Fortnite Season 3 Teases Begin In-Game

by in Fortnite | Jun, 9th 2020

It’s finally getting time for the start of Fortnite Season 3 and Epic Games is making sure to make the wait worth it. Though we are still about a week away from the start of the new season, some players are already encountering some Fortnite Season 3 teases in-game.

First Fortnite Season 3 Teases Begin

These new Fortnite Season 3 teases are among the first that Epic Games has officially done for the new season and give us an idea of what’s to come with the release of Season 3. It all began this week, with some players and potentially not all players encountering a strange tease upon logging in.

When some players logged into the game for the first time this week, they reportedly encountered a strange “video” that was optional to watch because they could skip it but seems to give some clues to what’s coming next for the future of Fortnite.

One such player who encountered one of these Fortnite Season 3 teases is Reddit user ShookPA who posted a video clip of what they found in the game when they logged in on the Fortnite battle royale Reddit page. The purpose was to figure out what exactly was going on with this.

The video is completely invisible as it all takes place on a black screen. However, that is because the purpose of this teaser isn’t to show anything but to give off some strange sounds for players to listen to. That is the important part as you can hear various things like water and other sounds.

What Can Be Heard in the Clip

Specifically, some users in the background pointed out how the sounds are like waves going through the ocean and other minor details. Perhaps more importantly, some users even claim to hear a bit of the original battle royale lobby music that was in Fortnite at the very beginning.

There was the classic battle royale music that players who were there at the very beginning for the first few seasons might remember. This could indicate that the lobby will return to this original song for when you are sitting around, going through the menu, and waiting for your buddies.

Even more odd is the fact that the Reddit user is one of the only ones in the entire thread who has encountered this teaser for Season 3. It seems that this could be a bug that released this audio clip early for them or it may be that Epic Games is rolling this out to only a select group of players at first.

Regardless of the reason why this player got the video and few others did as well, it is likely real and one of the first official Fortnite Season 3 teases that we have gotten for the new season. As such, the sounds likely presented there are hints at what’s to come in the new season.

This Clip Supports Previous Leaks

In all honesty, the sounds aren’t too surprising if you have been following any of the major rumors and leaks that have been circulating on the internet for a little while now. But for those of you who haven’t been, it might seem odd and not make a whole lot of sense.

As such, we are going to dive a little deeper into the rumors and how this tease for Season 3 might begin to confirm them. So, if you are averse to spoilers and want to go into the new season fresh without any idea of what is to come, be sure to turn away now.

Still here? Alright, well, the sound of waves and water, in general, is intriguing and could point to what we believe might be the new lobby. The audio clip may be exactly what you will hear while you are waiting in the Season 3 lobby for battle royale matches in the new season.

Epic Games has been known to change the lobby music in the past, but this one could be a little bit different if we are right about what this means. The reason that you could hear the sound of waves is possibly because there will be some sort of scenery to look at while in the lobby.

How This Could Be the New Lobby Sounds

For instance, let’s say it focused on Sweaty Sands; a place with the ocean right nearby. If it showed that location and the waves in the background with the normal menu tabs and your party members shown like usual, this would be a nice and relaxing touch, especially for the summertime.

That would also potentially explain why the original battle royale lobby music can be slightly heard in the audio clip as well. That is a rather soothing and unobtrusive music track that would go quite well with the gentle breeze and waves crashing nearby.

This would make for a much more interesting and relaxing battle royale lobby that would make those long waits while your friend goes to the bathroom, eats, and so on much more peaceful. But there is more to it than just this as the leaks have been supporting something like this for a while.

According to many of the rumors that we have heard, the new season will have an underwater theme that will be prevalent throughout the battle royale island. Most, if not all, of the Season 2 island will be submerged in water with potentially some islands still shown.

This was also shown in the leaked PS4 icon for the game that showed a single island above water and the battle bus coming out of the water. From what we know, The Device event is going to happen in about a week from now and something will happen with it.

It may explode or cause some tsunami or something that will submerge the entire island underwater. The battle royale lobby will likely show the little island with the audio cues that we heard from this teaser with most matches taking place underwater.

But for now, we will just have to wait and see. The Device event will happen in the game on June 15 with the release of Fortnite Season 3 happening on June 17. Stay tuned for more details regarding that event and what will happen next season.


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