Fortnite Season 5 Map Leak Reportedly Reveals Colossal Coliseum Changes

by in Fortnite | Dec, 29th 2020

A Fortnite leaker has reportedly revealed some new Fortnite Colossal Coliseum changes that could be coming to the battle royale game soon. Leaks are pretty common these days for the game, but this latest one is surprising given the arena’s still relatively new nature. 

Fortnite Colossal Coliseum Changes Potentially Leak

The leak this time around is regarding a specific location on the current Fortnite Season 5 map and how Epic Games may change it up soon completely. The leak comes from the Twitter user Mang0e, who has reportedly discovered some changes for the location.

The Twitter user went through the backend of the battle royale game and found some new files that have appeared in the most recent update for Fortnite that players downloaded. In the files, it appears that there is a new variant for the popular Colossal Coliseum named location. 

This new variant of the location means that there are likely some new Fortnite Colossal Coliseum changes on the way for it soon. However, there is no telling when it will change up as the data miner noted that it hadn’t been put in the game for use just yet. 

As such, this could be there to be worked on and tested even more before it is implemented for the players. Regardless, the Fortnite Colossal Coliseum changes are immense and would fundamentally change this location for good on the island. 

Arena Changes to a More Water-Based Design

The Twitter user posted two side-by-side screenshots of the Fortnite Colossal Coliseum changes. The first picture shows the in-game files that reveal what’s going to happen potentially, and the other photo showing what the arena named location looks like currently for comparison. 

The new Fortnite Colossal Coliseum changes would take the arena’s current sandy desert nature and make it more water-based. The file that we are looking at doesn’t seem to be a complete version of the named location, so we don’t get the full picture, but it is interesting nonetheless.

We can see that the water fills the main central part of the arena. There are two boats added to the location. There is a walkway and/or pier that goes in between the boats, acting as a possible access point with other smaller docks on the arena’s outskirts.

Presumably, this area that we are looking at is only the ground floor level of the Fortnite Colossal Coliseum changes. Other than that, much of the seating and the outside of the coliseum will largely remain the same. 

This Would Be a Massive Change

It looks like Epic Games is potentially going to take a Fortnite The Block approach to changing up the arena every so often to allow for new places to visit, loot, and fight at. This would play into the arena’s whole spectacle nature and the bounty hunter theme it goes for. 

This would also be a considerable change from the current arena focused on the sandy and relatively simple design. Sure, a couple of pillars and weapons stand, but there isn’t much else available there otherwise.

It is one reason why we don’t recommend players to visit this location unless you like to fight other players a lot and have the skill to back it up. You will potentially find yourself taken out quickly in this wide space with little to no cover available. 

These Fortnite Colossal Coliseum changes make more sense, as the original data miner noted, with the actual Roman coliseums back in the day. As we know, the arenas were sometimes filled with water and had ship battles for the audience to watch and cheer for, and the standard gladiator fights that we know about. 

Colossal Coliseum Could Be This Chapter’s Block

With this idea in place, we could see more coliseum design changes in the future as Epic Games comes up with other ideas to keep it fresh. This would make the location similar to The Block in Chapter 1 — something we don’t currently have — and maybe even allow for users to create and share their popular designs. 

If this leak is to be believed, we fully expect that there will be many more arena changes over time until the end of Chapter 2. The location will likely be one that will be a permanent feature for the next five seasons or so in this chapter. 

Of course, this brings up the question of when we will see these Fortnite Colossal Coliseum changes implemented into the game. By looking at the design in the backend of the game, it seems pretty barebones and unfinished. 

It seems to be something that will be worked on more by Epic before launching in the game. We wouldn’t be surprised if the arena stays the same for the rest of the season and then takes a more shifting design in Season 6 and the rest of the second chapter. 

For now, though, we will have to wait and see as Epic Games has yet to confirm that the Colossal Coliseum will have an ever-changing style to it. We expect to hear more about this as the season goes on since we are now reaching the halfway point of Season 5. 


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