is coming to Fortnite this season and how the map is going to change soon, this is your last chance to turn back before everything is spoiled for you. Are you still here? Awesome, here’s what this Fortnite The Ruins leak points to.

First and foremost, the Reddit user posted the image on the sub-Reddit page. It looks to be of the utmost quality and design. There is a possibility that this is a fake leak meant to look like the real thing, but it would be quite elaborate.

Nearly All of the Water Will Reportedly Recede

Anything is possible, so there is a chance this is fake, so be sure to take this with a bit of salt and be safe. That said, though, if we’re honest, this leak does look real to us. This is likely going to be what the final Season 3 map will look like this season.

The final Season 3 map is largely similar to what the Season 2 map looked like last season but with some notable changes. Oddly enough, Epic is going to revert all of the major watery changes this season, for the most part, and make the old island return.

This is interesting because the whole water world feel to this season is part of what makes it so interesting and game-changing. Plus, the Aquaman event, the loot sharks, and more make the broken island nature of this season much more important.

It looks like Epic is making good on its promise from the start of the season that the water will recede. There will be returning and new named locations because of this. It is a bit surprising, though, to see that all of the water will recede. The map will pretty much return to what it was before.

The Ruins Named Location Will Appear

With the exception of some major changes that already exist this season and one new one. The leak includes a new named location that we have never seen before and that is called The Ruins. This new area will reportedly be in the northwestern corner of the map where The Shark was previously.

Interestingly enough, The Shark seems to exist still as you can see a little island at the northern end that looks like it, but it has lost its named location status. Instead, The Ruins will replace it as the named location in this area and it takes over the string of islands that were here before.

Not much is known about the Fortnite The Ruins leaked named location at this time, other than it is a large area made up of smaller island locations that are darker in color than the normal green islands. It is somewhat reminiscent of Loot Lake when the cube destroyed it.

Some are even beginning to theorize that this could have to do with Aquaman himself and be like his little location in Season 3. This would make sense as Deadpool took over The Yacht last season from Meowscles and made it his home base so that a similar situation could happen here.

Risky Reels and Other Locations Will Return

Fortunately, this doesn’t affect Sweaty Sands, which seems to exist this season still and will be south of The Ruins. Beyond the ruins, there are no other new named locations technically. We say technically because there are some returning ones, but none of them are entirely new.

For those of you who miss places like Weeping Woods and Slurpy Swamp, all will be back this season. They aren’t affected by new locations like The Fortilla and Rickety Rig. Craggy Cliffs is back as well, so you have all of the locations that were in the game previously, too.

But what is surprising is that Risky Reels is coming back, which isn’t too shocking, but it looks to be coming back as a named location again. The map shows the name of Risky Reels in the same spot as it was before, west of Frenzy Farm and north of The Agency, now known as The Authority.

The only place that might not be returning this season is The Grotto, which doesn’t have its name back and looks to be still filled with water when this new map comes out. Most of the comments on the post seem to be lamenting these changes, as they will miss the water, some still miss The Grotto, and others will miss the trash island that seems to up and disappear.

According to the data miner on Reddit, this is only the final stage of the map and there are around eight stages in total. This means that it will likely happen for several weeks this season, so we might not even see this change fully into place until the very end of Season 3, barring any major delays of Season 4. For now, though, we will have to wait and see as this Fortnite The Ruins leak is likely a ways off still.


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