Fortnite Spy Within Brings Among Us to Battle Royale

by in Fortnite | Dec, 17th 2020

Epic Games has revealed a brand new limited-time mode added to Fortnite battle royale for a while. This featured playlist is none other than one inspired by the massively popular PC, mobile, and now Nintendo Switch game Among Us. It is known as the Fortnite Spy Within game mode. 

Fortnite Spy Within Mode Is Here for a Limited Time

The Fortnite Spy Within mode is here for a limited time in the game and will allow players to enjoy a fan-favorite experience officially in the extremely popular battle royale game. Among Us has taken the video game world by storm, so it is no surprise that this game mode has appeared.

The Fortnite Spy Within mode shows up in the battle royale title as one of the featured limited-time modes that have come out of the Fortnite Creative experience. Every so often, Epic will put the spotlight and creators and games that some of the community players have come up with. 

The latest one to get this treatment is the Among Us-like spin-off party game mode known as Fortnite Spy Within. This is not an official crossover with the actual Among Us game that started the craze worldwide, but it is taking inspiration from the phenomenon. 

If you’ve played Among Us before, you will likely know the Fortnite Spy Within limited-time mode quite well. It started as a Creative mode experience that multiple creators came up with separately but now showcased in the main game as one of the prominent matchmaking modes.

How the Spy Within Mode Works

No longer will you have to go searching for a specific island in which you can play this impostor-themed game as the title will have it featured in the main battle royale lobby for some time. The Spy Within also makes sense with the hunters theme in Season 5 currently. 

The gist of the Spy Within for those not familiar with it or its inspiration, Among Us, is that you are either one of two types of players in each match that you do. There are spies and agents in this version rather than the impostors and the crewmates, like in Among Us. 

Typically in this version of the game, there will be two spies who are hidden among the ranks of the other players while the rest of the players in the match are agents who are normal safe people. From here, it plays largely similar to the popular mobile and PC game. 

All you need to do as the spy is make sure not to get caught as you go around the map trying to take out the agents quietly and without getting caught to win the match. Meanwhile, the agents are trying to complete various tasks around the map to finish their objectives and win the match before killed off. 

Spy Within Is Not Surprising Given the Popularity of Among Us

Once someone discovers a dead body, all of the players are sent to a room to discuss who the killer could be and what they saw. This is where Epic Games will make it so that the voice chat will turn on. They will have to argue back-and-forth about the circumstances.

This will conclude with voting in which the players have the chance to vote for the player who they think might be one of the killers. It is a game of deception and intrigue as you have to navigate your role well without getting killed or caught in the process.

It is an insanely popular game mode for good reason these days. It is no surprise that it didn’t take long for Epic Games to note that and promote its version of that through this limited-time mode. But Epic itself didn’t make the Fortnite Spy Within mode; it is just promoting it. 

Instead, various creators from around the Fortnite community have created maps and modes compiled together into this playlist. Every few days or so, there is a new creator and map that will be spotlighted in the Spy Within for players to check out to give some variation and plenty of focus across multiple creators.

The Spy Within Challenges

As part of this new Spy Within limited-time event of sorts, there are some special items that you can unlock, including a new skateboard deck cosmetic of all things, some weapon wraps, music, and a glider. You can earn these special items through four main Spy Within challenges. 

Here are the challenges that you can do while this game mode is around:

  • Play five Spy Within matches
  • Complete 25 tasks in Spy Within
  • Eliminate three players as the spy

The fourth and final quest has to do with completing the other three, and you will get a reward for that. For the most part, these are pretty simple quests, but only done in the Spy Within mode, so if you want these rewards, you’ll have to play it quite a bit. 

The first challenge is simple enough: play five games. While you play those five games, you should focus on completing the other two, depending on if you are a spy or an agent. If you are a spy, make sure to get three kills against the agents in total. 

If you are an agent, you have a lengthy one that requires you to do 25 tasks. That will take many matches to do and stay alive long enough to do them, so be very vigilant and swift in your task completion. The Spy Within game mode will only stick around as a featured mode for a limited time.


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