Fortnite Team Ninja Lets You Purchase Official Merchandise

by in Fortnite | May, 26th 2020

If you are a massive fan of Fortnite and/or Ninja himself, you might be happy to know that you can show off your love for both at the same time by wearing the new Fortnite Team Ninja merchandise. Epic Games and Ninja are partnering together for this officially licensed gear for players.

Fortnite Team Ninja Gear Is Now Available

All you need to do to check out the new Fortnite Team Ninja gear is to head to the official Team Ninja website here and you will be able to find everything that is on sale there. This store is a new venture from the Mixer-exclusive streamer and just kicked off this week.

On it, players and fans will find lots of merchandise branded around both Ninja himself and the battle royale game as well. Oddly enough, this is one of the first and only cases that we can find where you can get official gear that is based around the global phenomenon of Fortnite.

Sure, there are some toys and Nerf guns that you can get from the Fortnite line of things, but it isn’t too common to find outfits, clothing, and things that you can wear in real life to celebrate your love of the battle royale game. As such, this is a great move for fans of the title.

And if you are a fan of Ninja himself as one of the biggest content creators in the entire world and for the game as well, we highly recommend you check out the Fortnite Team Ninja store for all of the interesting gear that you can find available on it.

What the Website Offers

Surprisingly enough, we have to be honest that the clothing that is sold on the website is good stuff. You will find things for everyone, ranging from more simple and subtle touches that only people who know Ninja or Fortnite will know what you’re wearing, while others are far more obvious about what and who you are supporting.

At this time, though, we have to be honest about this collection and note that it is rather limited in nature. This is understandable since the website is only a couple of days old but there isn’t a lot of stuff for players to choose from if you are a fan of Ninja and Fortnite.

The Fortnite Team Ninja gear only includes shirts and hoodies at this point, except a single windbreaker jacket that you can buy as well. And strangely enough, everything is mostly black except a single gray t-shirt, so your color options are limited as well.

That said, the merchandise is visually appealing, though we have no details about whether or not the quality of the merchandise material is high as well. But you will certainly need to shell out some cold hard cash if you want to grab even a single one of these clothing items.

Breaking Down the Prices of the Merchandise

The cheapest thing on the website at this time are a few of the t-shirts that you can buy. There are three of them available right now, ranging from Ninja’s stylized face icon to some sleek text with Japanese kanji thrown on it, and the single gray shirt that was previously mentioned.

If you are interested in getting any of them, you are looking to pay $30 and the worst part is that that price isn’t even including the shipping costs. When we went to purchase just one of the t-shirts to get the cheapest item possible, it was the base $30 plus a few dollars for tax and more than $6 for shipping costs.

That made it closer to $40 in total for just a single shirt, so players should keep that in mind if you are looking to buy something. And that is only if you are buying a single shirt, which is the cheapest item available. Everything else is even more from there, including the windbreaker and hoodies.

Two basic hoodies are available for $50, which is pretty reasonable compared to the over-priced t-shirts, but the nicer ones are a bit more at $55. And last but not least, the slick windbreaker jacket is, oddly, the most expensive item at $60.

Ninja Is One of the Biggest Streamers Around

So, if you want to show off your love of Fortnite and Ninja in the real world with some official merchandise, you are going to have to spend a pretty penny to do so. But this is the price you pay when there isn’t a lot of officially licensed Fortnite gear available for fans.

Understandably, fans would want gear of Ninja anyways, since he is one of the biggest streamers and Fortnite players in the entire world. Originally getting his celebrity start on Twitch as the guy who played with celebrities like Drake, he rose to fame in a short time and hasn’t stopped going since then.

Ninja is now seen on Mixer as an exclusive streamer there after signing a contract with the Microsoft-owned service and also on YouTube where he posts various videos of gameplay and clips from his recent streams.


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