Fortnite Season 2 Extension Announced, Adding an Extra Month

by in Fortnite | Apr, 15th 2020

Epic Games revealed in an announcement this week that Fortnite battle royale is not going to be moving into season three anytime soon. Instead, there is a new Fortnite Season 2 extension that will keep this current season going for a lot longer than we had originally thought.

New Fortnite Season 2 End Date Revealed

A new blog post popped up this week on the official Epic Games website, showing the announcement from the battle royale developer. In the announcement, it is revealed that the company is extending Chapter 2, Season 2 beyond its original end date.

Originally, the end date was going to be around the end of this month with the new season likely to appear right at the start of May, but that is no longer the case. Instead, the new Fortnite Season 2 extension means that the end date is getting moved by a little over a month later than planned.

As such, the new end date for the current second season of Chapter 2 is planned for June 4. It is on that same day that players will get to experience the third season of this crazy but awesome chapter thus far. While it isn’t completely surprising to see an extension, it is a significant one.

Fortunately, it isn’t as significant as the first season of this chapter, which went on way too long. While players will need to wait an extra month to see what is going to happen with the battle royale island, the new theme, and battle pass, there is a lot in store for the remainder of Season 2.

What’s to Come for the Rest of Season 2

Epic Games teased that there is a lot of content coming still in the current season for players to check out. Multiple major game updates are planned for Fortnite, with one of them arriving today with some surprising changes to the overall island.

These new updates will include some fresh gameplay changes, new challenges for players to complete beyond what we already know, some bonus experience for players to nab, and a few more surprises that we likely won’t know about for a little while.

However, before the end of the blog post announcement about the Fortnite Season 2 extension, we did get one little tease about what’s coming. There is a screenshot released that shows golden skin variants for Midas, Brutus, and Meowscles.

The picture has a caption noting that there are more ways than ever before to unlock the gold battle pass styles for those skins. We have previously seen the gold skin style for Midas in the past but this is the first that we have seen of Brutus and Meowscles, at least officially.

What Happened With the Season 1 Extension

As such, players will likely be able to get another option for customizing the popular skins this season with some gold variants given that we do have the, well, Midas touch in Season 2. The question remains: what will happen this season now that it is going on for much longer?

The season will be extended for more than four weeks, which is nearly half of a normal battle royale season. Thankfully, this isn’t as bad as the extension for the first season of this chapter, which happened to go on for more than twice the normal length of a battle royale season.

Fortunately, this will be a less harsh extension than that one, which led to many players getting tired of the original season and its content. It does also look like players will have some great content to enjoy in the meantime while we wait patiently for the third season of Chapter 2 to release.

In the first season’s extension, we got a couple of major events that happened for a limited time like the Winterfest, Star Wars crossover, and the Harley Quinn skin release. Those were some massive events and this season will likely get at least one similar event during this extension.

We Could See a Major Crossover Event in May

Of course, we don’t expect that to happen until May, at the earliest. We still have a normal season to go through this month, so we wouldn’t expect any major crossovers or the like to appear until May when players will not have a whole lot to do in the game without the normal weekly challenges and the like.

It was previously around this time of year in both 2019 and 2018 that we got Avengers crossovers that were to celebrate the new movies that released in both years. Those crossovers were some of the biggest and best that Fortnite has ever gotten, so they have set the bar high.

We could see a similarly huge event happen in May to tie players over until the release of the new season at the start of June. We have heard some minor rumors about X-Men and other things that would expand upon the Deadpool crossover in the game currently but we don’t know at this time.

Whatever it may be, it will need to be something substantial that will keep players engaged for around four weeks after the end of the current season’s normal content. For those who don’t know, this week will mark the release of the Week 9 challenges in battle royale.

Next week will follow with the 10th week of challenges, which is normally the last ones for that season. It is usually a week after that when the new season will kick off, giving players a full week to complete the week 10 challenges and anything else that they missed this season.

That is, of course, barring any overtime challenges that have become more and more prevalent as time goes on. Typically, they would only happen for a week or two but they have become even more substantial, starting with last season’s massive two-month extension.

Fortunately, the new extension for Season 2 isn’t too bad compared to that, barring any changes that make it go on for longer. Whereas the original extension to Season 1 was likely because of holidays and giving employees time off, this new extension might be because of the COVID-19 global pandemic and employees working from home.

We will have to wait and see, though, as Epic Games has yet to confirm the reason behind this major change.


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