Fortnite Thanos Skin Finally Arrives in Thanos Cup

by in Fortnite | Jun, 21st 2021

It is now time for the latest Fortnite crossover with a superhero character to happen in the battle royale title. Season 7 started a few weeks ago, but it has yet to see its first superhero cup tournament just yet in the season. But that is all changing soon with the sudden announcement of the Fortnite Thanos skin. 

Fortnite Thanos Skin Is Finally Releasing

Despite the implementation of Thanos a couple of years ago, Epic Games is just now releasing the Fortnite Thanos skin. Why now of all times? Well, that is uncertain at this time. But, regardless, the Fortnite developer has revealed that Thanos is coming soon and for good.

More than three years after his debut as a character in the limited time mode to celebrate the release of Avengers Infinity War in movie theaters, Thanos is finally coming to Fortnite more permanently. Players will be able to collect his look-a-like skin and other items soon. 

But before he arrives in the item shop, the Fortnite Thanos skin will be first made available in the upcoming Thanos Cup. Following up after the last superhero cup we had in Fortnite battle royale, it is now time for the next one. This one could be the most exciting yet. 

Thanos is one of the most popular supervillains of all time now, due to the Avengers movies, and that is likely to only get crazier with his skin releasing in Fortnite. And like in previous superhero cups, you will potentially be able to unlock his skin for free and earlier by participating in this event. 

Fortnite Thanos Cup Also Announced

The Thanos Cup has been announced and is happening today, June 21. In this superhero tournament, how it works is that it will be a duos event like other ones that we have had in the past. 

You will want to grab your duos partner and then compete in the Thanos Cup for the chance to earn his special skin and back bling items. If you participated in the previous superhero cups, you would find that this one works largely the same as the held ones.

At your specified time for your specific region, the superhero cup will begin and last for only three hours in total. If you need to find the specific time when your Thanos Cup starts on your server, be sure to log into the game and look under the Compete tab for the time details. 

When the Thanos Cup begins at that time in your region, it will only stick around for three hours in total. During those three hours, there will be 10 matches in total that you can do if it will count towards your total points.

How the Thanos Cup Will Work

You and your duos partner have that time to finish up to 10 matches, which means that it will be a tight squeeze to get all of them done in time if you are doing well in each of them. You will earn points not just for high placements in each match you do but also for the eliminations that you get. 

Those points will then add up across the 10 matches that you do in the Thanos Cup. That will determine your overall placement on the leaderboard in your region. The best teams in every region will receive the Fortnite Thanos skin for free along with his back bling item.

If you do not do well enough to earn the Fortnite Thanos skin, that is alright if you get at least eight points in the event. It will not be a waste then as you will receive the Thanos Watches! Spray item. Do keep in mind, though, that it might take a few days for these prizes to appear in your locker. 

Furthermore, if you want to participate in the Thanos Cup, you need to ensure that you have an Epic account at level 30 and the two-factor authentication feature enabled on that account. So long as those requirements are met, you should be able to participate in the upcoming tournament. 

Thanos Skin Will Also Come to the Item Shop

If you are unable to compete in the Thanos Cup, not all hope is lost, as you will be able to get the Fortnite Thanos skin still when it arrives in the item shop later on. Beginning at 5 p.m. PT (8 p.m. ET) on June 26, players will find the Thanos skin in the item shop for a limited time. 

You will be able to purchase it there and get not just the skin of Thanos in his full set of armor inspired by Avengers Endgame but the back bling as well. That back bling is none other than the Infinity Gauntlet itself, complete with all six Infinity Stones included in it already. 

It does look like, for now, that the Infinity Gauntlet back bling, the Avengers Endgame version of Thanos, and the Thanos spray are the only items that will come out of this crossover for now. This is unfortunate as an Infinity Gauntlet pickaxe would have been an excellent item in Fortnite, for sure. 

There is no word on how long the Fortnite Thanos skin will stick around in the item shop, so be sure to pick this crossover skin up as soon as it releases, or you may miss out on it. And it could be another three years until we see it appear in the battle royale game again. This is only the first superhero crossover tournament in Fortnite for Season 7, but we imagine there will be more, so stay tuned. 


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