Fortnite Silent Dual Pistols and Other Weapons Leak for Battle Royale

by in Fortnite | Apr, 16th 2020

Epic Games released a large new update for Fortnite yesterday that brought with it a ton of new changes and additions to the game. However, one of the unexpected additions was the release of new game files that hint at upcoming weapons like the Fortnite silenced dual pistols and more.

Fortnite Silenced Dual Pistols Leak

This latest leak for Fortnite battle royale comes via the prominent and respected data miner HYPEX who posted the leaked weapon and others on Twitter. Though they are an experienced leaker, this does come with the standard grain of salt as it is a rumor for now.

As for the Fortnite silenced dual pistols themselves, you might already know that these dual pistols are silent and deadly, as they are already available in Fortnite right now but it is rather limited in nature at this time. That is because they are only in a single event section of the game.

The Fortnite silenced dual pistols are only available at this time in the Spy Games event that has been going on for a couple of weeks now in Chapter 2, Season 2 of battle royale. The event has had a couple of different game modes known as operations that players can check out.

They are far different from the standard battle royale game modes like squads and even Team Rumble. As such, it makes sense for them to have their weapons for players to use in the matches like the dual pistols that have been silenced.

What We Know About the Pistols

These pistols are the standard dual-wielding pistols where the player has one in each hand and they fire a bullet one after another. The dual pistols have been in Fortnite in the past but this is an upgraded version with a silencer that makes them better suited to stealth and being a spy agent.

With this new leak, though, from HYPEX, it seems that the dual pistols will make their way out of the Spy Games at some point in the future and will make their way into the normal battle royale modes like solo, duos, squads, Team Rumble, and perhaps even the competitive ranked modes.

The dual pistols are some of my favorite weapons from Fortnite history, so I think it would be great to see them return in a more stealth-friendly approach. When it comes to having to wield a pistol as you have no other options available to you, you really can’t go wrong with them.

Plus, there just aren’t that many silenced weapons in battle royale these days and it would be great to see more pop up again. When the Fortnite silent dual pistols are in the Spy Games mode, they are available in three rarities: rare, epic, and legendary.

The Leak Comes From Update 12.40

It is uncertain at this time if the three rarities will be also available in the normal battle royale when, and if, they come to the regular game modes, according to this leak. Unfortunately, the leak itself from the data miner doesn’t go over any specifics like rarities or other potential changes.

This leak comes from the update 12.40 game files introduced as the latest downloadable update for the game. It was a pretty significant update as it brought some of the newest map changes to a season that hasn’t had too many island changes since its start.

Players can now find a prison at what was formerly known as The Shark in the northwestern corner of the map with the shark itself remaining there as a relic of what it was before. Also, the bunkers at The Agency are now glowing and hinting at what’s to come soon.

With the extension of this season for another month or so after its initial end date, there is no telling what other map changes or teases Epic Games could have on the way as we spend time until the launch of Season 3 in a couple of months in early June.

Other Leaked Weapons Could Come to Fortnite

Fortunately, the leaks didn’t end with just the silenced dual pistols. Other weapons could be potentially coming to the game soon, according to the newly updated game files. There are other weapons like the scoped assault rifle that could make a return, a new sort of shotgun with slugs, and an anti-Choppa rocket launcher.

These would all likely change up the metagame of the battle royale title significantly, which is both great and welcome. Unfortunately, we will just have to wait and see for now as Epic Games has yet to confirm or announce any of these new weapons for battle royale.

With the season nearing the end of its normal 10 weeks very soon, the overtime challenges and events will likely kick off in the next few weeks. With that, it would make sense for Epic Games to potentially release some new weapons and the like there, or even end the Spy Games event in favor of something else.

Or, these leaks could all just be pointing towards some new weapons that will be released with the launch of Season 3 on June 4. It would make sense for the game to already have those weapons in the files since it was going to initially launch at the end of April or beginning of May.

That is only a couple of weeks away, so the weapons could just be showing up in the game files even though the actual season they will be introduced in won’t happen for another month and a half. Regardless of what is going on with the silenced dual pistols and the rest, stay tuned for any upcoming announcements.


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