Fortnite Save the World Leaves Early Access, Future Plans Revealed

by in Fortnite | Jun, 30th 2020

Epic Games has finally dropped the bomb that we have all been waiting for in Fortnite: the popular, world-renowned game is leaving early access for good. No longer will this be a game in its early access phase for nearly three years, but Fortnite Save the World has fully launched.

Fortnite Save the World Finally Leaves Early Access

Epic Games dropped the news early this morning out of nowhere that Fortnite Save the World is leaving early access behind for good and will now be a full title. This is news that we were waiting for, for quite a long time and it is finally here at the most surprising moment possible.

In fact, in just a recent blog post that I did about what the next-gen version of Fortnite should do, I noted that Epic should take Fortnite Save the World and the rest of the game, and launch the game as a full title to match the other games in its genre that aren’t in early access.

After all, it has been nearly three years since the original release of Fortnite and its PvE-focused Save the World format, before releasing the battle royale game mode shortly after that. It was then that Epic noted that the game was in early access but only for a limited time.

As such, many in the community thought that the game would leave the early access testing phase before or around a year after its initial release, but that came and went without any news. Then a second anniversary came and went, and still nothing about the game launching fully.

And then other major moments happened in the game like several new seasons releasing and even the start of a whole new chapter with a new island and everything else that came with it. But none of those moments allowed for the release of the game until now.

What’s even odder about this situation is that it isn’t quite time yet to celebrate the third anniversary of the game. It would have made more sense to wait until then or wait for the next-gen version of Fortnite to release for this to happen.

But here we are before that anniversary and the early access period has ended in a rather anticlimactic way for the Save the World mode of Fortnite.

Battle Royale and Creative Also Leave Early Access

What is great about this whole situation is that Save the World leaving early access means that Epic is removing the early access tag from the battle royale and Creative modes. This means that today is the first day that Fortnite is a brand new and complete game for everyone to play.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that changes aren’t coming to battle royale, Creative, and Save the World in the future, but it does mean that you no longer have to worry about this being early access. In this regard, it tells us that the game is in a technical state where it can be considered a 1.0 game.

But there is a problem with this whole situation. It can be easily noted in the way that the developer has handled the full launch of Fortnite. Instead of this being a massive and vocal announcement from the developer, it is more of a quiet release that has just happened suddenly.

This is because there is a major negative that has come about through the full release of Fortnite, one that could be disappointing for players in the community who expected this moment to be much bigger than it is currently.

Fortnite Save the World Isn’t Going to Be Free

By far, the major disappointing part of this early access release is that Save the World is not going to be free. It wasn’t free before released out of early access, it isn’t free now that it is a full game, and it isn’t likely going to be free to play for any platforms in the future.

In a blog post announcing the changes and new content for Fortnite Save the World, Epic began by noting that it has released a vast collection of unique heroes, schematics, a complete narrative, and more that has shaped the game into a total RPG experience that you can play right now.

But with the changes that came to the game and what is still to come in the future (more on that in a moment), there are changes to how the developer is handling the full launch of Save the World and the rest of Fortnite. Instead of doing what was originally planned for the mode, it is going to remain a premium experience for anyone interested in it.

This is going to be a disappointing move from Epic for those who were looking forward to someday playing Save the World on their respective platform without spending extra cash to do so. Instead, it will continue to exist, but you will have to pay to play it.

This is in stark contrast to everything else in Fortnite that is free, and players can enjoy right now. It is rather unfortunate that Epic changed its mind about this decision that some players were looking forward to, as it would have been a great move.

Some post-launch features like Creative mode have benefitted from being free for everyone. This meant that more players have checked out than likely would have if it was paid. It means that it is getting the support it deserves, as it has the necessary attention.

But with Save the World stuck behind a paywall, it is likely not going to be as popular or important to Fortnite as it could have been if everyone could play it. Understandably, those who paid for it in the past would be disappointed to have everyone play it, but this could have been remedied.

All Epic had to do was give out free cosmetics to the players who bought the founder’s pack to make up for that change. And guess what? Epic is giving away free stuff anyways for those players who purchased the Save the World portion of Fortnite before it launched into a full game.

