Fortnite Summer Splash Event Kicks Off This Week

by in Fortnite | Jun, 30th 2020

Epic Games has revealed a new summer event that is happening in Fortnite this summer. Known as the Fortnite Summer Splash event, this new limited-time event will stick around for a rather long time and offer players new game modes, old ones, and new items to collect.

Epic Games Reveals New Event for Season 3

Epic Games revealed the new Fortnite Summer Splash event in a blog post today, revealing that it is beginning today, Tuesday, June 30, and it will last for a while, being the main event that will happen in Season 3. The battle royale season is going strong. This event will only make it better.

There are typically summer events around this time of year in Fortnite and the latest one is the Summer Splash one. Interestingly, this is the event for the season, rather than something like a celebration of the anniversary for the battle royale game and so on.

After all, we are coming up on the third anniversary of Fortnite soon. There are usually events surrounding that like new challenges, items to collect, and so on. But the Fortnite Summer Splash event may be the star of the third anniversary of the game this year.

Fortnite Summer Splash Event Start and End Date

With the reveal of the Fortnite Summer Splash event, players can jump into battle royale right now and start celebrating the start of the hot season. You will be able to pick up some new items in the shop to show off in matches as well as participate in some interesting limited-time modes.

As already mentioned, the start date for the event is today, so if you are reading this, then you can jump in right now and see what’s happening in Fortnite for this event. But it will not be as limited as previous events were in the past for the game.

Instead of only sticking around for two to three weeks, like most other events in Fortnite’s history, this one will stick around for the entire season. So, it won’t come to an end until Season 3 does, which who knows how long that will be?

After all, if Season 3 is anything like its Chapter 2 predecessors, it is likely that it will stick around for a good bit of time. The first two seasons of this chapter have been delayed quite a bit and stuck around over a month each past their initial end dates so that a similar situation could happen with Season 3. For now, though, you at least have likely around two months to enjoy this event.

New and Returning Limited-Time Modes

While this event is going on, players will find two main features in the Summer Splash event. The first is some new and returning limited-time game modes alike. You will be able to check out these game modes for a limited time before they are switched out for something else.

There is a healthy mix of new and old ones alike, so you can find something that you enjoy and play it while it is around in the game. Some of the returning game modes that we know about currently include Fog of War, formerly known as Sneaky Silencers, Close Encounters, Unvaulted, Catch!, and many more.

But these fan-favorite game modes aren’t just coming back for show, as they will also have some Summer Splash renovations to them to make them more appealing with new features and the like. In addition to the returning game modes, there will also be some new ones that you can check out.

Unfortunately, you will have to wait a little bit for the new ones as they will be coming in a later downloadable update for Fortnite. That future update will drop some of these game modes, though, and there are some teases for what they will be.

Epic has already hinted that there will be a new game mode that is like Operation Knockout but different, a battle royale mode that seems to be all about fishing, and a game mode where it is all about elimination-powered upgrades of some sort. This could be similar to the Evo Armor in Apex Legends that powers up as you deal damage and so on.

New Summer Splash Items

The other new thing that is with the Fortnite Summer Splash event are new items in the shop. What you will notice about this event is that it strangely doesn’t have any new challenges for players to do. This is something that usually happens in the events, letting players unlock rewards and experience there.

But for some reason, this event is strictly keeping its new items to the item shop unless challenges are added. These items are all themed around the summertime, including the golf expert Par Patroller, shark suit-like Cozy and Comfy Chomps, Starflare and many more.

There are also some returning skins that you can pick up in the shop like the Summer Drift and Beach Bomber ones. This is great for those players who missed out on the summertime skins from previous seasons and chapter one. The Summer Splash event and many of its items are available right now, and the event will grow and continue throughout the rest of Season 3, so be sure not to miss out on any of the limited-time game modes.


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