Fortnite Point Patroller Bundle Is Free to PlayStation Plus Users

by in Fortnite | Apr, 13th 2020

Epic Games is reportedly releasing yet another free Fortnite bundle for certain players to get without really having to spend any extra money. The bundle comes with a sweet new skin to use in battle royale and more. That bundle is the Fortnite Point Patroller set and it is available now.

New Fortnite Skin Bundle Available for PS4 Players

Well, it is available for some users at least. Popular Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR tweeted out from their Twitter account about the new bundle available right now for some users in New Zealand. Players in that region can get it for free and start using it in matches.

Presumably, it has a release date of Tuesday, April 14 for the world, which is why New Zealand would already have it as it is much farther ahead in terms of time zone than Europe and North America. As such, New Zealand players can pick up the Fortnite Point Patroller skin bundle right now.

The new free bundle is the latest in a long line of PS4-exclusive PlayStation Plus celebration packs that Sony and Epic Games have partnered together on. Though the battle royale game is available on just about every platform out there, there are some exclusive deals for PS4 players only.

In the past couple of years, this has resulted in several new bundles available to everyone on PS4 who has the game and an active PlayStation Plus account. If you meet both of those requirements currently, you will be able to pick up the Fortnite Point Patroller skin bundle for free.

What You Get in the Point Patroller Bundle

This is great since it is a complete bundle with an awesome new skin that you can’t get anywhere else and a new back bling accessory cosmetic item. The items in the Fortnite Point Patroller skin bundle have mainly a blue and white color scheme to them that looks pretty sweet.

The Point Patroller outfit, in particular, is a male character who is wearing a blue beanie, ear muffs, slick sunglasses, and a blue and white jacket. All in all, the character looks like they are going to be hitting the slopes soon, which is both intriguing and odd at the same time.

As it is now spring in a large portion of the world (fall in New Zealand), it does seem odd to have such a winter-focused skin bundle this late into the year. Regardless, it is nice and is going to be a great addition for when winter does roll back around again.

In addition to the Fortnite Point Patroller skin that you get as part of the new bundle, you can also get a new back bling. The Recon Strike Back back bling is oddly named as it seems to be a sort of reference to Star Wars, a property that Fortnite has already connected with in the past.

How to Get the New PlayStation Plus Bundle

The back bling is a blue and white backpack that matches the aesthetic that the Point Patroller skin has going on. On the side of the back bling is a walkie talkie while the main part of it is covered in a sash. The belt is holding in place two devices that look oddly like lightsaber hilts in a way.

Presumably, they are just for skis or something like that, but the name of the back bling and the lightsaber-esque devices give off an interesting galaxy far, far away vibe. This is especially strange since the main Fortnite Point Patroller skin itself doesn’t feel like Luke Skywalker, Hoth-style.

Even still, the Fortnite Point Patroller skin bundle is a great one and will be pleasing to both players and collectors alike. If you are wanting to get this bundle, whether it be for use in matches or just to fill out your cosmetics locker, it is rather easy to do so.

All you need to do is have a Fortnite account on PS4 linked to your PlayStation Plus profile. If you do not have a PS4 or a PlayStation Plus account, you will not be able to redeem this free skin bundle. If you do, though, all you need to do is head to the PlayStation Store and redeem it.

We recommend heading to the main Fortnite page and looking for any additional DLC content there as that will be where it is likely found. If you don’t have PlayStation Plus right now, you will have time to get it and redeem this skin bundle before it leaves the store.

Start and End Date for the PlayStation Plus Fortnite Offer

No specific end date has been given for the skin bundle just yet but we do expect it to stick around for the next couple of months, based on what happened with previous free PlayStation Plus bundles. Like with the starter packs, these pop up every so often with a new bundle that you can get before it leaves when a new one arrives.

This is far from the first PS4-exclusive pack that Sony and Epic Games have offered as part of the PlayStation Plus package. It began in 2018 and there have been several ever since then. It is also not likely that this is the final one either, so players should grab it while it is available.

If you are in New Zealand, you should be able to start picking up the Fortnite Point Patroller skin bundle right now in the PlayStation Store. If you are elsewhere in the world, this will likely become available in the next day or so. It is currently not available in North America at the time of writing this.

Though it is only redeemable through having an active PlayStation Plus subscription, you can likely equip this skin and back bling and use it on other platforms once you have redeemed it. You will just need to log into the same Fortnite account you used to collect it and then you should be able to use it on the other platforms the battle royale game is on.


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