Fortnite Patch V9.10 Breakdown

By MikeJ

May 23, 2019


Fortnite Patch V9.10

The weather is getting warmer, and Fortnite Patch V9.10 is turning up the heat as well with Hot Spots! Every match will now feature Hot Spots — select named locations that will give players a good chance to get rare loot. And some of the newer Fortnite weapons, such as the Shadow Bomb and Combat Shotgun, received a nerf to their drop rates. But if you’re a fan of sniping, you’ll probably enjoy this news…the Semi-auto Sniper Rifle is back!

Also, Creative fans should have a blast with the Fortnite x Jordan (*queue the Space Jam theme song) update that will give you access to the new Downtown Drop LTM, which involves a lot of crazy jumps and collecting coins; if you gather enough coins, you win!

Here’s everything else that’s waiting for you in Fortnite Patch V9.10.

Battle Royale Changes


Hot Spots

  • Hot Spots are select named locations that are highlighted with gold text on the map.
  • These locations will have Loot Carriers; if you shoot down a Loot Carrier, you’ll get a top tier weapon.
  • There’s a 25% chance 2 Hot Spots appear, and a 5% chance 3 Hot Spots appear.
  • Loot Carriers will always drop a rare weapon or higher along with ammo.
  • Each Hot Spot will contain up 12 to 16 Loot Carriers depending on the size of the area.

This change will greatly impact the pace of your average Fortnite Battle Royale match…the early game is about to get a lot more hectic.

Most players will probably decide to land by these Hot Spot locations, and I can’t blame them, since you’re guaranteed to get an amazing weapon from one of those funny-looking flying boxes known as Loot Carriers.

And there will be at least 12 carriers up at a time, so there’s plenty of rare weapons to go around…but do you really want to share with your enemies?


Shadow Bombs

  • Reduced chance of finding it in floor loot from .835% to .677%
  • Reduced chance of finding it in chests from .4.65% to 3.98%
  • Drop count reduced from 3 to 2.

Epic Games was getting fed up with players abusing the stealth from Shadow Bombs in the late game, so they nerfed its availability a bit.

The Shadow Bombs are still good…you simply just won’t see them as much.

Combat Shotgun

  • Reduced chance of finding it in floor loot from 2.015% to 1.409%.
  • Reduced chance of finding it in chests from 2.183% to 1.846%.

The Combat Shotgun was becoming a bit too common for such a strong weapon, so its availability was nerfed as well.


Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle

  • Can be found in Vending Machines, Chests, and Floor Loot.
  • There are uncommon and rare variants of this weapon.

The fan favorite Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle is back!

Its damage output isn’t anything special, but it has a solid firing rate and a good default magazine (10 rounds), so this weapon can be really strong if it’s utilized properly.

Other Changes

The featured Limited Time Modes in Fortnite Patch V9.10 are Sniper Shootout duos (snipers…and nothing else), Unvaulted Squads (squads, but with vaulted weapons), and Close Encounter Squads (just shotguns & jetpacks).

Creative got a new Haunted Hills theme, and you can read more about the Fortnite x Jordan collaboration in this official update from Epic Games.

Save The World fans will get to enjoy the new Wargames simulation called Space Rocks (watch out for the meteors!). Plus, as always, there’s a new hero available known as Rex Jonesy (he’s rocking a sweet T-Rex outfit).

Please be sure to check out the official patch notes to get more details about all the changes.


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