Fortnite Rally Royale and More Release in Update 14.30

by in Fortnite | Oct, 14th 2020

Epic Games has released the latest update for Fortnite battle royale and even Creative mode as well. Update 14.30 is here, marking the latest major downloadable patch for Season 4. With this update comes a lot of new content and changes like the exciting Fortnite Rally Royale mode.

Fortnite Update 14.30 Is Here

Epic Games released the newest update, 14.30 today (Oct. 14). You can now download and install it on all platforms if you are reading this except, of course, iOS and Mac. But as long as you are playing elsewhere, you will be good to go with all of the new content.

Overall, update 14.30 seems to be a pretty substantial update this time around. It includes not one but two new game modes to check out for a limited time, some new cosmetic skins in the future, changes to one particularly surprising weapon, and much more.

Of course, the problem with the updates in Fortnite is that Epic Games no longer takes the time to put out some patch notes. Because of that, this post has the unofficial patch notes based on what we figured out thus far for the battle royale game.

That does mean that we could miss some minor or random changes to the game that just haven’t been discovered yet. That said, we do have the bigger changes included, like the two new game modes that are here like the Fortnite Rally Royale mode and the changes to the loot pool. Let’s take a look!

Fortnite Rally Royale Limited-Time Mode Drops

First and foremost, there is a brand new game mode that has dropped in the 14.30 update. It is surprising since we already knew about another new game mode released with this patch, so it is unexpected to get another one in battle royale.

The new Fortnite Rally Royale mode is here. As the name teases, this game mode is all about the cars that were finally added to the game last season. Players will be able to make full use of your cars and trucks in this game mode focused solely on them.

It is a strangely worded game mode that doesn’t give us a whole lot to go on. From what we know, the new Fortnite Rally Royale game mode will have players hop into a vehicle at the start of the match and drive around the island.

The goal of the Rally Royale mode will be to collect various tickets scattered around the island. When a player has collected the required number of tickets for the Fortnite Rally Royale mode, they will need to take them to a certain place.

This place is indicated by a finish line that will, presumably, complete the match. If the player doesn’t make it to the finish line in time, they will lose all of the tickets they worked so hard to collect. It is a strange way of handling a cars-only game mode, but it is interesting, at least.

It seems that the game mode is either focused on how fast you can get a certain number of tickets or how many tickets you can overall get by the end of the match to win. We aren’t sure which one is the case as this game mode isn’t out yet at the time of writing this.

Even though you can download the 14.30 update right now, the Fortnite Rally Royale game mode will release sometime later this week. It will only be a limited-time mode, so we don’t expect it to stick around for too long, so players should check it out this week.

New Marvel Knockout Mode, Daredevil Skin Detailed

The Rally Royale game mode could launch later this week, simply because another new game mode released as part of the 14.30 update. That one is the new Marvel Knockout game mode available today, and you can start playing it right now.

We already knew about this game mode before, so it was surprising to also see another release as part of this update. Marvel Knockout is the latest addition to the string of Marvel-themed limited-time modes that we have had nearly all season long in Season 4 of battle royale.

This latest one is an interesting one that focuses on a tournament-style competition. This game mode is a twist on the Operation: Knockout mode that players might remember from the recent past, where you and your team of two or three players are in a tournament.

Every match that you do in the tournament will be four rounds, where every team is given the same abilities to use as their opponents. It will differ in every round you do. In many ways, it is similar to the Gunfight mode in Call of Duty games but with Marvel superhero powers in the loadout.

It is a highly competitive game mode that will lead to a special tournament event that Epic Games is hosting later today. You will be able to participate in the Daredevil Cup later today as part of the new Marvel Knockout Super Series that uses the game mode.

Players can grab their pals and jump into this special tournament where the top teams from every region will get a special reward of the new Fortnite Daredevil skin before releasing for everyone. Also, this is only the first of more Marvel-themed cups that will happen in the future.

There are four in total, presumably themed around different heroes that haven’t been released, with players who participate in all four of them getting an exclusive Nexus War glider. It all leads to a grand finale tournament next month, where $1 million will be on the line.

