Fortnite Season 3 Is Here: Sharks, Aquaman, Cars

by in Fortnite | Jun, 17th 2020

It is finally here, folks. After waiting for so long, Fortnite Season 3 is here and it is everything that we wanted from the battle royale game and much more. We have tons of new vehicles to traverse the map with, a partially submerged map to explore, and so much more.

Fortnite Season 3 Is Here After Delays

The arrival of Fortnite Season 3 comes after so many delays that happened in the game recently. There was a delay back at the original end of Season 2 when it was supposed to come to an end around the end of April or the beginning of March, but it didn’t arrive then.

Instead, with everything that is going on in the world with the pandemic and all, it was understandable that Epic Games would delay the new season in Chapter 2 to early June. But then that date came and was pushed back a week for unknown reasons.

And then, after that, the protests surrounding the murder of George Floyd began and Epic Games pushed Fortnite Season 3 back again to give employees a chance to join the cause and take time off, if necessary. But today is Wednesday, June 17, so you know what that means: Season 3 is here.

If you are reading this right now, you can jump into the game on any of the platforms, from PC to consoles, to mobile and download the massive new update for the season. It is an understandably big update since the season is equally huge in its new content and changes.

A New Submerged Island Map

Those additions and changes in Fortnite Season 3 begin with the newly submerged island map. While the game isn’t underwater per se like some of the rumors and leaks were pointing towards, Season 3 does have most of the map hidden underwater, so that almost the entire map is changed.

The exception to this is the southeastern section of the map that is largely unchanged from its previous form, which is odd since that area seems like one of the places that we would have thought more changes would have come to.

But the vast majority of the new Season 3 map is underwater, leading to tons and tons of islands all around the western and northeastern sides of the map. It is a crazy change for the game that is much more game-changing than we expected from a single season.

Even the areas that are largely the same and still exist, like Holly Hedges, will never be the same after this since it is surrounded by water and getting to it will be much more difficult than ever before. And that isn’t bringing into account the four of five new or majorly different areas on the map.

Places like Sweaty Sands still exist in its typical spot as before, but it has the sea all around it and it is a bit different than you might remember it. And then there are brand new locations, some of which have replaced the fan-favorite named locations from previous seasons.

The Fortilla in the southwestern corner of the map replaces what was once Weeping Woods and Slurpy Swamp. Then there is Rickety Rig that is a shadow of the former The Rig location. The Agency changed completely by The Device and is now The Authority in the middle of the map.

And last but not least, the one major change for the southeastern sector is the addition of the new area called Catty Corner in, well, corner of the map near the relatively unchanged Lazy Lake. There are 13 points of interest that you can visit on the map, which is noticeably less than it was in Season 2.

This is likely because there are more locations on the way. Epic Games has already teased that the water will recede some, likely throughout the season, so there could be new locations that will appear in the future. We will have a full map guide of Season 3 soon, so look forward to that for more details on these new and changed locations.

Lots and Lots of New Vehicles

Another great part of Fortnite Season 3 is the sheer number of vehicles and options that you will have to traverse around the map. You can see three main ones in the trailer for the new season, but there are even more coming beyond just those.

Given that the map is full of water at this point, you need some great ways of getting around and there are three that we know of right now. The first is a living creature that we will get into in a different section while the other two are largely ones that already existed in Season 2.

The Choppa is still in the game, letting players move around the map with ease using the helicopter vehicle, though the locations for finding a helicopter have likely changed in the newly submerged map. As such, players should be sure to look for where the new helipad locations are.

The Choppa will be a great vehicle for zipping around the various islands and named locations in an efficient way, especially since it could be really slow to swim around everything. The other returning vehicle is the motorboat that we can see in the trailer.

This is not a surprising return, either, as the motorboat has been a staple of the game since the start of Chapter 2. It will only become more useful now in Season 3 with even more water around the island than ever before. It will be great for journeys to each island named location and so on.

But the best part is that these aren’t the only vehicles coming to Season 3. Like how the Choppa came to Season 2 later on in the season, there are some vehicles that Epic Games is already teasing for the coming weeks. They are not available yet but will be soon.

