Fortnite Patch 10.40 Breakdown: Starry Suburbs, The Combine, More

by in Fortnite | Sep, 25th 2019

We are now in the ninth week of season X of Fortnite battle royale, and the end is drawing near in this crazy, tumultuous 10th season. Epic Games has truly shaken up the core way of releasing new content this season with little drops of changes and new additions every other week or so.

Well, this week is no different even though it is very close to the end. We have a brand-new area for players to check out on the island plus some new modes and plenty of changes as you’d expect. With so much happening in all three main modes of battle royale, Creative, and Save the World, there is a lot to get into.

Let’s go ahead and dive right in and take a look at all of the changes this week in the Fortnite patch 10.40. You can it download right now on all available platforms around the world: Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Fortnite Patch 10.40 Notes: Zone Wars Limited Time Mode Arrives

First up in the significant additions to battle royale this week is a new limited-time mode for players to check out. Though the patch is available for download and install today, though, this addition won’t be going live until Thursday, September 26.

The new limited-time mode as part of the Fortnite patch 10.40 notes is Zone Wars. It is a solo mode with no respawns available that is meant to replicate a simulation of the endgame scenarios in battle royale matches. It looks to be a quickfire mode where matches won’t be too long.

The moving zone is more condensed than ever before while the storm is closing in like usual. Your job is to eliminate the competition as you attempt to survive the ever-decreasing storm circle. In this mode, players will be randomly spawned on the map to increase the tension.

The inventory items that you get will also be randomized as well, making each match of Zone Wars somewhat unique. You can queue up with up to 15 friends in this mode. There are four total maps that Zone Wars can be played on that have been created by players in the community.

The first is Colosseum that was created by Jesgran. You can become the ultimate gladiator in this Colosseum-like version of the island. It is very open compared to some of the other maps so you are going to want to build as fast as you can to survive.

The second map is Desert from JotaPeGame who has created a small desert town for players to fight through on their way to the final circle on the map. The weapons and mobility are diverse, allowing for a different type of feel to the map.

The third map is Downhill River that was created by Enigma and required you to stay out of the storm as you are heading downhill through a river on an island. It is one map that will allow you to remember each path the more that you play through this map.

The final of the Zone Wars maps is Vortex, created by Zeroyahero. This island has a mountainous terrain to it where the terrain and elevation vary significantly from area to area, so be prepared for anything and everything.

Fortnite Patch 10.40 Notes: Weapon and Item Changes and Additions

Fortnite Shield Bubble

There are a ton of changes to weapons, items, and more in the Fortnite patch 10.40 notes. First up is the Explosive Batarang Batman weapon that now has an audio visualizer icon for proximity beeping. The Shield Bubble will now bounce off of other players when thrown at them.

The Bouncer trap has been unvaulted and will be available once again in the game. It is a rare trap that drops in stacks of three, found in supply drops, vending machines, llamas, and floor loot. It can be placed on floors, walls, or ramps/stairs around the island.

What the Bouncer trap does is provide a jump boost in a direction perpendicular to its placement. Players will now be able to use the Batman Grapnel Gun and Explosive Batarang competitively in the Arena and Tournament playlists.

There are a fair number of bug fixes for the weapons and items in battle royale as well. You can find the full list of them below:

  • Fixed an issue where the health bars of vehicles wouldn’t display
  • When a Junk Rift object hits a player wearing a bush, it will no longer damage the player instead of the bush
  • Using the Grapnel Gun to enter a rift zone area will no longer prevent players from being able to move around while diving
  • Fixed a problem where the players could deploy their glider while in prop form
  • Fixed an issue where players in prop form could be unaffected by the Explosive Batarang’s homing
  • Explosive Batarang will also no longer float around in the air after the object they were on is destroyed
  • Fixed an issue where the zapper trap would not deploy at the correct location shown in the placement preview
  • Shield Bubbles will not disappear anymore after the supply drop they are attached to is destroyed
  • Shield Bubbles will also no longer prevent fall damage for players and not become stuck in the air
  • There is also a fix for the issue where Shield Bubbles would not attach to a vehicle when thrown by a player riding the vehicle

Fortnite Patch 10.40 Notes: Gameplay Changes and Additions

On the gameplay side of things in the Fortnite patch 10.40 notes, we are happy to share that there is a double experience weekend starting this weekend. It will begin Friday, September 27 at 6 am PT and go through Monday, September 30 at 6 am PT. Don’t miss out on this last-minute chance to earn XP this season.

Matchmaking improved in the core modes of battle royale. Now, you are more likely to be matched with players of a similar skill to your own. As you get better, so should the opponents you match with online. These improvements will be slowly rolled out to core modes in all regions over time.

There are new sensitivity and aim assist settings available on controllers. When you are using aim assist, the crosshairs will now turn red when pointed at a target that is within an effective range.

There is a new playlist called The Combine that is great for players who are looking to get used to the new aim assist settings. However, it is also available via keyboard and mouse, touch, and the previous version of controls.

The Combine is about having the player reach the end as fast as possible while eliminating targets along the way. There are leaderboards for the fastest times as well so that you can see how you rank against your friends and other players around the world.

There is a brand-new area in the game now available called Starry Suburbs. Not to be confused with Snobby Shores, this unique area takes over the abandoned and ruined neighborhood located near Pleasant Park. It is a much nicer place to live with powerful items and a brand-new weapon found there.

