Fortnite Season 4 Release Date Announced Alongside Marvel Crossover Event

by in Fortnite | Aug, 21st 2020

In a shocking turn of events, it looks like Epic Games is somehow getting back on track when it comes to new season releases. The Fortnite developer released the first teaser for the next event in the battle royale, and this was confirmed to include the Fortnite Season 4 release date, too.

Epic Games Is Teasing Thor Event

It all began on Twitter when the official Fortnite account posted a simple message and a short video clip. The video includes the Fortnite logo on a galaxy background with a date mentioned. What is fascinating about this logo is what is inside of the letters.

Inside of the letters, you can see a character with white hair of some kind. There are electric sparks as well, leading many to believe that this is Thor immediately. And if you take a look at the caption included in the tweet, it certainly looks that way.

There were no words included in the caption for the tweet and video, as all that Epic Games put was a hammer emote, lightning symbol, and a rainbow. That was all, but it certainly tells us a lot about what is happening as it is now very clear that Thor is coming to Fortnite in some capacity.

However, the teases don’t end there, as Geoff Keighley, the creator behind the annual The Game Awards and Gamescom Opening Night Live gave us some extra info that we didn’t know about from just the tweet. Keighley shared the tweet that Epic posted and gave further details.

Thor Event Will Happen on Season 4 Release Date

He noted that it “looks like” a Fortnite and Marvel crossover event is coming next week, and that same day as the new event is the same day for something else as well. That same day also happens to be the new Fortnite Season 4 release date.

This is especially surprising since we have heard nothing regarding the Fortnite Season 4 release date literally at this point. We haven’t heard any leakers going over it, rumors, or anything at all, so we fully expected that this current season would go on for a while.

But it seems that Keighley is in the know as always regarding Fortnite. He went ahead and confirmed that the Fortnite Season 4 release date is next week. We even know the date for the new season, currently set to happen on Thursday, Aug. 27.

That is less than a week away at this point, which is insane given that Epic Games’ track record in Chapter 2 when it comes to new season release dates has been abysmal at best lately. And given the whole pandemic situation that is still going on in the world, we wouldn’t have been surprised or disappointed if the fourth season was delayed.

Season 4 Will Likely Be Revealed at Gamescom Opening Night Live

Instead, it seems like Epic Games has somehow been able to find a way to develop the fourth season and release it on time for the first time in this entire chapter. It has been so long since a new season has gone according to plan as it used to where it releases a week or two after the end of the last one, but here we are.

And you can certainly believe Geoff Keighley on this one, as his relationship with Epic Games is solid. He has been able to announce exclusive events and release dates in the past at The Game Awards, and whatever is happening with Season 4 will likely be announced with him as well.

What is interesting about the Fortnite Season 4 release date of Aug. 27 is that it is the same day as the Gamescom Opening Night Live event that Keighley will be hosting online. He does this every year, and it is a big event to kick off one of the largest game conventions in the world.

Notably, these live events typically have some significant announcements of some kind, like new DLC for existing games or new games entirely. This year seems to be no different, even though Gamescom will be completely hosted online, and Fortnite Season 4 could be one of the announcements.

What We Know About Season 4

It is likely a situation where the season will get its official trailer and details revealed during the event, and then Keighley will announce that the new season is available to play right after that. This is extraordinary since a Fortnite season hasn’t been on time like this in a long time.

We just had the Fortnite Week 10 challenges, and we are actually getting the new season with new missions and so on next week. This hasn’t happened in so long as delays have happened for every new season in Chapter 2.

Season 2’s release date was notably bad as the first season in this chapter went on for nearly double the length of a normal one. While the release date for the current season wasn’t nearly that bad, it was still over a month to wait, and there were several (understandable) delays in that timeframe.

But players will fortunately only have to wait a week to see what will come when the Fortnite Season 4 release date drops on Aug. 27. We don’t know anything about this new season other than that Thor is likely the new superhero that players will be able to get in the battle pass.

There has been a crossover character in the past two seasons, so this will likely continue. Thor is a great pick. We expected a Marvel character in this new season since a new DC Comics crossover bundle was announced recently for release a few months from now. Stay tuned for more info on Season 4 next week.


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