Fortnite Rippley vs Sludge Challenges Revealed as Second Set This Week

by in Fortnite | Jan, 16th 2020

Fortnite battle royale is offering a lot for players to check out this week in terms of challenges, even though the main events of this current season are already over. Per the usual schedule, Epic Games has released the Fortnite Rippley vs Sludge challenges for players to complete and get new rewards.

Epic Games Releases Two Overtime Challenges This Week

Epic Games made it clear this month that players would have new batches of weekly challenges to tie them over until Season 2 arrives in February.

While the fact that we have new challenges isn’t surprising, it is shocking how many we have. There is around double the number of challenges we normally get because Epic decided to release not one but two overtime challenge batches this week.

We covered the 8-Ball vs Scratch challenges that you can do right now, but there are also the Fortnite Rippley vs Sludge challenges. Both sets are around the same number of challenges, so this means double the mission action this week and rewards.

It does bring up the question of how this came about. Was it an intentional plan on Epic Games’ part? Or was it something that happened by accident and there is no going back on it now that it is available to players? The reason it could be the latter is that we are slated to get the next challenges in two weeks.

Fortnite Rippley vs Sludge Challenges List

Regardless of whether it was a mistake to release the Rippley vs Sludge and 8-Ball vs Scratch challenges this week, we have them so there is no reason to wait or miss out on them. The new Rippley vs Sludge challenges are like the previous overtime ones.

It is all about completing tasks to earn experience to level up your tier and also to get a new style for a specific skin. You can find the full list of Rippley vs Sludge challenges below.

  • Earn three gold scavenger medals by searching chests, llamas, or supply drops
  • Achieve AR specialist accolades in three different matches
  • Land in a named location in three different matches
  • Deal any number of damage to an opponent with a placed trap
  • Destroy 10 slurp barrels, slurp trucks, or slurp silos
  • Swim 50 meters in under five seconds
  • Visit Lazy Lake and Slurpy Swamp in the same match while riding in a motorboat
  • Get five eliminations at Risky Reels, Fort Crumpet, or Hydro 16
  • Search for the Fortnite hidden gnome found in between Logjam Woodworks, a wooden shack, and a bucket tree
  • Catch a fish with a fishing rod, a harpoon gun, and an explosive weapon

As you can see, there are a lot of interesting and varied challenges this week. If you check the 8-Ball vs Scratch challenges, you will find a lot of similarities between them like the Fortnite hidden gnome challenge.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in and look at these 10 new Fortnite Rippley vs Sludge challenges and how to complete them.

How to Get Gold Medals, Accolades, and More

For the gold scavenger medals challenge, you need to get three in total for searching chests, llamas, or supply drops. The problem is the restriction to only earning one per match. So, it requires at least three matches for this challenge.

Your best bet is to do this challenge in the Team Rumble mode since it allows for more time to search, respawns in case you die so you can continue searching, and less players to take up all those precious chests. We also recommend landing in named locations far from the circle and not that popular.

This way, you can be the only one with full control over a given area and all the chests, llamas, and supply drops. There are bronze, silver, and gold medals that you can get. For the gold scavenger medal, you are looking at a whopping 12 treasure chests.

But if you start as far away from the circle as possible and search every main area on the way to the circle, you should find 12 in a few named locations.

Next up, you need to earn AR specialist accolades in three different matches. These are like the medals in that the game rewards you for doing well with an assault rifle. For one of these, you need to get at least 250 damage to get the accolade.

That is over two players with full health or one player with full health and shields. If you have a hard time getting kills and damage, be sure to do this in Team Rumble where you have plenty of time and respawns.

The third challenge on the list requires you to land at a named location in three different matches. This is a simple task that you might already do. Land at any the 13 named locations that appear on the map in three separate matches.

How to Deal Trap Damage and Destroy Slurp Barrels

For the next challenge, you need to deal damage to an opponent with a placed trap. It can be any number of damage from one to killing the enemy. You’ll need a trap so you should look in places like chests and the like.

We recommend finding a trap and then placing it in a populated area that you expect a player to come in. You could place it in a house of a named area at the center of a circle or even bait someone into following you into a building where you have a trap set.

