Fortnite Patch 10.40.1 Breakdown: Out of Time Overtime Challenges, Season X Extension, More

By Cody Perez

October 3, 2019


fortnite patch 10.40.1

It’s another week, so you know what that means: the latest update for Fortnite battle royale. It is a little surprising that this week, we are getting a new downloadable update right after the release of a huge one last week but, alas, here we are.

Typically, Epic Games works on releasing updates for players to install every other week with the weeks in between having players log into the game. It will have a content update that requires no download from the player. Typically, we’d expect a content update this week, but that’s not the case after all.

Epic Games decided to release a downloadable update for players on all platforms around the world as we near the end of season X. The update isn’t too large on most of the platforms. But, the Nintendo Switch version is significantly larger than the others; the reasons behind you’ll see as we go through the Fortnite patch 10.40.1 notes.

Speaking of which, let’s dive right in and look at the Fortnite patch 10.40.1 in their fullest. The changes and additions aren’t a whole lot this week, but the ones that we do have are rather important to the overall game.

Fortnite Patch 10.40.1: Weapons and Gameplay Changes

Fortnite Flint-Knock Pistol Weapon

First off, battle royale season X isn’t coming to an end after this week, as many players would have expected. It’s been 10 long weeks in this crazy and tumultuous season, but it will be going on for a bit longer after all.

With season 11 officially delayed, Epic Games is tying fans over in the meantime with some new overtime challenges. We haven’t had these in a couple of seasons, so it is nice to have some extra challenges to complete. The overtime challenges before offered some fantastic rewards, and we expect the same this time as well.

The new overtime challenges also have a new name to them. They are the Out of Time Overtime missions, and players will be able to start taking them early next week. The Fortnite patch 10.40.1 notes likely lay the groundwork for the challenges that are set to begin on Tuesday, October 8.

Players can expect to receive some awesome rewards from the Out of Time Overtime missions in the form of experience for the season’s battle pass in case you haven’t reached tier 100, new cosmetic items, and a commemorative loading screen to celebrate the occasion. The challenges will end on Sunday, October 13, at 11 am PT.

But that’s not all in terms of gameplay changes to battle royale. There is no new weapon this week. However, there is the return of a fan-favorite weapon in the form of the Flint-Knock Pistol. The season X extension means Batman is sticking around longer.

The Gotham City and the Batman Caped Crusader Pack will be sticking around for longer. The crossover with the popular DC Comics character will stay until the actual conclusion of season X. Zone Wars is also sticking around for a little bit longer as well.

But the Zone Wars limited-time mode will be consolidated into two different playlists from now on. Instead of players picking between which of the four maps they want to play on (which was honestly not the best way to do it), players will pick if they want to be in a party or queue up as solo.

Both playlists will have all four maps together, and the game will randomly choose one of the maps for you to be on for that match. This is a much better way of handling the Zone Wars limited-time mode since this will make the mode’s population stronger than before.

As for the recently released Combine game mode, some issues with it have been resolved. Players had a hard time queueing into the new mode. Because of that fixed problem, The Combine is now available once again on iOS and Android.

Fortnite Patch 10.40.1: Performance, Mobile, and Bug Fixes

On the performance side of things in the Fortnite patch 10.40.1 notes, there are a couple of bug fixes resolved. The first is a level streaming issue in which players who played on Nintendo Switch were encountering problems regarding game loading in.

We encountered this issue ourselves in the most recent update for the game, and it would cause players to see terrible textures and terrain when landing in areas. It would take a handful of seconds before the textures would fully load in and be visible the way they were before that update.

This is a problem for multiple reasons, including potentially seeing loot and enemies the way you were supposed to. Thankfully, this major problem has been fixed with this update, and that is the reason that players on Nintendo Switch will have a larger than usual download for this update.

The other performance fix in the Fortnite patch 10.40.1 notes is rather vague. All it says is that the update has improved the performance of a specific cosmetic material to address some hitches caused by the material in the game.

There is no telling what the material is or why Epic Games is being so unusually vague regarding it. It is strange since other bugs like the one following it are more specific. In the art department, the map now shows the correct aerial view for Gotham City.

