Fortnite Storm Bug Is Making the Game Unfair for Everyone But PC Players

by in Fortnite | Mar, 23rd 2021

The storm in Fortnite is one of the most important gameplay mechanics of the entire thing. It makes the game a battle royale title with the format of having the last person or team standing win it all. However, a new Fortnite storm bug is making the game rather difficult to play right now.

Fortnite Storm Bug Is Causing Lots of Frustration

This new Fortnite storm bug was noted and made viral by the Reddit user EZBugatti99, who recently posted about it on the battle royale game’s subreddit. It seems that the current state of Season 6 has the storm in a really bad state, making the game very difficult for players. 

The user noted that they were sharing a comparison of the current storm visibility and how this is unfair. There is a Fortnite storm bug making the game unfair for some players when they are stuck in the storm. 

As you likely already know, the storm is a visually detailed location where the purplish-pink area is dangerous to the player by damaging them for every second they are in it. To let you know that you are stuck in the storm, special effects show this. 

You will find yourself surrounded by the purplish-pink gas or whatever it is all around you. You will be able to see the lightning and storm effects to indicate that you are in the wrong place. You really can’t know that you are in the storm when you are inside of it.

Storm Is Nearly Impossible to See in Right Now for Some Players

However, this new Fortnite storm bug makes it so that you are even more obviously within the storm. In Season 6 right now, many players are dealing with the fact that the storm is making the game virtually impossible to see when you are stuck in the storm. 

This is what the Reddit user showed off, noting in the bottom half of the picture what the area looks like where you are in the storm in the current season. As you can see from the Reddit post, the image shows, well, literally a wall of pink gas-like stuff. 

The person’s character is there, but there is nothing else on the screen except an endless wave of pink. You can see the player is still on the island on the minimap even if it doesn’t look like that on the screen. You can’t even really see the ground, either, which makes this situation even worse. 

The player could, of course, use the minimap to try and get back to the circle. However, that will be a problem when you literally can’t see anything in front or around you. You could run into a building or mountain and not know it with this particular Fortnite storm bug, essentially breaking the game and making it unplayable if you happen to get stuck in the storm. 

PC Players Can Fix the Fortnite Storm Bug

What makes this situation even more interesting and unfair is that you don’t have to deal with this insane bug, even when you are stuck inside the storm. On PC, there is a relatively new performance mode that you can use in the game. 

When you turn on the performance mode, the storm is pretty much nonexistent, as noted by the player. The game looks pretty much the same as usual. You can see where you are, where you’re going, and all that like you normally would be able to.

It looks so normal with the performance mode that you might not even realize that you are in the storm, which is its problem if you’re unaware, but much better than not seeing anything at all in the game, like without the performance mode. 

So, if you are dealing with this Fortnite storm bug on PC, your best bet is to turn on the performance mode. That should solve the issue temporarily, while Epic Games is likely working on a permanent fix for this rather unfair bug. 

Performance Mode Is Only on PC for Now

But here is the issue with that. From what we know, this only fixes the issues with the storm on PC. We heard some console players are also dealing with this issue. The performance mode is not available on there, so you would be essentially sore out of luck for now. 

This makes the bug unfair for console players who will have no solution when stuck in the storm in battle royale matches. There is only one temporary solution that we have for players, especially those of you who are on mobile or consoles right now. 

That solution is just to, well, not end up in the storm at all costs. If you get stuck in the storm, even close to the circle, you may have a really hard time getting to safety. Even if you are close to the circle, you could run into something that will get you stuck since you can’t see the things around you and not escape the storm. 

You must do whatever you can to get away from the storm. Make sure you are always in the circle’s safety for the time being. And if you are on PC, feel free to turn on the performance mode and not have to deal with this issue at all possibly. Stay tuned for news of a permanent fix for the bug from Epic in the future. 


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