Fortnite Rainbow Royale Event Brings New Gear and More!

by in Fortnite | Jul, 20th 2021

Epic Games has announced a new limited-time event that is happening in Fortnite battle royale season 7. This new event is called Fortnite Rainbow Royale and will feature a long-overdue celebration of the LGBTQIA+ community that is an active part of the battle royale title.

Fortnite Rainbow Royale Event Announced

Better late than never, the Fortnite Rainbow Royale limited-time event will feature a celebration of the fact that “everyone is welcome on the battle bus” with some special events this week to mark the occasion. Though it is not happening in June, which is Pride Month, it seems that Epic did not want to totally miss out on the festivities this year.

The Rainbow Royale event celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community

The bulk of the action in the Fortnite Rainbow Royale event will be happening in the item shop this week. It is here that players will be able to pick up some special cosmetic items to show their diversity and express themselves when they are battling against other players online.

There are several free items in the shop this week and, as you might have already guessed from the name of the event, they are rainbow-colored and will offer some vibrant offerings for players. There are a total of around six items that will be available during the event.

It seems that the Fortnite Rainbow Royale event is only happening this week, with no specified dates about how long it will be around. That said, players will still be able to pick up these items for a good bit of time, so be sure to head to the item shop if you are interested in them.

All Event Items Are Free

The best part about the Fortnite Rainbow Royale items is the fact that Epic Games is not being stingy this time around and is offering them for absolutely free. Players who wish to express themselves and who they are will not have to shell out some V-Bucks in order to do so.

Similar to what other games have done this year, the Pride items in Fortnite are being offered for free in the item shop. You will not have to pay for any of them and will be able to add them to your collection, so long as you get them before time runs out on their promotion.

However, it is worth noting that you will not be able to get the Fortnite Rainbow Royale items by just logging into the game. Unlike some of the other free items that Epic has released in the past, you will need to physically go to the item shop and claim the items there.

Fortunately, you will not be charged for any of the items for this event and they will not require you to have any V-Bucks currently in your account to get them, either. In total, there are six items that players will be able to nab from the item shop for free as part of this Pride event in Fortnite.

What Rainbow Royale Items You Can Get

The first of these is the Sunshine and Rainbows weapon wrap. This one is a rainbow-themed weapon wrap that players will be able to pick up that will convert all of your guns into a rainbow spectrum. Interestingly enough, the pink line includes a random (somewhat creepy) eye on it that is likely from one of the beloved Fortnite llamas in the game.

From there, we come to four items that are roughly in the same category of being sprays that you can use in matches. These are Fortnite Rainbow Royale sprays, though, so they are all rainbow-colored with bright and cheerful aesthetics that you will be able to use to spread the love around.

Fortnite Rainbow Royale Free Items
Grab the new sprays, gun skins, and more for free!

There are four of these new sprays in total, starting with the vibrant heart spray that is, you guessed it, a large rainbow heart that you can spray onto surfaces in matches. The second one is the rainbow llama that converts the usually pink and blue llama into a full array of colors for you to spray.

The third one is the vibrant boogie spray that is literally a boogie bomb grenade item that you can spray that is a rainbow version of the classic item. The fourth and final spray is the vibrant star that is a rainbow version of a shooting star spray.

And the final item that you can get as part of the Fortnite Rainbow Royale for free in the item shop is a brand new emote. This one is the Take a Bow emote and gives a fun little emote for your character to use in matches. Overall, these are some decent items that you can get, especially since they are all totally free.

Rainbow Royale Songs and More

There are some other events happening in Fortnite to celebrate the Fortnite Rainbow Royale extravaganza, though, including with Creative mode. This week during Fortnite Creative, players will find that there is a rainbow flag prop that has been added into the game.

Furthermore, when you are running around the season 7 island and hop into a vehicle to listen to some music, you will find that there are new tracks that are available to listen to. Epic Games has compiled select songs from Fortnite’s sister game Rocket League into a Rainbow Royale playlist.

There are several tracks that will be available across three different stations in the game, including the follow songs:

  • Big Freedia – Platinum: Beatbox radio station
  • Lil Nas X – Montero: Beatbox
  • King Princess – Pain: Radio Underground
  • Troye Siva – STUD: Radio Underground
  • Ben Platt – Imagine: Underground
  • Daya – Bad Girl: Power Play
  • Hayley Kiyoko – Found My Friends: Power Play
  • Kim Petras – Malibu: Power Play

The Fortnite Rainbow Royale event is live right now in the game at the time of writing this and will stick around until July 27 at 5 pm PT, so do not miss out on all the fun if you are interested.


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