For mobile players on iOS and Android, the party hub has improved in terms of the search bar functionality. Players should be able to find their friends in the game much easier now. There is also a fix for mobile where the game would visually show that a microphone is on even when players aren’t in the voice chat.

Finally, for battle royale, the recap feature has been updated recently. It resolves an issue where some display names were not appropriately presented on The Combine’s leaderboards. From now on, the names should show in the new mode.

Fortnite Patch 10.40.1: Creative Mode

As always, this latest update brings with it some exciting new additions to Creative mode for players to start introducing to their unique islands. There is one new prefab added to the Creative mode collection with this update, and it is an exciting one for sure.

Players can now start using the meteor prefab from now on in their island creations. It is a little surprising that it took this long for the meteor to arrive in Creative. It had been a major part of season X since the start of it a couple of months ago, but it is certainly welcome, nonetheless.

The meteor prefab comes with all the rocks and particles from the meteor galleries but grouped into one giant package. Speaking of galleries, there are three new galleries that players can start using in Creative mode with the release of Fortnite patch 10.40.1.

The three new galleries that players can start using now in Creative is all themed around the meteor that is looming over the battle royale island map. There is the meteor prop gallery, meteor core gallery, and meteor particle gallery. These three galleries allow you to customize and add the meteor to your islands in the best way possible.

Of course, that isn’t all that players have to look forward to in this latest update to Creative mode. Like there was with battle royale, there are some recent updates to the recap feature. Also, like the changes with that, the recap changes came out a few days ago on September 27.

For some odd reason, Epic Games typically releases the recap changes before or after recent updates and not at the same time as the normal bug fixes and additions. It then details those changes in the next patch notes like this one.

This recap change resolved a bug issue where using the alt-tabbing mechanic would cause all props on the map to become destructible. That has been since fixed, and players should be able to safely use alt-tabbing again without worry about it affecting their props.

Fortnite Patch 10.40.1: Save the World and General Changes

The latest update wouldn’t be complete without some major changes to the Save the World PvE mode of the game. A new week means that players have some new missions to look forward to in the player versus environment mode. Once again, it is time for players to hit the road on the way to the radio station.

For this week, players can help the final driver that is the Beat Bot driver and help it make its way across the Strangelands. Like the other drivers before it that we have had to help, Beat Bot is making its way to the radio station. To complete this mission, players will need to load up the van per usual and hit the road for this new weekly mission.

A new weekly mission wouldn’t be complete without a new weapon for players to use as well while helping Beat Bot get to the radio station. What’s great is that this new weapon in Save the World is relevant to the weekly mission you’ll be doing this week.

The new weapon is known as the Surround Pound and is a new hammer weapon that players can start using in Save the World. You can purchase it right now in the weekly store. It is available right now until next Wednesday, October 9, at 5 pm PT.

This music-themed hammer will be an excellent way to smash the enemies in your way as you complete the new weekly mission. It isn’t the only weapon in the weekly store since the Six Feet Under shovel back again for a week. It will be releasing next week after the Surround Pound leaves the store.

You’ll want to complete the weekly mission this week before it leaves since it rewards you with a hit the road loading screen for you to start using in the game. However, not all the changes this week are that happy. Epic Games has mostly fixed an issue that was preventing players from enjoying the Canny Valley cinematic.

The Canny Valley cutscene was not correctly playing the video and/or audio for players, and that is likely fixed. For those who already missed the cutscene, it is available online for you to watch.

Finally, in the patch notes this week, there are a few general changes that affect everything related to Fortnite. The first is the general CPU optimizations for the Nintendo Switch version of the game. It improves the frame rate for the game during heavy sequences.

There is a bug fix for the crashes that players would sometimes get from checking a player’s platform. It was most common in Save the World but should be resolved now.

There is also a fix for mobile platforms where crashes would sometimes happen from backgrounding the game and then returning to it. Finally, some stability issues have been resolved on PS4 and PC.

Fortunately, since the update wasn’t that big this time around, we were able to cover the entirety of the latest update for the game. But if you’re looking to see the official Fortnite patch 10.40.1 notes anyways, you can be sure to check them all out here.


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