Fortnite Terminator Skins Join as Latest Crossover

by in Fortnite | Jan, 22nd 2021

Epic Games has revealed the latest crossover that is happening in Fortnite battle royale. This might be surprising as there was already one earlier this week. Still, another one is happening now, and it is a crossover resulting in Fortnite Terminator skins and items in the item shop.

Fortnite Terminator Skins Arrive

Unlike the other crossover skins and events this week, this particular Fortnite Terminator skins one is not something that you will be able to do without spending some extra V-Bucks in the game. It is a crossover between the battle royale title and one of the fan-favorite movie franchises of all time.

One of the biggest movie franchises ever was the Terminator series. The movies following a killer robot and the time-bending adventure that has been both beloved and complicated. Some movies are regarded by many as some of the greatest films ever made, while others are the worst. 

Regardless, there are many fans out there of this movie franchise that starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and other giant actors, making perfect sense for some Fortnite Terminator skins. They are here now. Players can start picking them up as soon as they want to in-game. 

Epic Games revealed late last night when the item shop was updated that the latest crossover was in the game. The newest hunters to join the Season 5 Fortnite island are here. They are ready for players to start picking them up. 

T-800 Skin Is Here

There are two main skins that you can get as part of the Fortnite Terminator set. The first one is the classic T-800 machine. This is the terminating machine that you probably think of first when your mind goes to the Terminator movie franchise idea. 

The menacing and terrifying robot machine is fear-inducing with its deep red eyes that seem to stare into your soul and exposed teeth that can undoubtedly make you want to run away from it. Then there is the exoskeleton robotic body that makes up the bulk of this horrifying monster. 

None of the design and horror is lost in the Fortnite rendition of the Terminator skin as it fits strangely well into the unique art style that the battle royale game has. What is also unique about the T-800 skin is that it has its unique emote. 

Epic has been great about ensuring that skins feel rewarding lately, especially when you have to spend real-world currency on in the game. In the case of the T-800, it has a unique emote that lets you do the classic shot of the ominous, dying thumbs-up emote. 

Sarah Connor and Bundle Details

But that is only one of the skins that you can get during this time. The other skin you can get is the Sarah Connor one, focusing on this famous female character in the universe. There are two different skin styles for the Sarah Connor skin to choose which one works best for you.

Beyond that, you can get a few more items, including the cyberdyne salute emote and the techno-grip pickaxe. These are included in the full bundle set or separately, depending on how the player wishes to purchase them. 

The full Future War bundle comes with both Fortnite Terminator skins, the pickaxe, emote, knife, and two back bling items. You can get all of these together for around 2800 V-Bucks or $20 if you purchase that many V-Bucks using the discounted offers. 

However, if you are looking for one of these items, you could separately buy some of them. The Sarah Connor skin is sold on its own 1800 while the T-800 is cheaper at 1500. The pickaxe is sold for 800, and the emote is only 300. 

But in all honesty, unless you are just buying one skin that you are interested in, you are better off just getting the bundle as it isn’t that much more, and you get a lot of stuff with it. It is interesting to see the Fortnite Terminator skins, but they are far from the only crossover ones lately.

There Are So Many Crossovers These Days

Fortnite battle royale has just become a game celebrating everything in life from video games to movies to TV shows and more literally. This season has only amplified that with literally almost every week featuring a new crossover for players to check out and partake in. 

This week wasn’t even just all about the Terminator crossover either. As you likely know, before that, we had a Predator crossover that saw the fabled alien hunter from that horror movie series make his debut in the battle royale game as a skin and more. 

Fortunately, unlike the Terminator skins that dropped recently, you don’t have to spend extra money on him if you have the paid battle pass this season. You need to complete one of the unique Jungle Hunter challenges, and you will be good to go on getting the skin. 

That is to defeat the boss in battle as he has shown up as one of the minibosses on the island in the Stealthy Stronghold location. That jungle arena is home to the Predator. Players can find the stealthy creature there to take him out. 

With Season 5 still having more weeks to go, if we don’t get a Season 6 delay, we imagine that there will be plenty more crossover hunters to come in the following weeks. 


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