Fortnite Punk’d Show Reportedly Leaked for Risky Reels

by in Fortnite | Apr, 9th 2020

A popular Fortnite data miner has revealed that players can potentially expect a new feature to come to battle royale and Risky Reels, in particular. The latest rumor for the global phenomenon battle royale game is that it will have its own Fortnite Punk’d show soon.

Fortnite Punk’d Show Rumored for Risky Reels

That might seem like the strangest thing to hear for the free-to-play title (and it is), but this is far from the only weird thing to happen in Fortnite in recent years. And it is helped by the fact that the leaker who revealed this information is typically right about the rumors they announce.

The data miner in question is none other than HYPEX, a prominent data miner in the Fortnite community who we have covered many times before. The user posted on Twitter recently that there will be a Fortnite Punk’d show coming soon to the game, according to the in-game files.

HYPEX tweeted out on their Twitter account that a new limited-time mode was added to the in-game files recently, according to the data mine that they recently uncovered. This is all rumor, of course, but it could be some new content coming to the game eventually.

According to the popular leaker, the rumored new limited-time mode is known as Now Playing and will be the crux of this leaked Fortnite Punk’d screening. Now Playing will be a new game mode where players can relax and not worry so much about the actual battle royale gameplay.

Now Playing Limited Time Game Mode Details

Instead, this is more of a relaxing game mode that is the perfect counterpart and complement to the already existing battle royale experience where it is less about the third-person shooter and building gameplay but just enjoying the world and online experiences with friends.

Now Playing is reportedly described in the in-game files as the place to go if players just want to “Risky & Chill.” The ridiculous motto for the new game mode paints a picture of what this game mode is all about. In this game mode, players will likely be teleported only to Risky Reels.

There, they will reportedly find screenings every hour of the Fortnite Punk’d show. The show will be aired there live at the top of the hour and every single hour of every single day. That means you can tune in at three in the morning and you will find a screening there, so long as you arrive right on the hour itself.

This is far from the first time that Risky Reels has been used to show some screenings online in the game itself, but this is the first we have ever heard of regular screenings of the same show over and over. In this way, it sounds like this could very well be a more permanent feature in Fortnite.

What Punk’d Is

For those who don’t know, the Punk’d show itself is a popular show that used to be on television. It was originally hosted by celebrity actor Ashton Kutcher of That 70’s Show fame who would find other celebrities in the entertainment business and prank them in some crazy ways.

They would find crazy things happen to them and the show would secretly show their reactions to whatever was happening before, eventually, Kutcher would reveal himself and show that it was all just an elaborate prank. It was a popular show for years and is coming back soon.

This time, though, it will not be hosted by Ashton Kutcher, but will, instead, be hosted by Chance the Rapper. The show has already been announced to release soon and it will be on the new app Quibi that is dedicated to offering shorter chunks of entertaining episodes that will be both scripted and reality TV.

In this way, it seems like the leak of this Fortnite Punk’d show could indicate a partnership of sorts between Quibi and Epic Games to showcase the new and revamped version of the celebrity prank show in the free-to-play battle royale game.

Risky Reels Has Had Lots of Live Experiences

This might seem weird to you as the game is meant to be an experience for players to build, take out other players, survive (or run away from) the storm, and otherwise attempt to be the last person (or team) standing at the end of the match.

But that isn’t always the case as Epic Games has effectively turned the game into its own live interactive experience. There have been numerous crossovers with pop culture in the past, including movies, other games, and even musical celebrities.

There have been movie teasers, comic crossovers, musical performances, and so much more that have happened in Fortnite in the past. As such, this is no surprise at all and it would certainly make sense for this Fortnite Punk’d show to be real.

After all, the crux of where the screenings and many of the events have happened is at Risky Reels. Originally introduced many seasons ago in Chapter 1, the former named area has been home to a drive-in movie theater where players could gather and loot.

It didn’t take long for Epic Games to turn Risky Reels into one of the first live experiences in the game by showcasing various community-created videos of memes, dances, and the like. Then, it was eventually transformed into The Block where it would show off player-created locations instead.

It returned, thankfully, in Chapter 2 but not as a named location but as one of the countless landmark locations that are unnamed on the Chapter 2 island. It is found west of Frenzy Farm and has already been home to The Rise of Skywalker Star Wars event late last year.

There, players were treated to a very special experience where they could check out a clip from the movie and enjoy a show hosted by the director JJ Abrams himself. This all makes it so that it would be logical for the next step to be the release of this Punk’d showing at Risky Reels.

When the Punk’d Showing Could Happen

With the recent release of the Quibi app this month, it makes sense for this rumored partnership to happen soon. The show will likely get a start on the new app before coming to Fortnite in the future. We will just have to wait and see for now since Epic Games and Quibi have yet to confirm this rumored leak.


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