Fortnite The Device Event Turns the Storm Into Underwater Zone

by in Fortnite | Jun, 15th 2020

It’s here and it has officially happened. The start of Fortnite Season 3 is still a couple of days away, but the Fortnite The Device event has happened in-game and it was one of the most game-changing events to date. It has affected the battle royale experience permanently and interestingly.

Fortnite The Device Event Is Here

Epic Games finally hosted the Fortnite The Device event today, Monday, June 15 after some delays. The event was just as crazy and spectacular as you would expect from the latest, season-end live event. It was a crazy one that did something that no one expected, at least not in this way.

For weeks, we have had rumors, leaked, and teases that the new Fortnite battle royale season would take players underwater. With the launch of the Fortnite The Device event, we now know the truth behind these rumors and it is only partially true, as we didn’t expect the outcome to be like this.

Underwater certainly comes into play this season, but not in the way we expected. But before we dive deeper (literally) into that aspect of the latest live event, it is important to go over everything that happened with the live event that happened just earlier.

The event began actually before The Device went off as Epic Games noted to players that they should jump into a match of battle royale around 30 minutes before the event starts because the live event had an interesting cap to it for only so many players to experience it.

Only Some Players Were Let Into the Event

Because of this, anyone who was interested in checking it out had to join the game around 30 minutes before its start time of approximately 11 a.m. PT. If you were lucky enough to get into a match around that time, you were likely good to go in terms of watching the event.

But Epic was serious about the cap thing, as it revealed about 20 minutes before the start of The Device event that the maximum cap had already reached and no one else would be allowed in (including us). Anyone who missed would have to watch a live stream to see what happened.

At around 11:05 a.m. PT, the event kicked off and the device at The Agency that we had known about for some time finally came up out of the bottom of the spy headquarters and did its thing. It began with four pillars in the water surrounding The Agency that began to pop up and light up.

Then it was finished off with the huge mysterious electrical orb itself that came up out of the ground and did its magic. It lit up with lightning and began striking the pillars and the storm circle that surrounded the middle island of the Season 2 map.

What The Device Did

For the next couple of minutes, it was mainly lightning effects as The Device began to strike at the storm surrounding the players but with some interesting tidbits thrown in. Randomly at one point in the midst of this, the players were treated to a weird first-person flashback sequence.

In this sequence, you can briefly glimpse an office of some sort that somewhat looks like a medical office in a way. Then the orb attacked the storm and began to push it back, seemingly trying to get rid of the dangerous storm that had affected players for nearly three years.

It worked at first with the storm pushed back before it came back, stronger than ever. This led to another tease and The Device pushing back even stronger until the storm was gone. Players were treated to a beautiful scenic view of the island, which was finally free of the storm plaguing everyone.

The orb even left and went back underground, and everything seemed to be normal for the first time ever. When players thought it was all over, one more tease happened and players were sent to a full-on flashback cutscene that showed the strange office.

Flashback Scene Hints at Fortnite Lore

Players were able to walk around in first-person and view files on people like Midas and a mysterious girl, as well as appreciate bits of hints at other parts of the Fortnite lore. The clip ended with Jonesy himself walking in the door and wondering how you got in there.

This was an interesting moment that seemed to hint at the overall lore of the battle royale game. It seems that this was likely before the apocalypse or whatever that caused the storm and the battle royale game in the first place. It seems that Jonesy was likely a researcher or someone important and core to the story behind everything.

After this, the player was put in the battle bus yet again and launched into another match. Everything under them was water. This seemed strange and didn’t make sense until they were brought to the middle and could jump out.

It was then clear that the storm was no longer around and in its place was the underwater sea. It surrounded the entire section of the map in a very creepy way with the ability to see things like sharks and so on swimming around in it.

The Storm Is Now the Underwater Sea

Presumably, in Season 3, this will replace the storm and players will have to run from the very terrifying and dark seas that surround the map. Players can enter the waters and doing so will damage them, but you have more free movement when it comes to swimming, unlike before.

This is an awesome and surprising move for Season 3, one that isn’t exactly what players thought would happen. The rumors recently suggested that the entire map would mostly be underwater and that would be how the game would be played.

Like always, Epic Games has surprised us in some way and now we know that the storm is now the sea and it will surround players and encroach on them in matches until the last player or team is standing. Stay tuned for more changes to the map with the launch of Season 3 later this week.


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