For the next challenge, we have something unique. We need to destroy 10 slurp barrels, slurp trucks, or slurp silos. In this challenge, you can take your time and do it across multiple matches, but it is possible to finish it quickly at the same time.

Head to the factory in Slurpy Swamp. Head to the main factory in the middle and look for the slurp canisters and solos that hold the slurp juice as well as the massive semi-trucks that deliver it and destroy 10 of any of these.

The following challenge requires the player to swim at least 50 meters in under five seconds. That distance isn’t that great, but it can be a little challenging to do it within that strict time limit. But there is a trick to this that can make it a little easier to accomplish.

If you don’t know already, jumping in the water causes you to gain a little boost while you swim. Get a running start, leap into the water, and jump every time you touch it again to keep the boost going until you have done the required 50 meters in under five seconds.

The next challenge is to visit Lazy Lake and Slurpy Swamp. These two places are traditionally far away from one another. You must visit both in the same match while riding in a motorboat, presumably, the whole time.

Follow the rivers and waterways to reach the two locations in a motorboat. It is worth noting that you can ride a boat on land as well. It isn’t the slowest in the world so long as you keep using the booster.

We recommend starting in Lazy Lake due to the dam in the main lake near it.

How to Find the Fortnite Hidden Gnome, Get Eliminations, and Catch Fish

The final three Fortnite Rippley vs Sludge challenges are some hard ones. Take, for instance, this next challenge where we must get five eliminations in total at Risky Reels, Fort Crumpet, or Hydro 16. These three locations are all landmarks spots that have their names show up on the main map.

Of the three, Risky Reels is the most popular so you might already know where it is. If you don’t, you can find it west of Frenzy Farm. It is the drive-in movie theater location where we also had the recent Star Wars live event last month.

As for Fort Crumpet, you can find this location northwest of Sweaty Sands. Northwest of the beach town, you will find a little fort also near the beach and water. You can get eliminations there, but it isn’t the most popular, so you might want to try elsewhere.

And lastly, we have Hydro 16. You can find this semi-popular landmark directly east of Slurpy Swamp near the huge lake that connects to Misty Meadows and Lazy Lake. In our opinion, try and get eliminations at Risky Reels since it is the most known of the three and has the most options for other players.

You don’t have to get all five kills in the same match, so take your time and try to aim for one per match, so it doesn’t take too long to complete.

Up next, we must find the Fortnite hidden gnome. There is another hidden gnome you might know about if you did the other new batch of challenges this week. It is quite similar. Look for the hidden spot in between three areas on the map.

You don’t have to visit the three locations, but you do need to know where they intersect in the middle. The three locations are the Logjam Woodworks, a wooden shack, and a bucket tree. You may recognize one of these as it is also involved in the other Fortnite hidden gnome challenge.

Thankfully, the area is limited in size. The Logjam Woodworks is a landmark location you can find directly west of Weeping Woods on the outskirts of the forest and northwest of Slurpy Swamp.

As for the wooden shack, this location is a little bit southwest of the woodworks landmark. And lastly, the bucket tree is southeast of the wooden shack and is quite literally a tree that has buckets on top of it.

When you find the space in between all three, you will find the large tree located south of the woodworks, north of the bucket tree, and east of the wooden shack. Once you approach this large tree on the edge of a swamp, you will see the Fortnite hidden gnome. Interact with it to complete this challenge.

The final challenge that we must complete is no pushover, either. You need to catch a fish with a fishing rod, a harpoon gun, and an explosive weapon. This isn’t an “or” challenge, so you need to do all three to complete this task.

The fishing rod is an easy one to do and shouldn’t take too much work. However, you need a harpoon gun for the second part, which may require you to look in chests and the like. As for an explosive weapon, you can also throw a grenade or use a rocket launcher to catch the fish. Look for white circular locations in the water or places where you can see fish swimming around.

Fortnite Rippley vs Sludge Challenges Rewards

The rewards for these challenges should be familiar to anyone who did the challenges in Season 1. All challenges grant you 52,000 experience each for a total of 520,000 experience for this whole set. It is great for players who need to progress the battle pass more.

What is also great, though, is that completing nine of the 10 challenges results in a new style option for one of the skins in battle royale. That is awesome for those collectors out there.


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