Moisty Palms has a change where players can now use the crouch input button to exit the prop form. Hit markers will also no longer display on teammates, and Epic Games has removed the reset camera control bind.

There is a fix for an issue where players could use infinite sprays while in one of the rift zones like Starry Suburbs. There is also a fix for where the building piece choice would reset to the wall option when players using a controller have the reset building option turned off.

Fortnite Patch 10.40 Notes: Audio, UI, More

On the audio side, there is a bug fix for an issue where the sound of a chest would keep playing after a player opened the chest. And the Where is Matt emote music will no longer restart after every loop.

For the user interface, there is a change where the control’s help option is not shown on other platforms where it shouldn’t be. That option is meant for iOS and Android mobile platforms. The building edit option is now found in the input settings rather than in the miscellaneous section.

A player’s match stats will no longer clip off of the screen during the celebration screen for winning a battle royale match. For replay, there is a fix for where the warning about the player being a storm would display multiple times when switching between players.

There is also a fix for when the Shield Bubble’s sound effects would behave incorrectly when players scrub a replay.

Fortnite Patch 10.40 Notes: Mobile and More

Fortnite Bunnymoon Outfit 10.40

Once again, Epic Games has a ton of changes and fixes for mobile devices, making them work even better in Fortnite patch 10.40. There is now a 2x multiplier for the edit and building sensitivity settings. There is clarification regarding the strength tooltip, as well.

From now on, the toggle targeting is set to on by default on mobile devices. There are also a host of bug fixes for mobile platforms, which you can find the full list of below:

  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash when exiting the battle bus on lower-end iOS devices
  • Fixed another crash issue that occurred when switch to the presets with custom fire selected in the fire mode selection screen
  • The fire mode button in the settings menu will now accurately reflect the currently selected fire mode
  • The scoped assault rifle crosshairs will now load on the first time you aim down the sights
  • Players will now be able to edit or destroy a floor piece when it is placed in a one by one pre-structured building
  • Players will no longer be shot through player-built stairs when crouching beneath them
  • The friend requests that you have will also no longer display duplicate confirmations
  • Players will be able to lock into place as a prop in Moisty Palms without having any changes to their HUD layout
  • Vending machines will correctly grant the player the displayed item when used
  • The edit with touch function will now reset when you press the reset button in the settings
  • The push to talk button won’t display a strange white square anymore when you push on it
  • The blueprint for a prefab or gallery that has the retro filter active will now display
  • Selecting block and report for a user won’t result in a duplicate blocked user when you check your block list
  • There are significant graphical improvements for various skins and cosmetic items including the Bunnymoon outfit and more

The recap has seen a few changes, too, including improved storm logic to avoid better the final storm circles occurring at specific points of interests

The dance duration of Taco Time has cut in half. There is a fix for an issue where the deal combined damage with your squad or duo Team Spirit challenge would not progress in Team Rumble.

Fortnite Patch 10.40 Notes: Creative Zone Wars, More

Fortnite patch 10.40 also brought with it some significant changes and additions for Creative mode as well. The first of these is the addition of Zone Wars there as well. Like in battle royale, you can compete in the limited time mode and pick up some new skins in the item shop as well.

There are new additional values in the time limit option in the island game settings menu. These include 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, and 120 minutes.

These are the gameplay bug fixes for Creative mode in the latest patch:

  • The Ostrich Shotgun will no longer drop from the Brute mech when destroyed
  • Players should no longer be able to spectate players that are in the hub while they are in a mini-game
  • There is a fix for an issue where being eliminated while having your glider deployed would prevent the player from being able to attack after respawn
  • There is a fix for an issue where players could not join a match in progress when the round end timer is happening
  • There is also a fix for where spectators who joined a match in progress would not be able to enter the next game if the match restarted
  • Fixed an issue where spectators would see a defeated screen at the end of a match even though they didn’t participate

The rare rocket launcher weapon has been added to Creative mode as well.

Fortnite Patch 10.40 Notes: Prefabs and Galleries

For prefabs and galleries, there are a host of changes for players to check out. There are two new prefabs to celebrate the spooky season that is coming up very soon. The two new prefabs are the Junk Junction warehouse and the Junk Junction loading dock available for use in Creative.

There are a few new galleries as well including the Junk Junction prop gallery and the Arid Cliff gallery for use. Beyond that, there are some excellent Halloween-themed galleries available for use, too. The first of these is the spooky prop gallery that includes ghosts, graves, hay bales, scarecrows, and much more.

Then there is the spooky particle gallery that includes blinking eyes, fog patches, and bats. There is a customizable light gallery now as well that have customization options and can be switched on or off with triggers or players interacting with them.

They have various settings like activating at certain moments, switches, initial states, brightness of the color, multiple colors like red, orange, green, blue, and more. There is a team color filter, and an interact time for how long it takes to turn it on, and so on.

There are also a few bug fixes for Creative mode, too. The word “instant” has been spelled correctly in the description of the Hero and Villain galleries. The cube healing effects will no longer remain even after the creator has deleted the cube. And the missing corner columns on the Haunted Tomb prefab have been replaced.

There is still so much that the patch notes this week go over. For more on the Fortnite patch 10.40 notes including all of the new additions and changes for the Save the World PvE and Creative portions of the game, be sure to check out the full patch notes on the official Epic Games blog here. And stay tuned for the weekly challenges guide later this week.


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