Fortnite Performance Boost Switch Update Released

by in Fortnite | Mar, 30th 2021

Fortnite battle royale is one of the biggest video games today, and the Nintendo Switch is arguably one of the biggest consoles today. Put them together and you have a recipe for success but the Nintendo Switch version of the game has been notably lacking in the performance and resolution departments.

Fortnite Performance Boost Switch Update Is Here

Fortunately, it looks like Epic Games realizes that and is making the game much better on the Switch platform with the most recent Fortnite performance boost Switch update. This update dropped today, releasing a ton of changes across the game and some new stuff as well.

While there is a lot that is happening in this update, one of the most important parts is the Fortnite performance boost Switch part. The game has been made a whole lot better on that handheld console hybrid platform and should feel much more improved after today’s update.

Basically, what this Fortnite performance boost Switch update does is upgrade the renderer on the Switch version to make better use of the console’s GPU. What this means for you, the Switch owner, is that the game has significantly improved resolution and performance changes.

Overall, the Fortnite performance boost Switch update means that players will have better resolution with less blurry images in matches without losing any of the performance that it currently has. In fact, the update makes it so that there is a more consistent frame rate on Switch with fewer hitches and a much smoother experience overall.

Though there are some performance boosts when it comes to the frame rate and all that, the bulk of the changes are for the resolution and look of the game. This version will continue to use the dynamic resolution that it has in order to ensure a consistent frame rate but this should occur less frequently.

In addition, the overall resolution should be much better most of the time. In fact, the overall resolution has been considerably increased for both the docked and handheld versions of the game.

Fortnite Switch Resolution Vastly Improved

For starters, there is the docked version where you have your Nintendo Switch hooked up to the TV through the dock method. When you were doing this before, the general resolution was pretty bad at around 560p, which is far less than the HD standard of even 720p.

Fortunately, there are some changes to this in this update that should make it look a good bit better when docked. The new overall resolution should be around 1170×660, which is still not the HD minimum that we would like to see but is still better than it was before.

However, it is the handheld version that gets the most improvement and will likely look a whole lot better than it did before. Before, it was able to get up to 1390×780, or just above the minimum for the 720p HD resolution.

Now, though, it has a more than 38% increase in total pixels in handheld mode to now have a resolution of 1560×880, which is a good bit more than before and closer to the 1080p mark that we would expect from a modern HD game.

Additionally, there is an added bonus in this update as well for Switch owners in that the game should now be about 140MB less in total download size, so that should save you a little bit of space from now on.


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