The teased vehicles include a car and a pickup truck, both of which are seen moving around and will likely be actual vehicles soon. Cars have been a long-requested vehicle in the game to match other battle royale games like PUBG and Warzone, so this is a welcome change of pace.

As for when we will see these new vehicles, it will probably be anywhere from a couple of weeks from now to around week 5, as the middle of the season seems like a good place to introduce these. The cars will most likely show up once the water has receded some on the map. More land areas are available to drive on.

Aquaman and Other Skins Are Coming

As with any new season of battle royale, there are new skins that you can grab and use right now in the game if you pick up the paid version of the pass this season. Like in Season 2, many of these new characters that you can play as are minibosses around the island.

Upon purchasing the battle pass, you will get two skins right at tier one: Ocean, a mini boss who looks like a standard Marauder-like character but has a cool base skin, and Fade, who is awesome. He has a sleek outfit and purple hair, with a later tier giving a mask and tier 100, giving him an almost copycat Drift look.

Others include yet another Jonesy in the form of Scuba Jonesy as well as Jules, another miniboss at tier 40, and the weird Meowscles kitty who is riding in a mech suit named Kit at tier 60. And there is a replacement this season for Deadpool that will likely become a recurring thing.

Instead of Marvel this time around, though, the new crossover character skin is from DC Comics and fits the submerged theme better. It is none other than Aquaman who isn’t in the game yet that we can see, but will likely start to appear through challenges soon. We expect a similar function to how Deadpool was last season.

New Weapons

As always in a new season, there are new and returning weapons for you to find on the map and use to get that coveted victory royale. But what’s great about Season 3 is that Epic Games has gone away from the more conservative approach to weapons and added a lot more new ones.

It looks like the boss approach to having NPCs carrying specific weapons that you can’t get anywhere else will be returning this season. One of these weapons is the special Ocean’s Burst Assault Rifle with Ocean being one of the minibosses that you can fight around the island.

Then, there is Jules’ Glider Gun that you can presumably get from Jules, another NPC character this season. From there, we have a few new weapons like the flare gun that shoots a flare and the return of the grappler fan-favorite weapon that lets you zip to a nearby location.

The final mini boss that we know of currently is Kit, who has a special shockwave launcher that looks like a grenade launcher but sounds like it will send out crazy shockwaves that will affect enemies. Lastly, for new weapons, there is a new shotgun that has replaced one from Season 2.

The new shotgun is known as the charge shotgun and from what we can tell, it lets you charge it up to a certain point and then use it to decimate enemies with devastating damage attacks. But with the introduction of this new shotgun comes the vaulting of an older one.

You can say goodbye to the pump shotgun that is no longer in the game, again. That is the only vaulting that we know of currently, but it could be that there are more; we don’t have official patch notes to go on for now. In the meantime, there are some unvaulted weapons as well.

We have heard that the hunting rifle, bolt-action sniper rifle, and more have returned to the game in Season 3, so these fan-favorite weapons will be available for finding and using in matches again. These are likely not the only ones either, so look forward to seeing some favorites make a comeback.

Sharks and New Marauder Enemies

As mentioned before, there is another new vehicle that is somewhat a friend but also a foe. For the first time, you can use a vehicle that is a living creature and that is a shark. That’s right, Epic Games has gone all out and now lets you use a shark as a vehicle this season.

But to do that, you are going to need to use a fishing rod to latch onto the shark and glide across the water using what look to be water skis. To do this, it seems you will need a fishing rod and then find yourself a shark. But watch out, as they are not just your vehicle friend.

If you get too close to one of the sharks in the game, it seems that it will bite you and damage you. In this way, it might be useful for attacking other players while you are riding with the shark. Or, for attacking the new enemy NPCs that are in the game as well.

The Marauders are a new type of NPC enemy that seems to replace the Henchmen from Season 2. They will be seemingly all around the island, and not just in specific locations as teased by Epic. These new enemies will likely have a similar difficulty level but include minibosses with unique weapons and gear that you can get.


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