Fortnite PlayStation Store Leak Suggests That Season 3 Will Be Underwater

by in Fortnite | Jun, 1st 2020

Epic Games is getting Fortnite players pumped up for the next season of battle royale as it looks to be just as wild and outrageous as some of the previous seasons were if the latest leak is to be believed. A new Fortnite PS4 leak has arrived for Season 3, pointing to some exciting developments.

New Fortnite PS4 Icon Reportedly Leaks

Starting today, Monday, June 1, fans began noticing that the PlayStation Store on PS4 had leaked something for Fortnite that hadn’t been formally revealed yet. While it isn’t quite as substantial as other leaks, the Fortnite PS4 leak includes the rumored new icon for Season 3.

When you head to the PlayStation online through the web browser or through the PS4 store itself, you can find the Fortnite store page and see the new icon until it is taken down by Sony. The icon reveals that the next season of battle royale could very well be underwater.

The icon itself shows off the standard Fortnite logo in its iconic font style, but the letters are black for this upcoming season of battle royale. In the middle, you can see the standard battle bus as is standard in many of the season icons and there is very little else besides that in the picture.

This is because almost the rest of the whole icon picture is just nothing but the beautiful blue open skies and the open seas that the battle bus is just above, appearing as if it is coming out of the water. The only notable exception to this is the small island visible on the right side.

This Icon Points to Underwater Theme in Season 3

It is very strange for the upcoming season of battle royale to have such a vague and empty icon for its upcoming third season, compared to past ones. But that in itself seems to be the most revealing part of this Fortnite PS4 leak. If there truly is nothing to show except water, then perhaps that is Epic Games trying to tell us something if this is the themed icon for the new season?

In past seasons like the current one, the icon has been great about revealing parts about what to expect from the new season like the Midas and spy agents theme this season to last season when it showed characters standing in front of a whole new island to explore and fight across.

For the most part, seasons have always been revealed somewhat in the icons that Epic Games changes the game too. And it looks like the Fortnite PS4 leak certainly does reveal what the new icon will likely be once the battle royale title moves into Season 3.

If this is to be believed as the real icon (and it certainly looks to be the case), then water will be a major part of the new season. With the battle bus looking to be coming out of the water, it appears that we will take a trip down below the surface and have some competition underwater.

Plenty of References to an Underwater Theme Exist

This would make perfect sense as many have come to believe that the next season will be featured heavily underwater, or at least a portion of the island will be. After all, water is a huge part of the Chapter 2 island, with much of it already covered in that.

Then there is the fact that puddles began forming around the island recently, hinting further at this. Couple this with the fact that there is The Grotto, the first-named location to take place entirely underground and the fact that you can swim now in this chapter plus fish.

There are a lot of water references in the game currently before even bringing in stuff like what will likely happen to the game soon. Midas seems to be getting ready to activate some sort of Doomsday device and wreak havoc across the island and its named locations.

We have already seen glimpses of what places like The Agency will look like once the Doomsday event is over and that would certainly lend itself well to being submerged underwater with the rest of the Season 3 island. This would be a unique and surprising take on the game that could change things forever.

How Will This Change Fortnite?

Would it simply be underwater where everyone is just walking around and building normally like before, or will the game change to have diving and more sophisticated swimming techniques added in? Will this include underwater vehicles to traverse the wide-open seas and will there be sea life to be found?

There are a lot of questions to ask about how this whole underwater theme would work in the game, but we do believe that there will be some sort of expansion to swimming to let you go up and down through the water. The reason for this is the final part of the icon we haven’t covered: the island.

There is a tiny little island with only three trees on it seen on the right side of the screen. It could just be there for looks, but we do think you’ll be able to visit it in the game. This could mean that the island goes underwater but we don’t and we just can traverse between a ton of islands, but that isn’t likely.

Instead, it is most likely the case where most of the game takes place underwater but there are some instances like that island where you can swim up and go on land in tiny spaces like that. For this, though, it would be helpful to have a new vehicle like a submarine or something of the sort.

Fortnite Season 3 Start Date

Regardless, this is a fascinating concept and something that we look forward to soon. Of course, the island could just be some hilarious reference to Spongebob Squarepants, as many users have noted since this Fortnite PS4 leak appeared.

At the start of the opening for the Spongebob cartoon song, it shows a very similar island on top of water before diving underneath and showing the underwater location that is the setting for the show. We are likely going to also dive deep under the surface and have battle royale there.

As for how this will directly affect the gameplay of the title and the future of Fortnite, only time will tell. The game was originally supposed to have its Doomsday event and start the next season this week, but that was pushed back one more week to Thursday, June 11. Stay tuned for more leaks and announcements for the new season here soon.


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