Fortnite The Lowdown Challenges Guide: Ego Outposts, Hidden N, More

by in Fortnite | Nov, 8th 2019

We are now in the fifth week of Epic Games’ unbelievable refresh of Fortnite battle royale. Several weeks ago, the game started over almost entirely after 10 seasons of battle royale. Chapter 2 Season 1 is now crossing its halfway point and, as such, we have some new challenges to complete.

Fortnite The Lowdown Week 5 Challenges List

The challenges this week follow mostly the same format as the last several weeks in this season. There are a lot of challenges to complete but not quite as many as with the prestige missions in season X. However, what does carry over this week is the themed missions.

The challenges in week five are known as the Fortnite The Lowdown challenges. It is a strange name for the challenges this week that doesn’t give us much to go on regarding the actual theme of the week. Interestingly enough, though, the theme this week isn’t even really clear.

There aren’t many common threads between the challenges this week and it certainly feels like one of those less than stellar weeks from seasons in the past before season X and this one. Even still, though, there are 11 rewarding challenges for players to complete. You can find the full list of them below:

  • Search seven chests at the Ego Outposts
  • Deal 500 damage to opponents while you are riding in a motorboat
  • Visit five different Ego Outposts on the map
  • Get three assault rifle eliminations
  • Revive a teammate in three different matches
  • Search an ammo box in seven different named locations
  • Heal teammates with a bandage bazooka for at least 200 health
  • Get three eliminations at Craggy Cliffs or at Salty Springs
  • Reboot a teammate in a match
  • Assist teammates with seven eliminations
  • Search for the hidden letter N in the Lowdown loading screen this week

As with other weeks, those are all of the challenges that are available since there are no prestige missions. Without further ado, let’s dig into all 11 challenges that are available this week and our tips for how to complete each and every one of them.

How to Find Ego Outposts Locations and Search for Chests There

First up, we have an interesting challenge that is brand new this week and goes together well with another challenge. You need to search for seven chests at the new Ego Outposts locations. Before we go any further, we need to go over what exactly these outposts are.

The Ego Outposts are new locations that were added at the start of season one with the release of the new island. In a lot of ways, they are like the replacement for the A.I.M. Outposts that were in the previous seasons of battle royale on the former island.

Fortnite Ego Outposts Locations

Ego Outposts Locations

As such, you can expect a lot of similarities like looking like military outposts or research facilities and having some generally same designs all around. In the case of the Ego Outposts, they all sport a green look to them that will let you know that you are at one.

At the same time, though, you are also able to find one by looking in the bottom left corner of your screen when you approach one of these landmarks. The game will notify you that you are at one of the several Ego Outposts that are on the map.

Now that you have a better idea of what they are, there is another challenge related to the outposts that you need to do alongside the chests one. You have to visit at least five different Ego Outposts on the map. So far, the community has only discovered around five exactly so you’ll need to head to all of them.

The first outpost location is found near Dirty Docks. It is just northwest of the industrial dockyard and will be hard to miss. The second location is found near Frenzy Farm. You can find this one south of Frenzy Farm and north of Lazy Lake. It is right in between those two named locations.

The third location is found near Misty Meadows on the southern end of the island. You will find it southwest of Misty Meadows and just to the west of the snowy mountain near there. It is fairly easy to find this one as well as the fourth outpost location.

The fourth location is just southwest of Holly Hedges and west of the Weeping Woods area. Last but not least, there is one more location that players can visit and it is near Pleasant Park. It is just west of Pleasant Park and right by the ocean. It is located on the sandy beach there.

When you head to these five locations for the challenge, be sure to grab any chests that you find along the way. You are going to need seven so that equals around at least one per location. Of course, you can take as many matches as you need to for completing these challenges so take your time.

Where to Find Motorboats and Deal Damage with Them

Another challenge on the list that we need to do is similar to one that we saw last week. You need to deal 500 damage to opponents while you are riding in a motorboat. We take riding to mean that you can be riding or driving the motorboat so long as you are in one of them.

To do this, you are going to need an actual motorboat of your own, first and foremost. Thankfully, there are quite a lot of these that can be found on the island. We recommend heading to named locations near the ocean or large bodies of water.

