Fortnite Risky Reels Returns in New Season 3 Map Update

by in Fortnite | Jul, 13th 2020

Fortnite Season 3 got its latest map change this past weekend. As previously leaked, the map changes for the season seem to be on a standard cycle. The most recent happened on the exact day we thought it would. This latest change brings back the fan-favorite Fortnite Risky Reels location.

Latest Season 3 Map Change Is Here

The latest map change update happened on July 11, as the leaks before seemed to indicate. As previously revealed, it seems that the Season 3 map changes are happening roughly every 10 days or so, meaning that the next one will likely be around July 21.

Until then, we have this latest one that dropped over the weekend. Like the first map change on July 1, this second one changed by reducing the amount of water submerged the island. In doing so, it has revealed more of the landscape, most of which is rather familiar.

Despite the Season 3 map starting as a submerged island that seemed to be all about the water world created after the events at the end of Season 2, Epic Games looks to be going back on that and returning the island to largely what it was last season.

As part of this, the missing named locations and landmarks that weren’t at the launch of this third season are coming back like Fortnite Risky Reels. The drive-in movie theater was out of business for several weeks in Season 3 as the newfound ocean took it over.

Fortnite Risky Reels Is Back

But now that the second map change is here, we can return to Fortnite Risky Reels once again. Oddly enough, though, this return is somewhat different than we had expected it to be. This is because the data miners were slightly wrong about its return.

In the previous data mine of the Season 3 map, the final map was reportedly revealed in the game files. After several changes and updates, the island would largely return to how it looked in Season 2 with a massive landmass with various waterways.

You would have fan-favorite locations like Fortnite Risky Reels return and more, allowing players to enjoy the new places in Season 3 like Rickety Rig and The Fortilla alongside the older ones hodgepodge of the second and third seasons of battle royale.

However, this final map has already been made slightly less credible because it showed Risky Reels returning as a named location for the first time in Chapter 2. In the first 10 seasons of the game (when it was available), Risky Reels was a named location that you could land at.

Risky Reels Remains a Landmark Location

But when it returned in Season 1 of Chapter 2 and beyond, Risky Reels was relegated to the new landmark status. This status meant that it was an important location noted when you visit there, but wouldn’t have its name show up on the main map for the island like it did before.

For some reason, the recent data mines uncovered the supposed final Season 3 map. Risky Reels was going to be a named location again, according to it. And this could still happen, but it would be weird to suddenly add its name to the game when it isn’t there.

Even still, Fortnite Risky Reels has returned to the island as a landmark, which is better than not being there. If you are a fan of this drive-in movie theater, you can visit again and see the cars and large projector screen.

These changes from July 11 don’t just affect Risky Reels either, though this is the main focus of the update. Other minor changes include Frenzy Farm not having a lot of water around it anymore and parts of Weeping Woods and Dirty Docks starting to appear finally.

Other Changes in This Map Update

Also, it is much harder to reach The Authority from the outside than ever before, as the wall is higher now with the water going down. Unfortunately for Rickety Rig fans, there are some islands at that new Season 3 named location that have disappeared.

Could this point to a future Season 3 map where Rickety Rig is no longer around as a named location? Only time will tell for now. And another major change is that Holly Hedges is no longer separated from Salty Springs, as there is land once again connecting the two named locations.

Overall, there is a lot more land now than there was at the start of the new season. It could be a good or bad thing, depending on whether you liked riding the sharks around and all that. One thing that hasn’t changed much is the northwestern corner of the island.

North of Sweaty Sands, there is still a huge mass of nothing but water located there at this time. The only real change there in this map update is that The Shark’s island can be somewhat visited now that the water has receded a bit around it.

What Could Come to the Island in the Future

As for the rest of this area where there used to be a ton of islands, there is nothing to see. This is likely because, if the data mines are to be believed, a new named location is waiting there to be revealed later in the season.

Reportedly called The Ruins, this ruined area will include water around it and likely be very different from everything else that we have on the Season 3 island.

It could somehow connect to the Aquaman crossover event that is going on this season, where you can (eventually) get his official skin. We’ll have to wait and see, as the next map change isn’t due to happen for a while longer.


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