Fortnite Recon Expert Returns for the First Time Since 2017

by in Fortnite | May, 27th 2020

It isn’t too often that you see a relatively old skin make a comeback in Fortnite battle royale. For the most part, skins that release are only there for that time and that is it. But that has all changed for the Fortnite Recon Expert outfit, one of the oldest skins in the entire game to date.

Fortnite Recon Expert Skin Is the Oldest Outfit to Return

It’s been more than two and a half years since we last saw the Fortnite Recon Expert skin drop in the battle royale game and it hasn’t been seen ever since then. Originally released in 2017, which certainly feels like ages ago in battle royale time, this was one of the first paid skins ever.

The skin dropped right around October 2017, near the very launch of Fortnite battle royale. The game had already been out for a few months, but the battle royale mode was introduced shortly after the launch of the original Save the World PvE portion of the game.

These were the earliest days of the title, long before it would ever become a cultural phenomenon due to the likes of people like Ninja, Drake, and many more that have shaped the culture and generations today. The game was already growing and Epic Games was looking for ways to monetize the title.

As such, one way was to introduce cosmetic skins that players could purchase in addition to the normal seasonal battle pass that would become one of the staples of not only battle royale games, but online multiplayer games in general over the last few years.

Recon Expert Was One of the First Paid Skins

The Fortnite Recon Expert originally dropped as one way to monetize the free-to-play title at the time and was one of the first skins ever sold in the item shop for V-Bucks. As such, this surprisingly awesome skin for so early in the game’s life is something of a relic, which is ironic given its explorer-like theme.

Though it was originally released in October 2017 around the time that battle royale was just getting started in Fortnite, it stuck around in the launch item shop for quite a while. It was still in the game in November 2017 when it left in favor of other cosmetic items.

Like many of the items that have come and gone throughout the years in the item shop, it never reappeared in the shop since leaving in November 2017. That means that only those who were there at the very start of Fortnite were able to pick up this skin and claim it for their collection.

As such, it is sort of a relic of the past and a rarity that few have ever claimed for their own. In fact, before now, we wouldn’t be surprised at all to see someone want to buy an account — this would go against terms, so it is not recommended — for a whole lot of V-Bucks if they had this skin.

You Can Buy It Again Right Now

But, thankfully, Epic Games has decided to not let the Fortnite Recon Expert skin stay in the past. Out of nowhere, the developer released this skin not even at the normal time for the item shop but randomly in the middle of the night for players to find today.

The skin is sold for 1,200 V-Bucks right now, which isn’t too high at all compared to other skins that are in the game right now like the Cyclo skin that dropped with the release of update 12.61. Though this is understandable since the, albeit awesome, Fortnite Recon Expert skin is fairly outdated and not as complex as some of the recent ones.

The skin itself is fairly simple, featuring a woman wearing a white tank top on the top half and some grayish jeans on the bottom. One of her legs does look mechanical, but it could just be armor, making this a rather simple but interesting enough skin overall.

The most striking feature of the outfit is the star badge that she has on her tank top. It is rather large and seems to point towards the character being some sort of sheriff or explorer, or something like that. But what is interesting is that Epic Games acknowledges the simplicity of this skin and decided to expand upon it.

A New Variant Is With the Skin

If you buy the skin now, you will find that it has a new variant that changes up the original skin but only so slightly. All it does is keep the same outfit and just add a cute little hat on top of the character’s head. That is all, but the nice touch at least gives you some customization of some sort.

The real value in this skin is in the rarity of it all. Since it was one of the first in the game and the oldest outfit ever to reappear in the item shop, this is one that many players will not want to miss out on. Collectors, especially, shouldn’t ignore this skin as it isn’t guaranteed it will have a third appearance.

We aren’t sure when this Fortnite Recon Expert skin will leave the item shop again but it may be only here for today. As such, we recommend that you buy it now before you potentially regret not getting it before it leaves again, possibly to never return.

The great thing about this whole situation, though, is the possible implications that it has for the future of Fortnite. Up until this point, we haven’t seen such an old skin return in the item shop but now it has. Could this mean that more skins like it will return in the future?

Could More Older Skins Return in the Future?

Could fan-favorite skins that we haven’t seen since they were originally introduced in the item shop years ago make a return? It is certainly possible now and it looks that this could be the case in the future. One way that Epic Games can slow down on making new skins is by recycling older ones that millions of players missed out on the first time they were released.

Only time will tell, though, as this is a fairly unique case thus far, so we will have to wait and see if more situations like this will happen in the future. For now, be sure to grab this Recon Expert skin and its included variant while you still can, if you are interested in adding it to your collection.


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