Fortnite Player Reaches Level 1000, Breaking the Record for Highest Level in a Season

by in Fortnite | Nov, 2nd 2021

Fortnite is an extensive battle royale game with tons of modes and progression features for players to enjoy. But even after being around for more than four years and 18 seasons, there are still new monumental moments happening in the game, as the recent Fortnite level 1000 player. 

First Fortnite Level 1000 Player Revealed

The content creator Rages Revenge posted a video on YouTube this week, announcing that they are the first person to reach Fortnite level 1000 that is currently known in the history of the game. Up until this point, there is not a single known player who has ever reached level 1000. 

This content creator is now the record-holder of the highest level ever in Fortnite and will likely continue to hold that Fortnite level 1000 record for some time. After all, we are about halfway through the current Season 8, with at least around a month to go until its end. 

The YouTuber will likely reach an even higher level than that before the end of the season, resulting in an overall Fortnite level record that will be quite difficult to beat in the future. And one that, honestly, should not be attempted by players given the sheer level of dedication necessary for it. 

Rages Revenge had to play hours upon hours of the battle royale game in Season 8 every single day to earn Fortnite level 1000, but that was not all. The content creator also used a particular method to level this season, making this otherwise seemingly impossible task possible in Season 8.

Level 1000 Does Not Come With a Special Reward

Some experience exploits have appeared in Season 8 that have allowed players to level up rapidly compared to the past seasons of Fortnite. Coupled with this exploit method with the immense amount of time playing the game, the content creator was able to reach this record-breaking moment. 

Unfortunately, the actual moment of reaching Fortnite level 1000 was not as exciting as, perhaps, the community might have hoped. This is a huge number and has taken four years for someone to reach in a season, but in the end, Epic Games did not prepare for someone to reach this. 

No reward, cosmetic item, or special event happened for the YouTuber upon reaching Fortnite level 1000. It was just like any other level in the game, seeming quite anti-climactic in the end. But, at the very least, we now know what happens when a player reaches level 1000. 

You can keep gaining experience and leveling up past 1000, having us wonder what the actual level cap is in Fortnite. Other online multiplayer games with seasonal levels have capped it at 1000, so we may never find out the real level cap for Fortnite unless Epic announces it. 

Rages Revenge Is Likely Another Record-Holder in Fortnite

Though the results were disappointing upon reaching level 1000, it is still a massive moment and one that cements this content creator as one of the most dedicated Fortnite players ever. The immense accolades and record-holding in Fortnite do not stop for Rages Revenge there. 

When writing this post, Rages Revenge has an overall total account level of an unbelievable more than 6300, 1000 of which was solely earned in the current season. On average, excluding the insane amount of experience that has been earned this season, this shows that the content creator was typically hitting around level 311 in every single season to date. 

That includes all 17 past seasons, excluding the current one, which is pretty insane on its own. Reaching in the 300s in a season is possible and one that some players have done, but to accomplish that in every season of Fortnite since its launch? That is pretty wild. 

It would not be surprising if the content creator now also holds the record for the highest account level in Fortnite in the world, with this record looking quite difficult for anyone to beat at this point. It will be interesting to see how far the player can go before the end of Season 8, which is expected to happen sometime in December this year.

How the Fortnite Season 8 XP Glitches Worked

Of course, they could only reach that monumental number that is far above their usual level average in a Fortnite season because of the various experience exploits that were recently discovered. How it works is based on the new challenges system that Epic introduced this season. 

Instead of the usual weekly challenges, there are punch cards for every NPC on the island. They have unique challenges that they will ask you to do, like visiting The Sideways and the like. You can complete these with friends at a party, which is where the exploit comes into play. 

How it works is that players will want to find a simple quest like entering The Sideways zone or picking up a weapon there while having one teammate near The Sideways area. The other teammates will pick up the challenge and continue to cancel it while the one teammate completes the objective repeatedly. 

This will allow the team to gain experience from the simple challenge over and over, allowing you to level up in an insanely fast way. Some players have been able to get upwards of 50 levels in a single hour of playing this way, which is half of the battle pass. 

Unfortunately, from what we can tell, the Fortnite XP exploits are now patched out of the game, so it will be difficult to take advantage of them now. However, that does not mean that there will not be new level glitches in the future, so be sure to keep an eye out. 


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