Fortnite The Foundation Character Could Be The Rock Himself

by in Fortnite | Mar, 19th 2021

Fortnite Season 6 is here and raging along, with new skins and other battle pass items for players to collect. The new season’s start saw the introduction of a new character in the Fortnite The Foundation NPC, and the mysteries surrounding this new figure are fascinating. 

Is The Foundation Voiced by The Rock?

It seems that it is clear who the Fortnite The Foundation voice actor is, even if it has yet to be confirmed officially by anyone involved. The community is thinking that it is none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, someone notable for being an actor and voice actor in the past. 

But before we dig deeper into whether or not the star actor, former wrestler The Rock is The Foundation in Fortnite, we need to make sure that you know who this new character is. For those who have not yet booted up the new season and played the Zero Crisis Finale, be sure to look away now if you would like to avoid spoilers.

The Zero Crisis Finale’s starting cinematic, also directed by some rather familiar names, shows the ever-popular Jonesy character in his Agent Jones outfit fighting against many familiar NPCs and crossover characters as he tries to reach the Zero Point.

It seems that the Zero Point is collapsing at the center of the Fortnite island, and he is doing everything he can to save not just the game’s universe but also the multiverses connected to it. During this, he is in contact with the agency or what organization it is part of.

Recap of the Zero Crisis Finale

Jonesy realizes that there is nothing that he can do on his own, so he says that he will enlist the help of the Seven, a group of mysterious characters in the Fortnite universe that we know very little about. What is notable here is that the organization Jonesy is part of forbids him from doing that. 

But he does it anyway, calling in the first member of the Seven that we have met thus far known as The Foundation. This character is wearing some high-tech armor that hides their face and keeps them secret. Their voice is edited as well, though you can hear the person behind it some. 

This Foundation person is a mystery, but they help Jonesy out by sealing away the Zero Point with them inside. While that character is out of the picture, there is no doubt that they will return, likely at the end of this new season. 

As soon as Fortnite The Foundation was introduced in Season 6, the community ran wild with theories about them and the Seven. One prevalent theory, though, is that The Rock voices the character. If you listen closely to the character’s edited voice, it does sound like him, but that doesn’t mean much on its own. 

Why the Community Thinks The Rock Voices The Foundation

However, that isn’t where it is made clear that The Rock might be the voice for The Foundation after all. Another reason is that the same day as the new season started, The Rock posted a video of him on Instagram that is pretty strange with an even weirder caption.

The caption of the video is, well, “the foundation,” along with a joker card and registered mark next to the words to mark that the name is the property of someone. In the video, he noted that that day (March 16) was a “big day” for a certain world and culture. 

This certainly sounds like he is alluding to Fortnite, especially with a caption like that. Furthermore, looking at the Fortnite The Foundation skin in-game, you can see that there are tattoos on the character model that resemble the famous tattoos that The Rock has on him. 

Better yet, the evidence still doesn’t end there. Last year, The Rock had even made hints that he would be involved in Fortnite in some way in the future. And last but not least, there is one more piece of evidence that only furthers this theory. 

Other Possible Hints at The Rock

When you look into the backend files for Fortnite and look at the VO category where the voiceover files are, you can find the audio files for The Foundation in a folder that is known as DJ. This could be a codename for the character, but isn’t it odd that The Rock’s real name is Dwayne Johnson or the initials DJ?

While it is far from confirmed that The Rock is the voice of Fortnite The Foundation, there is a lot of evidence for this to be the case. There are even similarities in their names. In the Bible, a rock is a symbolism for a solid foundation, which could be a Fortnite codename for the real-life person. 

None of this is shocking given that famous people have had ties with Fortnite recently, like the Russo brothers, directors of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. They directed this opening Zero Crisis cinematic. However, this could mean some interesting details about the mysterious Seven. 

All seven of them may be either real people from our world in disguise, like The Rock, or just voiced by some famous names (John Cena, perhaps)? Regardless, it has some interesting implications for the future of Fortnite and, hopefully, we’ll find out more about The Foundation, the voice behind him and his organization soon. 


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