If you got the founder’s pack, all versions of it will be upgraded to the next level for free. You will get any associated items that would have come with it, like if you get the Ultimate Edition now. For those who bought the Ultimate Edition, they are getting something special as well.

They will get the Metal Team Leader Pack for free (more on this pack in a bit) and 8,000 V-Bucks worth around $80 or so. That is an impressive move that, again, would have been fine if the game was launched as a free one for everyone now.

How Cosmetics Are Changing Between Battle Royale and Save the World

And if that change to not allow Save the World to be free now wasn’t enough, there is another disappointing move from Epic that could upset some players who like the PvE mode. In the coming months, there will come a point where there will be some major changes to how cosmetics work in the game.

Save the World will no longer be able to support all upcoming battle royale cosmetic purchases in the future. This means that future skins and other items released in battle royale may not work in the Save the World mode, but some might be.

It doesn’t close the door on all of them not working, but it does mean that some will not. This is a strange move and one that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense unless it has to do with the switch to Unreal Engine 5 in the future or if extra development is necessary to make these items work in Save the World, too.

Fortunately, this change will be addressed ahead of time to know when it will take place. Until then, feel free to keep purchasing cosmetic items and using them in both game modes. And any existing cosmetics that were around before this change will continue to work in both modes, so it shouldn’t affect any of your older items that you already have at least.

Ventures Are New Seasonal Content

While many negatives are surrounding this announcement, there is one new piece of content coming to the exciting game. Ventures are a new type of content that you can play in Save the World that is going to be season-long excursions.

There will be a seasonal zone available for that limited time. Players can visit there with new and unique modifiers that you will have to deal with. These Ventures will bring with them more progression and new seasonal levels to unlock.

As you do the various challenges in the Venture zone, you will get seasonal experience used to change the difficulty level that you deal with, what weapons you find, and the rewards that you will earn. If you get high enough in the season, you can even get Supercharger materials for raising existing items you have beyond the current level cap.

Ventures are coming in the future, but they aren’t quite ready for Save the World. In the meantime, pirates are in the game mode now and have brought a new tropical biome, narrative story, and one of Homebase’s characters to join your team.

New Seasonal Structure Revealed

With the release of the new Ventures, this also means that the season in general will change significantly for this portion of Fortnite. There will be an annual recurring schedule for the existing in-game narratives and events, such as Frostnite, that will be on a seasonal rotation.

This will not affect battle royale but only be in this part of the game. The existing heroes, quests, and so on will rotate in and out depending on the season. If there is a particular questline or story that you missed out on in the past, you can know that it will come back around eventually.

Simultaneously, with constant influx of existing content, this also means that development and releases of brand new content will be slowed down. You will see new quests and heroes release at a slower pace than you might be used to with the game.

While this is unfortunate, it is important to keep in mind that bugs and other balancing issues will continue to be worked on, so the game will improve in this way, at least over time.

New Save the World Bundles

Finally, there are new items that you will find in the store beginning this Thursday, July 2. There are new Save the World packs that you will be able to get, and the first one will be the aforementioned Metal Team Leader Pack. This one will be granted free to any existing Ultimate Edition owners.

Everyone else will be able to pick up this pack separately and get some awesome goodies with it. You get the new hero, the Papa Bear weapon schematic, a Warning Bow back bling item, some new Metal Team Leader challenges to complete, and entry to Save the World.

If you are someone who hasn’t had a chance to check out Save the World yet, you will be able to do so by buying this pack for $20. That is a fair bit of money, but you do get a good selection of items that only get better if you complete the exclusive challenges.

The missions will grant you rewards that you can get through the challenges pack like 500 X-Ray tickets, a legendary troll stash llama, and 1000 V-Bucks. That is a lot of V-Bucks, worth around $10 alone, about half the price of admission for this new pack. Overall, it’s a great deal that does somewhat soften the blow of Save the World, not being free to play. When this bundle releases this Thursday, all founder’s packs will be retired.


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