Fortnite Slurp Bazooka and Other Weapons Leak

by in Fortnite | Dec, 30th 2020

Epic Games is known for releasing lots of new weapons over time in Fortnite battle royale. When it comes to a new season, event, or game mode, you will likely see a new gun there. And it looks like we have just found out about the next few weapons that could be coming soon, including the Fortnite Slurp Bazooka. 

Three New Fortnite Weapons Leak

Three new guns were recently reportedly revealed by a Fortnite data miner. The popular leaker for the battle royale game, HYPEX, is someone we have covered multiple times in the past. The latest reveals have been for new weapons that have shown up in the backend.

These three weapons are known as exotic ones that are coming to Fortnite soon. No release date has been given for any of them, but we know that they will each be unique and offer something unlike any of the other guns currently in the game at this time. 

HYPEX posted about the leaks this week on Twitter, noting that these were revealed through the game’s files. The three weapons that are potentially coming to the game soon will likely spoil what is coming to the game soon, so turn away now if you would like. 

If you prefer not to know about the new weapons and items that will come out soon, be sure to turn away now. Otherwise, if you don’t mind seeing what is coming out soon, like in Season 6 or even before then, here are three guns you could see in Fortnite later down the road.

Run Gun SMG Leaks

The first of these three guns is the Run Gun SMG. This is a submachine gun, unlike any other that we have ever seen in Fortnite to date. For the most part, it shoots and damages as you would expect from an SMG in Fortnite battle royale, but there is something special about it. 

The name hints at what is unique about the Run Gun, and that is the fact that you can run and, well, gun with it. What this means in practice is that your running and walking speed increases while you have this particular gun out in your hands. 

It emphasizes the nature of running around and taking out other players with the short-range style of an SMG. With the increased speeds, you can chase down other players quicker and surprise them with sneak attacks more quickly than you would have otherwise.

While the other weapons are a little bit more unknown since we haven’t seen them yet, there is actual footage of the Run Gun Rapid Fire SMG in action. It does noticeably make the player faster. It isn’t a huge upgrade but enough to change up those close combat encounters forever. 

Freeze Assault Rifle Is a Chilly Addition

The second new gun that has been leaked for Fortnite is the freeze AR. This new assault rifle is themed well around the winter holidays that we are in the middle of right now in Fortnite. It takes the idea of the chiller trap and grenades and applies it to an assault rifle. 

When you hit someone with this weapon, you can apply the chiller trap effect to the enemy. This is a great idea that would be a solid way of actually combating the Run Gun SMG since you can slow down someone who would be coming quickly to destroy you, making them less dangerous in the process.

The problem with the freeze assault rifle is that we are right in the middle of the holidays right now and the Operation Snowdown event that is happening at this time. It would have made sense to release the new weapon during this time while we are in the right time of year. 

As such, we could see a case where it is going to release very soon, but if it doesn’t, we don’t expect to see this gun for a long time, if we ever actually see it release. Beyond those two guns, there is one final addition that is more of a support weapon: the Fortnite Slurp Bazooka. 

Fortnite Slurp Bazooka Looks to Be an Impressive Support Gun

The Fortnite Slurp Bazooka is pretty much what it sounds like: Bandage Bazooka’s slurpy version that is already in the game currently. The original version is capable of healing your teammates or yourself so that your health is in check. 

But the Fortnite Slurp Bazooka seems to indicate that it is similar to the slurp juice and Slurpy Swamp where the juice is created. As you likely already know, that juice can heal not your health but your shields and get you covered in protection. 

As such, it is presumed that the Fortnite Slurp Bazooka will be a variant that gives you and/or your teammates shields in the process. This would be even more valuable than the normal Bandage Bazooka, so we certainly hope that it can come out in the future. 

The one issue with the Fortnite Slurp Bazooka is that HYPEX noted that the gun may have been scrapped but didn’t elaborate on why. However, one of the other leakers in the comments noted that it was recently updated in the backend, so there is a chance that it could still be in the development cycle. 

However, the Slurp Bazooka does sound like it will release later down the road if it does come out, so be sure to keep checking back to see when and if we have any updates about this new gun the other two as well. 


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