If you don’t want to participate in the Daredevil Cup today or don’t like the Marvel Knockout game mode, you will be able to purchase the new Daredevil skin in the item shop in the future. We don’t have specifics on when that will be or how much it will cost, so stay tuned for that soon.

Combat Shotgun Buff and Other Loot Pool Changes

If you aren’t interested in the new game modes dropping in this new Fortnite battle royale update, you might be interested in knowing about the metagame changes that Epic Games has brought today. The main way has to do with the combat shotgun weapon.

In a surprising change for the combat shotgun, it has gotten a potentially massive buff to it. Epic Games has confirmed that it has increased the weapon’s overall range to shoot even further than it did before to deal solid damage on enemies.

This means that you shouldn’t have to be right up on the enemy anymore for the hit to go through and deal shotgun-worthy damage. But the question remains of how powerful this new buff for the combat shotgun is.

Range on shotguns is one of the trickiest things to work with since they are close combat weapons. In games like Call of Duty, there have been cases where the developer made shotguns too powerful in terms of range to the point where they were mid-range.

That is unfair when it comes to a powerful weapon that can take someone down in just a couple of rounds from pretty far away. It will depend on how Epic handled the combat shotgun’s buff, whether it is a welcome buff or a far too powerful one.

Epic realizes that this could be a problematic change, so it asks the community to provide feedback regarding this huge change, so be sure to let the developer know if these range changes are just too much for the combat shotgun.

Other than that major change, though, the general loot pool has been changed up in battle royale, specifically, when it comes to superpowers. It is uncertain how it will change, but we will presumably see some powers more common than others from now on.

Fortnite Battle Royale Bug Fixes

Like usual for major downloadable updates like this one, we don’t have the official patch notes, but we do have some bug fixes, which Epic Games revealed are fixed in this latest update. The first of these is that the Last Forever music should no longer play even when you have licensed music disabled in the settings, which is great for content creators out there.

The second major bug fix in this update is for an issue in the Save the World game mode where the Sword of the Daywalker pickaxe item would use a two-handed swinging animation instead of the animation for it for some odd reason.

Thirdly, there is a fix for players trying to place a marker on the island map during matches. While players were doing that recently, it would sometimes cause the user to stop moving in the game even if they were trying to move forward with the map open.

And last but not least, there is one more issue fixed in this update. It is relegated solely to the mobile version of the game or the Android version since the iOS platform is out of commission for Season 4.

This one fixes an issue on the mobile version where the experience bar at the bottom of the screen would show up incorrectly while you are in the middle of a battle royale match. It should now show the accurate depiction of how much experience you have earned thus far.

Leaked Skins and Cosmetic Items

As with any new update to the game, there will be items that will leak in the game files since they changed with the new patch. Per usual, Twitter data miner HYPEX has been gracious enough to already scour through the files to find the new skins in this update.

Keep in mind that these will be spoilers for some of the new skins coming out soon and that some of them might show up much later down the line. At the same time, keep in mind that these are unconfirmed leaks that will most likely be true, but some changes could be made between this leak and their releases.

Many cosmetic items have shown up in the backend of Fortnite in this update, but only two actual skins have appeared. Interestingly enough, they aren’t even brand new skins but new skin styles for certain ones. The first is the Cat Penny skin style for the Penny skin.

The other one is the new Carbon Fiber version of the Dummy skin that you will be able to get at some point. There is a new epic Number One Pink extra style for that as well. As for Daredevil, we know the superhero is coming to the item shop soon, but there are other items in his set.

Players will be able to pick up what looks to be a new emote inspired by Daredevil, known as the Radar Senses item. There is a unique Daredevil glider (or possibly a back bling; it is hard to tell) known as The Devil’s Wings. And there is a new pickaxe for Daredevil known as the Billy Clubs.

There are loads of other smaller items like some weapon skins, music, and some surprisingly cool pickaxes, along with two new emotes. One of these is the Witch Way emote that shows the character flying on a broomstick, giving off those classic Halloween vibes.

The other new emote is Blinding Lights, which happens to be the same name as the currently popular The Weeknd song. We imagine it will be a dance related to that song along with similar music. Presumably, this isn’t officially licensed by The Weeknd, so it will likely just be inspired by it. For more, check out HYPEX’s Twitter post.


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