Latest Fortnite Season 3 Map Update Reconnects Slurpy Swamp to the Mainland

by in Fortnite | Jul, 30th 2020

Epic Games has reportedly released a new Fortnite Season 3 map update that has further changed the battle royale island this season. This is far from the first map update for the game this season. It’s most likely not the last as there is still some water left over on the island.

New Fortnite Map Update Released

The latest Fortnite Season 3 map update dropped today, Thursday, July 30, which is a strange day since it just barely breaks the trend of map updates that have happened this month. The first one occurred on July 1, kicking off the second month of this season with the first post-launch changes.

Dataminers suggested that the subsequent map updates would happen every 10 days or so, and that was mostly correct until this point. The second one occurred on July 11 with Risky Reels coming back, and then the third one arrived on July 21, so it made sense for the fourth one to be on July 31 to end the month.

But for some odd reason, Epic Games released this fourth Fortnite Season 3 map update today, a day earlier than initially planned. This could be because the developer was trying to line up the map update with the new challenges today while getting the game ready for what’s to come.

In the Fortnite Season 3 map update today, the map hasn’t changed a lot from the last update to the island this season. For the most part, it revolves around two significant changes somewhat minor in the grand scheme of things.

Minor Changes Have Happened in This Update

But like the map updates before it, this fourth continues the trend of making the water recede around the island. Though the theme this season has been the submerged island theme for the most part with the sharks you can ride, marauders, and so on, it looks like that theme is quickly leaving the game.

That is because the water has receded even further today. The map looks almost identical (minus the new stuff in Season 3) to what it looked like in Season 1 and 2. The first significant change in this update has to do with Slurpy Swamp that has begun to return in this map update triumphantly.

With Weeping Woods already back, it made sense that its southern neighbor Slurpy Swamp would be making a comeback. The area is still somewhat drowned in water, but you can now indeed visit Slurpy Swamp as the main factory is at least above the water once again.

The swamp itself is still mostly water that reaches from Weeping Woods down to Rickety Rig and east to Misty Meadows, but the named location is slowly returning. Overall, it is the last named location that is still not back to its former self.

Changes to Slurpy Swamp and Sweaty Sands

That said, there are now two roads that run out of the Slurpy Swamp factory, reconnecting it to the mainland. One road is going north from the factory into Weeping Woods while the other is east of the factory and reconnects it to Misty Meadows.

The other significant change in this Fortnite Season 3 map update is that Sweaty Sands is now fully back to how it was in Season 1 and 2. The named location has been here all season long, but it was a shadow of its former self, as most of the city was covered in water for several weeks.

But now the entire sandy beach city is back to normal as Sweaty Sands is now open for business again. You can revisit this fan-favorite named location in Season 3 and find the cityscape with its skyscrapers and the pier that is now connected to the sandy beach once again.

But other than the changes to Slurpy Swamp and Sweaty Sands, there isn’t much else with the latest map update. This one seems like a minor one that is typing players over until the next one that will likely forever change the Season 3 island.

A Massive Map Update Is Reportedly Coming Soon

According to the popular and typically reliable Fortnite dataminer ShiinaBR we have covered before, the next map update will happen not in nine or 10 days but within the next seven days. Within a week, the next one should arrive and bring a massive change to the game.

Two main areas are still relatively covered in water in the Season 3 map at this time, and that is the swamp surrounding the factory at Slurpy Swamp and the chain of islands that used to be north of Sweaty Sands.

Both are in two corners of the island, so it is no surprise that it has taken a lot of time for the water to recede there. The next map update should at least resolve one of those two locations as the water north of Sweaty Sands should recede and reveal what is hidden.

You might expect to see the tiny string islands there return, but that is not going to be the case. If you are averse to spoilers, you should turn back as you don’t have long to wait anyway. But if you are curious, the next map update will reportedly reveal a brand new named location.

That location is reportedly called the Atlantis point of interest, named after the Aquaman crossover event that happened this season. These ruins will be similar to how Deadpool took over The Yacht last season. It is unknown if this map update will return Slurpy Swamp to normal, but we don’t have to wait too long to find out.


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