Fortnite Reboot a Friend Event Returns

by in Fortnite | Apr, 7th 2021

Epic Games is hosting a new limited-time event in Fortnite that aims not to bring in new and interesting content but, rather, bring back some players who haven’t been playing for a while to see what’s new in Season 6. That’s right, the Fortnite Reboot a Friend event has returned and better than ever before.

Fortnite Reboot a Friend Event Returns

For those who don’t know, the Fortnite Reboot a Friend event is when players can help bring back some friends to the battle royale game to see what they have been missing out on. There are some specifics as to how this works but, if done right, you can benefit from this, too. 

The Fortnite Reboot a Friend event allows players to earn some special rewards to help their friends come back to the game and play it again. It is all free, but it will require you to take some effort to reach out and bring those players back into the fold. 

The gist of it works because the Fortnite Reboot a Friend event is for those players who haven’t touched the game in 30 days or more. Those players will be eligible for being rebooted back into the game, and it is up to active players like you to bring them back in. 

What active players need to do is first head on over to the Reboot a Friend website that has been set up here. Once you have done that, you can figure out which friends you would like to invite back to the battle royale title to help you earn some prizes. 

Reboot a Friend Event Details

On the website, be sure to log into the game, and then you will see the friends list you currently have. The site will let you know which of the players on your friends list are eligible for this particular event, having not played Fortnite for at least 30 days. 

You are allowed to pick up to three eligible friends to send a reboot invite to, and they will be made aware that they should return to the game. If they accept your invite and come back, playing together with them will allow you both to earn some pretty awesome and free rewards in the process. 

Of course, there are some restrictions to this that you should know about ahead of time beyond just the fact that only the lapsed players will be eligible for reboot. There is also a very strict window of time for the Fortnite Reboot a Friend event that you need to keep in mind. 

It will only be happening now through April 26, so for only around 19 days or so. That is less than three weeks to get your friends back into Fortnite and play with them to earn these rewards. Once they come back, you can then play games together to earn points. 

Four Items Will Be Available in the Event

The first match that you play with someone who has been rebooted will grant you 100 points. Every match that you play together after that will earn you only 10 points. Those points will then go towards the four prizes that you can earn for the event. 

The four items are brand new and have never been released in Fortnite before. There is the reboot spray, Heartbeat wrap, Toxic Flash glider, and the Plasma Carrot pickaxe. The last of those items, the pickaxe, just so happens to have two skin variants with it as well. 

The best part about all of this is that you and your friends who come back for Fortnite will earn points from these matches together and can unlock rewards, too. You need to make sure to get the necessary points for all four items in the event before it concludes. 

One of the biggest questions that you might have is what if you don’t have any friends who are lapsed players? This could be a problem for some users whose friends are pretty active all the time. In that case, though, Epic Games has ensured that you can still earn these rewards for free, too. 

What If You Have No Lapsed Friends?

While the Fortnite Reboot a Friend event is going on, you can still earn points with your friends just by playing matches with them. However, you will only earn 10 points for every match, so you will miss out on the 100-point initial bonus from the rebooted friends. 

You will need to make sure that you grind all the more if you are in this position by playing matches together with your friends so that you can earn enough points by the end of the limited-time event. The unlocked prizes will be given out to players who earned them within seven days of reaching the point milestone. 

The Fortnite Reboot a Friend event is only around for a limited time, so we highly recommend that you don’t just reboot some players to play with you if you can, but that you play with multiple friends same time. This is why you are allowed to reboot up to three players. 

If you play with three friends, you are potentially earning around 30 points per match, so you can speed up the process of unlocking the four new cosmetic items. But if you miss out on them, not all hope is lost, as Epic has noted that these items may return in the future. 

If they return, though, they will likely be sold in the item shop where you can purchase them with V-Bucks. So, if you are interested in getting the new glider, pickaxe, and so on for free, we suggest that you take the time to earn these points while you still can during the Reboot a Friend event. 


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