MrDeadMoth Arrested on Charges of Assault

By Isaac Chandler

July 9, 2019


fortnite player arrested

Warning: Readers may find the contents of this article disturbing.

Domestic abuse is a serious problem facing many around the world, with many incidents going unreported for months if not years. Thankfully, it appears at least one abusee is going to be facing justice today, as small-time Fortnite streamer Luke “MrDeadMoth” Munday of New South Wales, Australia plead guilty today in court to charges of common assault against his partner Clare Campbell. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Fortnite player arrested and it won’t be the last.

Streaming Fortnite Player Arrested

The case began on December 9th of last year when Mr. Munday, while streaming his Fortnite matches on Twitch, was confronted by his wife, who asked him to come with her (for what reason we aren’t sure). After a back and forth in which Munday claims he’ll be down shortly, he is seen getting up from his chair and quickly walking off stream, after which a very audible smack can be heard followed by sobbing from Ms. Campbell.

Campbell screams for his viewers to hear, “Don’t hit me in the face! You hit me in the face! Don’t you dare touch my face,” followed by the sound of another smack and more sobbing. Munday then quickly returns to his stream, at which point Campbell can be heard stating she’s pregnant and accusing Munday of hitting a pregnant woman. Shortly after, Munday again leaves his stream, and while no smack can be heard this time, Campbell’s screams become louder, and their child can be heard crying as well.

Viewers quickly reported the incident to the local police, who came by the next day and arrested Mr. Munday. Twitch also banned his account for breach of their ToS, though reinstated it shortly after. The short length of the ban sparked outrage on Twitch, as many pointed out that the site has issued much more severe punishments for less, and that someone abusing their partner shouldn’t be allowed on the platform.

Mr. Munday was released shortly after his arrest and returned to streaming on December 31st. While no charges were brought at the time of the incident, Campbell filed for an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) which prevent Munday from returning to the house or visiting her or their children.

Charges have since been brought against Mr. Munday over the abuse, and he has formally pleaded guilty to the charges in court yesterday. While he won’t be sentenced until August 26th, charges of domestic abuse can lead to a fine and up to two years in prison.

This isn’t MrDeadMoth’s first instance of assault, as he was similarly charged for it back in 2011.


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