Fortnite Season 6 Release Date Revealed Alongside Launch Event

by in Fortnite | Mar, 9th 2021

Epic Games is gearing up for some wild action in Fortnite battle royale with the end of one season and the beginning of another. The Fortnite Season 6 release date was finally announced today and will be coming very soon, with a whole new battle pass and several months of new content. 

Fortnite Season 6 Release Date Revealed

The Fortnite Season 6 release date is just about a week away from right now, so players will not have to wait too much longer for the battle royale content to drop in the game. Much information has been revealed that has us excited for what’s to come for Fortnite very soon. 

The Fortnite Season 6 release date is currently set for Tuesday, March 16. That is when the next part of the current Chapter 2 will begin. There is little known about what will happen in the next season of battle royale, but we do now know when we will be able to find out more. 

Unfortunately, no details were given about the update for the sixth season. We presume this means that it is likely down to how long the server downtime and all that takes on Tuesday. But it looks like players will, for sure, be able to play Season 6 next week. 

Depending on the time, though, this could mean that it will be March 17 for some parts of the world. The Fortnite Season 6 release date is not the only thing that we know about today. We now have more details about what will happen with the end of the current Season 5

Zero Crisis Finale Will End Season 5

Season 5 has been going on for a very long time, now entering its 15th week in total. The season has been around for around four months, going five or six weeks over the regular season. Though it is a great season overall with some unique additions, it will be interesting to see the next one. 

Well, like always, Season 5 will go out with a bang literally as the season-closing event will focus on the Zero Point. Dubbed the Zero Crisis Finale, this event will feature the conclusion of Season 5 and then mark the beginning of something new with Season 6. 

But Epic Games has finally learned from the past couple of seasons that have been controversial in the community for several reasons. It looks like this event will be a much more inclusive one for everyone. No release time for the Season 5 event has been announced yet, but we know some details about it. 

One of the most significant changes this time around for the new Zero Crisis Finale Season 5 event is that it will be available to everyone. Technically, every event in the past has been available to everyone but with a whole lot of stipulations and asterisks around it. 

Everyone Will Get to Experience the Event

That was if you could show up at the exact time for the event, which was in the middle of the night for some regions and in the school/work day for others, and if you were able physically to get in. The queues for the past events would begin early and cap out at certain times. 

Even if you did show up on time, this made getting in a troublesome process and something that frustrated many players worldwide. Fortunately, this will not be a problem with the Fortnite Season 6 release date. Everyone will get to experience the event on their own. 

That is because this is going to be a unique solo event that every player will be able to play first as soon as they next log into the battle royale game when the new season launches. So, even if you aren’t able to play until a week after the new season starts, the event will be there waiting for you. 

We know some about what will happen in the event in that it will be the Zero Crisis Finale and feature the conclusion of Agent Jones’ mission. This means that we should get some radical and game-changing developments for the backstory behind Fortnite. 

Tips for Finishing Season 5

Also, Epic Games is touting the finale as having an aftermath that will shape reality as we know it. It will also have the most ambitious story cinematic to date in it. But before we get to the new event, we have some tips for you for wrapping the current fifth season. 

For one, something is interesting that Epic has revealed is that gold bars will be reset in the new season. They will not be seemingly gone for good, but they will just be reset to zero. This is to make way for some exciting changes and improvements to the system that are currently a mystery, so players should use them up now.

The Season 5 battle pass is ending, too, so players should finish up all of those quests and make sure to get to tier 100 if they want to. You should also make sure to get those Beskar quests done for Mando and do the other seasonal quest content. 

If you are someone who has already reached tier 100 this season, which wouldn’t be surprising at this point, this is also your last chance to get those post-100 crystal skin styles. We’ll have more details to share about the new season of content next week. 


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