Fortnite Pro Khanada Mysteriously Banned from YouTube & Twitch

by in Fortnite | Jan, 8th 2021

The reason behind Khanada’s initial Twitch ban is still pretty mysterious. All we know for certain is that he was banned for “repeated or severe Terms of Service or Community Guidelines violations.”  Twitch also pointed out that they do not unsuspend accounts for this level of abuse. It’s not very clear why though. So Fortnite pro Khanada went to Youtube, only to be banned less than a half-hour into his first stream back.

What happened to see the Built By Gamers player banned yet again?

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The first real ban Khanada saw on Twitch was when he was one of the players streaming with Zayn after he was banned on the platform. The word is that Khanada was banned on Twitch for violent threats. A claim went out that he said “I see you, I punch you IRL”, and another on Twitter said it was for threatening to break someone’s kneecaps. It sounds like Twitch takes that kind of thing very seriously. This ultimately seems to have led to the Fortnite player Khanada being banned on Youtube too.

Khanada has a huge following on Youtube, so it makes sense that he’d decide to try and stream there. 144,000 followers strong, he could have had a great stream there. That is, except the Fortnite player Khanada was banned after 25 minutes on Youtube. What did he say in response? This:

That is what was reportedly was said by Joji. Kannada continues to protest that it is simply that people/Youtubers are complaining about him, and they don’t like him. The thread where Khanada said “GGS not getting unbanned” has quite a few people talk about pointless or mean things he’s said on platforms. That is all hearsay, but having so many examples may very well explain why the Fortnite player Khanada got banned on Youtube, especially so quickly. The streaming space isn’t a huge one, and people talk. If the statements made by Khanada were deemed harmful to others, it is truthfully not a surprise that he would get banned in both places. Logically, it’s not surprising to see this happen, we don’t really see Youtube/Twitch step in the way they have.

Consider Dr Disrespect; he was banned on Twitch but continues to stream on Youtube freely. Another strange thing about this situation is that none of Khanada’s content was removed. This stream was the only thing that was removed. This is truthfully a very peculiar situation, and we’ll be keeping our eyes on it as it develops.


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