Fortnite Patch V9.20 Breakdown

by in Fortnite | Jun, 6th 2019

Fortnite Patch V9.20 has arrived and the highlight of this update is the new Storm Flip item. The Storm Flip is a bottle that literally contains the in-game storm, so now you can unleash the fury of the storm at any time. Also, pour one out for the Hunting Rifle…it has been vaulted. But on a happier note, the Sword Fight LTM has returned! This is your chance to prove you are the true Fortnite master duelist.

Here’s everything you need to know about Fortnite Patch V9.20.

Battle Royale Changes

New Item

Storm Flip

  • Throwable item that explodes on impact and unleashes a sphere-shaped zone.
  • If the sphere is released in the storm, it will transform into a safe zone.
  • If the sphere is released in the safe zone, it will transform into a storm zone.
  • The storm zone will do the same damage as the current active storm on the map.
  • Both zones stay up for 20 seconds before disappearing.
  • Only available in Epic rarity.
  • Found in Floor Loot, Chests, and Vending Machines
  • Only one Storm Flip can be carried.

Well, the Fortnite dev team continues to come up with quirky new items to add to their game, and the latest one is the Storm Flip.

You’ll have to be tactical with this item in the safe zone for it to be useful, because if you throw it at your opponent at the wrong time…that player can simply just walk out of the sphere-shaped zone and not take any storm damage.

So, make sure your opponent isn’t paying attention before tossing this.

Also, be sure to take advantage of this item in the actual storm; you can create a safe zone within the storm for up to 20 seconds and use that time to heal up — this will be an especially useful tactic in the late game when the storm really hurts.


Hunter Rifle

  • Hunter Rifle has been vaulted and removed from the game.

The Hunter Rifle basically became obsolete after the Infantry Rifle changes…so now it’s gone.

Loot Carrier

  • Sniper package availability reduced from 12.5% to 8.5%.
  • Explosive package availability reduced from 12.5% to 7.04%

Extremely rare, powerful weapons were becoming a little too easy to get from Loot Carriers, and this nerf will simply make them appear less frequently.

Boom Bow

  • Max charge time increased from 1s to 1.25s.

You won’t be able to spam Boom Bow explosive arrows as fast now, and your opponent will have more time to punish you after missing a shot.


Mounted Turret

  • Takes 20% longer before it reaches Overheat

The is a slight buff that lets you utilize the turret a little longer before it reaches that dreaded Overheat phase. Honestly, probably won’t help this weapon much. Since adding the Overheat to it, this weapon is hardly used anymore.

Limited Time Mode

Sword Fight

  • Treasure chests contain Epic or greater weapons.
  • The storm closes and moves a lot faster.

Hmm…why are guns enabled in a “Sword Fight” LTM?

O well, it’s still a lot of fun, especially if you can find the Infinity Blade.

Other Changes

Fortnite Patch V9.20 also delivers the goods for Creative fans. There are new devices, such as the Transmitters and Receivers, which let you trigger explosions and create barriers. Also, the new Storm Device that lets you control the power of the storm.

Plus, there’s the new Pueblo theme that will let you construct your own desert town.

And Save The World fans, there’s a bunch of new Sci-fi themed heroes available:

  • Azalea Clark – Mythic Outlander.
  • Extraterrestrial Rio – Soldier.
  • ED-EE – Constructor.
  • Cyberclops – Outlander.
  • Intergalactic Ken – Ninja.

Please be sure to check out the official patch notes to get more details about all the changes.


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