Fortnite Season 2 Map Changes: Vaults, Agency, Helipads

by in Fortnite | Feb, 21st 2020

After months of waiting, the official release of Fortnite Season 2 is finally here. Players can download the latest update for the game on platforms including PS4, Xbox One, Switch, iOS, Android and PC, and jump right into everything new including the Fortnite Season 2 map changes.

Update 12.00 Drops a Ton of Fortnite Season 2 Map Changes

Season 2 is available as part of the monumental update 12.00. As expected, this large patch contains the new season that got delayed a few times past its original release date in December 2019.

With the large size of the update comes a ton of additions and changes to the game. Players can enjoy the expected new battle pass for the season, an impressive collection of new skins to collect with many customization options, and some Fortnite Season 2 map changes.

Map changes are expected with the release of any new season. However, this season is especially important given the fact that players have grown tired of the currently stale metagame and map. As such, any changes, no matter how big or small, are welcome at this point.

Thankfully, this season has quite a few changes. Some seasons only see a few new locations with existing locations becoming something new. Season 2 has five new points of interest.

These are brand new spots to land and explore. They do not affect the existing named locations part of the first season in Chapter 2. In this way, though, it also means the original locations on the island are relatively unchanged.

Thankfully, some additional Fortnite Season 2 map changes on the island make up for this, though. Some minor details hint at a new vehicle in the future, NPCs that you can fight in addition to the normal enemies, and a groovy new landmark.

Without further ado, let’s go ahead and look at all the Fortnite Season 2 map changes we found thus far.

New Named Locations: The Agency

The most important of the five named locations new this season, and one of the most obvious to find is The Agency. With a spy theme this season, the secret agents of the island have a headquarters of their own, which is no surprise.

That HQ is The Agency, found at the center of the island on the tiny location known as Eye Land. The former landmark location is now the center of the Top Secret season theme in Season 2.

The Agency features the nearly deserted Eye Land, transformed into a massive headquarters building. It has several floors and a nice spy theme with a lot of secrets for players to uncover.

The Agency will likely be one of the hottest locations this season. Given its centralized location and its flexible placement for getting almost anywhere in a decent amount of time, players should watch out for intense action here.

The Shark

Another new named location this season is The Shark, continuing the strange naming convention of adding “the” to everything to make it official or something. In this case, this new location is quite literally a shark island. Not an island of sharks, but one made of a single large shark.

Located in the upper left corner of the battle royale island, you will find The Shark island here. Like The Agency, The Shark is on a converted secluded tiny island. In this case, it is the northwestern-most island on the map, north of Sweaty Sands.

Here, you will find a strange island somehow naturally converted into the shape of a massive shark. You can see the shark’s tail on one side and the head on the other with luxurious buildings in the middle.

There, you will find some valuable loot, but the real secret of The Shark lies in the actual mouth of the beast. The mouth is opening the water, letting players come inside and find a secret underground base with a lot of treasures to find.

The Yacht

On the opposite side of the map from The Shark is The Yacht. As the name states, you can explore this fancy boat which features several floors and indoor and outdoor sections.

The indoor sections of The Yacht are rather intriguing as they are very claustrophobic with an entire vents system available. You can act like a real spy and crawl through the vents to access areas and get the drop on the unsuspecting foes you come across.

The Yacht features hidden areas and secrets within its impressive verticality and dense areas. The secluded location on the high seas is a problem. While you can easily swim to the mainland from here, it is worth keeping in mind the location of this new named area.

The Grotto

Far south of The Yacht, we have The Grotto. Located south of Dirty Docks and north of Retail Row, The Grotto is unlike any other point of interest that we have seen in battle royale history. When you arrive here, you find a hole and that’s about it.

The enticing curiosity of The Grotto is jumping down the hole. Here, you’ll find a secret cavern filled with an underground base to explore. The unique area is unlike any other named location in the history of the game.

Of course, The Grotto does have some problems with it, at least at the start of this season. You can quickly die by jumping down this hole far below. Gliding is the only way to get down there, forcing players to land here from the start of the match.

This is all before the other problem of getting out of The Grotto. You need some serious materials to get back to the surface, so players should think twice before heading here.

The Rig

The fifth and final named location introduced this season is The Rig. Found in the southwestern section of the island, The Rig is a huge oil rig near the mainland. Like The Yacht, it is secluded in open waters, which makes getting to and back from it a bit challenging.

The Rig is a rewarding and fascinating place, like The Grotto, offering something wholly unique in Fortnite. The Rig is tall, featuring a big and small rig attached. The open space on The Rig allows for mid-range battles while the buildings are different.

Also, you can find more than enemy players here. You can discover the henchmen and other secrets in Season 2. The helipad onsite at the named location, hinting at the introduction of certain vehicles in the future.

Helipads Have Mysteriously Appeared

That’s right. Helipads mysteriously appeared in Fortnite Season 2 with at least one located at nearly every new named location in the game. The Agency and The Rig have one on the outside. The Grotto has one inside the underground cave.

They aren’t too big, leading us to believe that the helicopters will be a manageable size that can only carry a handful of players (likely just one four-player squad). Oddly, the helicopters are nowhere in the game currently.

A couple of things could have happened with the helicopters. Either they were expected to release as part of the update for Season 2, but a last-minute issue resulted in them to get removed or they are planned for release later in the season.

The latter is, hopefully, the case as a problem with them would be unfortunate. Also, it makes sense for Epic Games to notify players if a problem arose regarding their release.

Regardless of the reason, players can still get excited for them as they will finally fix the mobility issues. Currently, motorboats are the only way to quickly get around the large island.

However, those boats aren’t the best for crossing over a lot of land. A helicopter could fix this issue while not changing the game too much, like in the case of planes in Season 7.

Apres Ski and Henchmen

Apres Ski, the new landmark we found thus far on the map, doesn’t have a name like The Agency or Shark. However, it plays a role in one of the challenges during the first week.

Apres Ski features a ski lodge on the outside and a dance club inside. It is the new secret dance club warehouse from the first battle royale island, so expect a lot of challenges and events to take us there.

Beyond that, some new NPCs are roaming in certain areas of the map like The Rig. They are the henchmen and characters you can defeat for loot and other rewards. They aren’t super challenging to take out, but they provide an alternative to just taking out other players.

Vaults Are Full of Impressive Loot

The henchmen are also important when it comes to the final section of the Fortnite Season 2 map changes. Vaults, like the ones in Apex Legends, can be opened to find some of the best loot in the entire game.

There are mythic weapons that you can’t find anywhere else that will help you on your way to a victory royale. Heading to one of the vaults doesn’t get you inside of it. You must obtain the keycard to open it up.

This is where the henchmen come in. They can get eliminated in hopes of finding one of these keycards. As for the vaults, there are five with one at each of the new named locations. We expect these to be action-packed hotspots all season long, so players should come prepared for a fight against players trying to steal your loot.


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