Fortnite Pro Zayt Accuses Tfue of Cheating

by in Fortnite | Jun, 11th 2020

Well, it simply wouldn’t be a week of esports without some cheating or accusations of it! Where does it come from today? Tfue being accused of cheating/using macros isn’t new, but now it’s coming from Williams “Zayt” Aubin, a well-respected member of the community. If nothing else, Tfue’s not immune to drama. Despite dropping racist remarks, he avoided a ban on Twitch. So, what do we have this time?

This Time With “Proof”

That’s perhaps the most interesting part of this. Zayt claims to have proof of Tfue’s guilt in cheating in this latest accusation. So if true, that’s pretty disappointing. Tfue has such a massive name in the streaming scene, so if he has truly been caught cheating, something definitely ought to be done.

This went down on June 9. Zayt released a series of tweets and images that accuse six Fortnite players of cheating, including Tfue. He’s probably the best-known on that list. Later on though, Zayt refuted this accusation. Well, sort of. He stands by Tfue cheating, but not the other five.

There’s no proof the others did, but Zayt claims Tfue is guilty of using “double movement” macros. This lets a player map keybinds on PC to make particular actions easier to do. This is banned in competitive Fortnite, so doing it anywhere but in casual play is a no-no.

In a tweet that was later deleted, the NRG player had this to say: “Tfue is (using macros) and will never get banned because he’s the biggest streamer.” I wish I could say “Well that’s nonsense”, but, well. . . It probably is true. Zayt says there’s only evidence of Tfue cheating in Fortnite. Perhaps he only accused the other players as well to make it seem more widespread? There’s no telling.

Tfue nor Epic Games have spoken out about it that I’ve seen yet, but perhaps Epic Games will investigate. If they do, and simply choose to do nothing about it? Tfue drives a lot of traffic to the Battle Royale, so if he’s raking in money for them, perhaps they’ll turn a blind eye. I certainly hope not.

However, we have not seen proof. It’s overwhelmingly difficult to prove that someone is cheating in Fortnite to boot. That’s the hardest part here. I’d love to see the proof though. It’s a shame if Tfue is cheating though, as such a huge name in the scene.

What I do think is fascinating is that one way or another, Kannada, ZexRow, BuckeFPS, KroFN, and UnknownxArmy1x have all spoken out about these accusations. The only person silent? Tfue. Without visible evidence, this is a weird move to make.

Is it possible for pros to cheat with keymappers? Of course, it is. If it’s as hard to prove as it’s said, I can imagine there are people just doing it because “why not?” Instead of practicing the actual double movement, they make it easier for themselves.

I don’t have a dog in this fight, I’m afraid. I don’t keep up with Tfue’s streams, and I’m not the biggest Fortnite fan. But I am disappointed the “proof” if there is any, wasn’t almost immediately dropped. Perhaps he gave some kind of video/picture proof to Epic Games?

At this point, only time will tell how this all turns out.


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