These include Sweaty Sands, Steamy Stacks, Dirty Docks, Lazy Lake, Misty Meadows, the island in the middle of the map, and more. Once you have found a motorboat then it is time to start damaging enemies. 500 damage is a lot, though, which equals around five players who have full health but no shields.

If you aren’t able to get 500 damage in one match, your best bet is to take your time and do it across multiple matches or turn on the Party Assist feature to get some help from your teammates while they are riding with you on the boat.

Assault Rifle Eliminations and Revive Guide

Next up is a challenge that requires you to get three assault rifle eliminations. This is a pretty standard challenge that we have seen many times before. If you want to get all of them in one match, we highly recommend Team Rumble since there are respawns in that mode.

Of course, it is also great to match this challenge with the motorboat challenge from before. You can try to shoot down a few enemies with an assault rifle while in a boat and kill two birds with one stone (or gun). From there, we have a challenge that is all about reviving teammates.

You need to revive a teammate in three different matches. This is another simple one that will take you a few matches to complete. However, we do recommend Team Rumble since there are more chances there to be able to revive a teammate than in other modes.

How to Search Ammo Boxes, Heal Teammates, and Get Eliminations


For the next challenge on the list, we need to search ammo boxes in seven different named locations. This is another standard one that involves activities that you likely already do. There are only 13 named locations on the map, so you have to visit about half of them and find an ammo box at each.

You don’t have to do all of these in one match, so take your time and maybe try to visit a few different named locations each match that you do. Next up is to heal teammates with the bandage bazooka gun for 200 health. This is one that is going to require you to find the gun itself.

It is a bit difficult to find this gun, so it may take you a few matches. We recommend searching in any chests and drops that you find for this gun. And when you do finally find it, make sure to heal everyone you can to get to 200 health. Team Rumble would be another great one for this.

Another challenge that players will want to do is get three eliminations at Craggy Cliffs or Salty Springs. This is another one that you can pair with something like getting eliminations with the assault rifle and so on. Just make sure to head to these spots near the beginning of a match to increase the chances of finding an enemy to kill.

How to Reboot Teammates and Assist with Eliminations

For this next challenge, you need to reboot a teammate. That’s all there is to with this one. Because you are rebooting, you won’t want to do this with the Team Rumble mode. You have to wait for a teammate to die in the game and then grab their reboot card off their dropped loot.

Then you are going to want to take that card to the nearest reboot van and interact with it to bring them back. Besides that one, there is another challenge that requires assisting teammates with seven eliminations. We recommend Team Rumble for this one.

You are going to have more teammates for that one, and there are respawns so you can assist your teammates with lots of kills. Just make sure to stay together for all of this.

Where to Find the Hidden N Letter in the Lowdown Loading Screen

First and foremost for this final challenge this week, you are going to need to complete at least eight challenges before this one. Doing so will unlock the Lowdown loading screen that is necessary for finding the hidden letter N. Of course, you can also do this by following our solution.

The hidden letter N is in the back of the hangar that is shown in the loading screen. As for the hangar itself, it is actually an important spot that we also needed during this week in another challenge. It is the Ego Outpost location that is right near Holly Hedges and Weeping Woods.

As a reminder, that is the location that is directly southwest outside of Holly Hedges and west of Weeping Woods. Head here and find the large hangar that is main focal point of this base. Go inside there and towards the back wall of the hangar, up a ramp, and near some yellow barrels.

Find those yellow barrels and you should see the letter N near here on the ground. Interact with it and you will complete this final challenge for the week.

Fortnite Season 1 Week 5 Challenge Rewards

As with each week this season, the rewards this week are pretty meh compared to season X. However, the experience that you can gain is more than worth it and will help you get along the battle pass quickly. Each of the challenges this week give you the same reward pretty much.

Each of the challenges will grant you 52,000 experience each. Multiply that times 11 and you have a whopping 572,000 experience that you can earn in total from this week’s Lowdown challenges. Of course, if you complete eight of the 11 challenges, you will also earn the Lowdown loading screen cosmetic item.


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