Fortnite Street Fighter Crossover Reportedly Leaks

by in Fortnite | Feb, 19th 2021

Epic Games has ensured that Fortnite battle royale is not just a massive game in the genre with tons of players but that it is also a celebration of everything in pop culture from movies to comics to TV shows to even other video games. It seems this last part might be expanding with the Fortnite x Street Fighter crossover.

Fortnite Has Lacked in Terms of Video Game Crossovers

In actuality, one of the weaker parts of Fortnite’s massive crossover scene is the video game department. Over the years, we have seen so many movies and superheroes in the game, especially stuff from the Disney folks, but crossovers from other games have been pretty lackluster.

There are plenty of non-battle royale games that are not competitors with Fortnite that could be crossing over a lot but that doesn’t happen. Instead, the few instances of seeing other games cross over with the title have been in the cases of Borderlands 3 and a couple of recent ones in season 5, like Kratos and Master Chief.

Outside of that, though, the onslaught of crossovers have mostly ignored video games in general. But that looks to be changing relatively soon with the rumored release of some Fortnite Street Fighter skins. This has reportedly been leaked by some reputable sources.

Our pal ShiinaBR whom we have covered many times in the past has yet another massive leak for Fortnite battle royale and this one, in particular, is giving us an idea of some new video game characters who will be joining the ever-growing cast of skins in the game.

Fortnite Leaker Discovers Next Hunter Portals

According to ShiinaBR, the Fortnite leaker revealed on Twitter the latest portal for season 5. As you may already know, this season has been all about the hunters who are gathering in the Fortnite universe due to the Zero Point and this has led to portals showing up around the island.

Fortnite Street Fighter Crossover Is Likely Coming Soon

This all comes together to make it clear that there is a Fortnite Street Fighter crossover that is coming soon. This means that some of the next “hunters” will be characters from the massively popular Capcom fighting game. This is one of the most unique and surprising crossovers but it is exciting nonetheless.

Capcom is no stranger to crossing over with other games and developers, especially in the Street Fighter franchise, so this crossover with Fortnite is definitely a possibility. Furthermore, it looks like we even have information about who the Fortnite Street Fighter skins will be.

Yes, you did read that right as we intentionally said the plural form of skin in that sentence. That is because this Fortnite Street Fighter crossover event isn’t going to be just for one character from the series like in most other crossovers but for actually two of them.

This is the heavily rumored duo that we talked about in the past that was referenced and we thought was hinting at possible Wandavision crossovers in the future. Well, it seems that this duo is actually tied to the Fortnite Street Fighter crossover, instead.

Fortnite Street Fighter Skins Will Likely Be Ryu and Chun Li

What we already knew about that duo is that one is a male skin and the other is a female skin, hence, why we and many others believed that it would be a Wandavision crossover with those superheroes. But, instead, it will be one male fighter from Street Fighter and a female one.

The Fortnite Street Fighter skins have not actually leaked themselves, telling us that they will just drop into the game when they are ready to be released. But we do know that one is male and the other female, so it is pretty easy to figure out which two fighters are going to represent the series in Fortnite.

It is highly likely that the series mascots Ryu and Chun Li will be the characters who will have Street Fighter skins in Fortnite in the near future. After all, they are some of the most recognizable characters from the Capcom series and they can represent the series well together.

Given how sudden that these portals and audio leaks have shown up in Fortnite, we imagine that these two characters are the very next ones that will appear in season 5. Epic Games has released some characters on the weekend in the past so they could show up as early as this weekend in the item shop.

If not then, we imagine that they will come out sometime next week as there have basically been crossovers every single week of Fortnite season 5 to date and we don’t see that really changing too much between now and the end of season 6 in the near future as they likely generate so much income for both Epic Games and the company it is crossing over with.


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