Fortnite Streamer Raulzito Arrested for Alleged Underage Sexual Assault

by in Entertainment | Jul, 29th 2021

A Fortnite star in Brazil has been arrested on serious sexual assault allegations. Raulino de Oliveira Maciel, better known as RaulZito, was arrested by the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro’s Department for Child and Adolescent Victims (DCAV). He is being accused of two counts of sexual assault of two minors, according to the Brazilian authorities. Both of these victims are said to be between the ages of 10-14, and the accusations are currently being investigated. According to the Brazilian authorities, this incident occurred between February and May of this year.

RaulZito has 200k+ followers on Instagram, 118K on Twitch, and 144K on Youtube, making him a pretty huge figure in the Brazilian Fortnite community. Using his social media, RaulZito allegedly has been committing some serious crimes against children, using his fame as a Fortnite player to do so.

The Allegations

On July 27th, 2021, Fortnite player RaulZito was arrested in Florianópolis. The authorities attempted to locate him in his home in Sao Paolo but had no luck. The mothers of two of the victims report that RaulZito was targeting kids in the performing arts sector. He would pretend to be working with TV companies through social media with offers of work. It sounds like, if these allegations are true he was using his fame as a Fortnite player to lure in children.

This abuse apparently went on between February and May, and a report claims that “were so many times [the abuse took place] that both [victims] do not know how to order chronologically how they occurred.” There may have been other victims too, so there’s no telling how deep this goes. RaulZito was affiliated with a network that focuses on gaming and esports influencers, SBT Games, but they have already cut ties with him.

Despite this news being public, his Twitch channel has yet to be banned or suspended. The investigations continue, but former Fortnite streamer RaulZito has yet to make a statement after being arrested. His Youtube channel advertises working with several “child talents”, which, in this context does not look good at all. The theory is that there are more victims than just these two, and so the investigation does continue.


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