Fortnite Party Worlds Added as Relaxing Social Hubs

by in Fortnite | Dec, 1st 2021

Fortnite is expanding its game mode repertoire once again. This time around, the battle royale game is expanding to offer players a more chill experience than we have seen previously. For those who want to relax, the new Fortnite Party Worlds mode is here for you.

Epic Games Announces Fortnite Party Worlds

The new Fortnite Party Worlds game mode is a welcome new experience that arrives just before the end of Season 8 and the current Chapter 2 that we are in the midst of. This new party-based game mode is here to offer players the chance to chill, engage in minigames, and vibe with new friends.

The point of the Fortnite Party Worlds is to give players a place to relax that is not based around hectic competitions or trying to survive against the storm. Instead, it is all about enjoying new experiences that are great for hanging out with new and old friends alike in Fortnite. 

Many might wonder what the big deal is with the new Fortnite Party Worlds since we already have game modes in the battle royale title that are a break from the usual competitive experiences. For those who do not want to play battle royale or fight, there are plenty of options already.  

There are game modes like Creative already in the title where you can enjoy stuff like platforming games, modes where you are just running around a recreated, themed world, and puzzle-based games. These are already ones that have little to do with the third-person shooter-based gameplay of Fortnite’s core battle royale experience. 

Party Worlds Are User-Created Experiences

However, it is worth noting that Creative is based on the modes that other players in the community have come up with. Then there is the Party Royale game mode that is a chill place to hang out and not deal with the usual battle royale matches. 

This official game mode is one where players can go to an island area with their friends, enjoy musical events, explore the island, and even do some gameplay mechanics that are not fighting-related, like fishing and so on. So, it has us wondering why exactly you would need a new party-based mode in the first place. 

What is interesting about the new Fortnite Party Worlds mode is that it is based on the Creative mode and unique experiences crafted within it. These are featured modes created in the community that revolves around a more relaxing experience. 

As such, it might have some players wondering what exactly the difference is between the new Fortnite Party Worlds and the already existing Hubs that you can join in the Creative area. The main difference is that Hubs are focused on giving players fun content and islands to explore for creative new experiences. 

Party Worlds Differ From Hubs

This is such a wide range of possible experiences, including ones that are chill like the Party Worlds but also the more competitive modes at the same time. As such, Party Worlds are designed to be fun places to hang out at and only deal with the more relaxing experiences. 

Furthermore, the Fortnite Party Worlds will not link up to other islands, so they will not be a discovery tool like the Hubs are. They are their own self-contained social space that players can even create and share with other players online. 

There are some strict guidelines, though, for creating a Party World compared to the usual Creative Hubs. They should not be threatening at all with no experiences centered around dealing damage or engaging in combat scenarios. 

On the other hand, what it should focus on, instead, is self-expression through emotes, sprays, outfit changes, and other mechanics that are non-combat-related. These locations should encourage players to socialize with other players and team up with new and old friends alike. 

Once you have created your own Party World for Fortnite and are ready to share it with everyone else, you need to tag it with the Party World tag and submit it to Epic Games through the Fortnite Discover Submission form.

As long as players follow the guidelines and regulations that are set forth about being original submissions and so on, there is the chance that the user’s created content could be featured in Fortnite for everyone to see. While users create new Party Worlds, a few are already available to make the wait for more experiences a little better.

Two Featured Party Worlds Are Available Now

There are two main featured Fortnite Party Worlds at this time: Walnut World and Late Night Lounge. Walnut World was created by the Creative user, fivewalnut, and is an amusement park meant for players to hang out with friends and check out the various attractions located there.

The second one is Late Night Lounge, created by the user TreyJTH. This lounge is, well, set late at night and is a colorful and vibrant location where you can party it up, have some after-hours adventures, and make friends with other players online. 

These two experiences are rather different but should give a pretty solid idea of what the Fortnite Party Worlds will be like. They are certainly different enough from one another to provide some interesting adventures for now. Party Worlds is a cool way to spend the end of Chapter 2 and usher in Chapter 3 in just a few more days without the chaos and intensity of battle royale. 


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