Fortnite Plasma Cannon Added in Season 7

by in Fortnite | Jul, 28th 2021

Epic Games has released a new update for Fortnite battle royale and it includes the addition of a brand new weapon. That weapon is none other than the new Fortnite Plasma Cannon, a powerful new gun that will likely be the favorite of some players for the rest of Season 7. 

Epic Games Adds Fortnite Plasma Cannon

Though we are now in the middle of Season 7 of Fortnite battle royale, that does not mean that Epic will not add some new weapons to the game. That is just what has happened with the recent 17.21 update that happened this week on all current platforms.

Though the update is not a massive one with many additions to it, the Fortnite Plasma Cannon certainly is a strong release and the most notable honestly this week in Fortnite. This weapon’s utility is unique in the battle royale title and could shift up the meta some. 

While it is not a massively meta-changing weapon like the flying saucer released at the start of Season 7, it has some mechanics to it that will potentially shift the standard loadouts that some players have. It could even become a permanent member for some players’ inventories. 

You mainly need to know about the Fortnite Plasma Cannon because it is not the most powerful gun in the entire game, contrary to how the weapon sounds from its title. Instead, it mainly focuses on changing how players battle against one another in the building-style battle royale title. 

How to Get It

The Fortnite Plasma Cannon focuses on dealing damage uniquely. It works because when you shoot this hand cannon, it will launch bullets forward that will destroy any materials or buildings that it passes through for the relatively short distance that it travels. 

While it is not a huge long-range weapon, the closer range it does have is devastating for structures, especially player-built ones. One of the most annoying parts of fighting someone in Fortnite is when they keep dragging out the fight with more and more walls and ramps. 

Though they are likely at a disadvantage and will lose to you, they will try to buy as much time as possible to no avail in the end. The Fortnite Plasma Cannon comes into play here, as you can instantly destroy structures when you shoot them, exposing them much quicker than perhaps usual. 

That is why it will be a favorite for some players, especially aggressive ones, who want to hunt down a running player who is trying to escape or survive long enough to fight back through building structures. Of course, you will need to find the Fortnite Plasma Cannon to use it. 

That is where we come into play as we have found the main methods in which you will find the Plasma Cannon weapon thus far in Season 7. In the end, it comes down to two main ways. The first is through the standard treasure chests that you look for in matches.

While it is seemingly unlikely right now that you will find the Fortnite Plasma Cannon as floor loot, you can find it in treasure chests. However, it is quite uncommon in our experience when opening up standard chests, so there is a specific type that we recommend that you open up to find the new gun. 

We recommend that you open up the special, large IO chests found around the island in Season 7, as they seem more commonly filled with a Plasma Cannon. You can find the IO chests at the IO base landmarks scattered around the island. 

There are plenty of IO bases on the Season 7 island, but the one that I like to head to is either the hidden base under Corny Complex where Dr. Slone is at or at the former named location that was once known as Stealthy Stronghold. I like those spots since they are easy to remember and reach. 

Crafting Method

However, if you are someone who does not want to deal with the RNG nature of chests to find a Fortnite Plasma Cannon, there is a more predictable method that you can control to an extent. This is through the new crafting recipe that the battle royale game offers after the most recent update. 

How you craft the Plasma Cannon is by turning a legendary pistol into this new gun type. To do this, you will need to get your hands on a legendary pistol, which can be somewhat difficult. If you want to speed it up, though, you can find a regular pistol on the ground and upgrade it. 

You can continuously upgrade the pistol, but it will take some resources, and you can get a legendary pistol pretty easily. Once you have that, all you need to do is find a single alien nanite item. These are usually found at the island’s purple alien regions, at the Abductor spaceships, or even in The Mothership

With an alien nanite and legendary rarity pistol in your inventory, you are then able to go into the crafting menu and create your own Fortnite Plasma Cannon from scratch. For some players, this will be a little bit more involved than they may like, in which case you can stick to looking through chests if you do not want to go to this much trouble. It is currently unknown if the Plasma Cannon weapon will stay in the game for only Season 7 or beyond. 


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