Fortnite Out of Time Overtime Challenges Are Now Available

by in Fortnite | Oct, 8th 2019

Epic Games has released the Fortnite Out of Time Overtime Challenges for players to complete right now in battle royale. These challenges are a little bit different from the previous set of overtime challenges offered in the game, and they aren’t sticking around for too much longer.

The Fortnite Out of Time Overtime Challenges begin today and are going to be available until this Sunday on October 13. That isn’t even a week long for these challenges, which is actually pretty crazy because the weekly challenges and even event ones usually last at least a week.

Regardless, the Fortnite Out of Time Overtime Challenges are great for those players who are still behind on the season X battle pass and wish to catch up before the end of the season very soon. It is likely that the reason behind the challenges ending on Sunday is because season 11 will likely start around then, too.

The challenges this time around aren’t too hard to complete since there are only six of them that are available for players to do during this time and they mostly revolve around finding some stuff. Even still, they offer some sweet rewards for those players who are willing to do them so you won’t want to miss out.

Fortnite Out of Time Overtime Challenges List

There are six challenges in total that players can complete as part of the Fortnite Out of Time Overtime Challenges. You can find the full list of the challenges that are available this week below:

  • Collect the visitor recordings on the Floating Island and at Retail Row
  • Deal 2,500 damage to opponents
  • Collect the visitor recordings in Moisty Palms and Greasy Grove
  • Outlast 250 opponents
  • Collect the visitor recordings in Starry Suburbs and Gotham City
  • Search 25 chests

And that’s it for the overtime challenges this season. Even though the weekly missions this season also had prestige missions for players to complete, this isn’t the case for these six challenges. Regardless, these challenges are ones that are great for players looking to get as many tiers as they can before the season ends.

Here’s how to do all six challenges in this set before they end on Sunday plus all of the rewards that you can get for doing them.

Where to Find the Visitor Recordings on the Floating Island and in Retail Row


The first challenge is an interesting one that requires the player to find and collect the two visitor recordings that are located on the Floating Island and at Retail Row. Both locations showed up during season X and are returning from previous seasons of battle royale.

For this challenge, you are going to need to visit both locations and find the recordings there before you can complete it. You can’t just head to one location, collect the recording there, and be done. However, you can, thankfully, do these challenges as you go throughout the game.

You don’t actually have to collect both visitor recordings in the same match so this makes doing this particular challenge simple. The recordings themselves look like little cassette tapes of sorts that are located in the various points of interests.

The first one is found on the Floating Island, which moves around the map often so you will need to check your map to see where it is at that time. When you get there, you need to find the house that is situated among the dirt and there will be a little yellow truck in front of it.

Head to the back of the truck and you will find this first visitor recording there. For the second one, you need to head to Retail Row. There, you will want to visit the big building that is on the eastern side of the town. Head up to the second floor of the building and look in the southeastern corner. You can find this tape on the floor there.

How to Deal Damage and Find the Second Set of Recordings

With that done, you have only one challenge completed but the next one is rather simple to do. For this one, you need to deal 2,500 damage to opponents. That is a lot of damage, equal to killing around 12 or so enemies that have only full health but it doesn’t have to be too hard.

You can, of course, take your time with this challenge and just deal as much damage as you can throughout the various matches that you do. One sure fire way to get a lot of damage is to jump into the Brute mech (unless you don’t like it) and start blasting away at your enemies.

The third challenge requires you to collect the next visitor recordings that are in Moisty Palms and Greasy Grove. When you get to Moisty Palms, what you need to do is find the large building that is the most prominent one in town and is like a hotel of sorts.

Head to the roof of that building and you can find this next tape on the white wall that is there. The next recording requires you to head to Greasy Grove. When you get there, look for the taco fast food restaurant and head inside there.

Look for the bathroom in the back of the restaurant and then take a look at the red booths that are to the left of the bathrooms. You will find this next visitor recording on those booths.

How to Outlast Opponents and Find the Final Set of Recordings


Next up, you will need to do the simple challenge of outlasting and outliving 250 opponents in battle royale matches. For this particular challenge, you are going to want to not do Team Rumble like we usually recommend since it is all about players respawning in matches.

Instead, you are best off doing solo matches to outlast the most number of players but squads works, too, if you have some friends you want to do this challenge with. In each match, there are no more than 100 players so, at best, you are going to outlive around 99 or so players if you win.

But there is the possibility that you won’t win the match so it could be much less than that. Regardless, you are going to have to do multiple matches to get this challenge so just make it your goal to outlast at least 50 opponents in each match (which is pretty easy) and you can do this in five or less matches.

As for the final set of visitor recordings, you need to head to Starry Suburbs and Gotham City. At Starry Suburbs, you need to find the large building that looks like a church, school, or manor with its pointy rooftop. When you get there, you need to go inside the house to the third floor.

There is a bedroom on the third floor that has a white bed with a red cloth across it. Atop that bed is where you will find the next visitor recording for you to collect. As for the final recording, you need to head to Gotham City that recently replaced Tilted Town and will only stick around until the end of season X.

There, you need to head to the big movie theater that is located inside the city. Right in front of the movie theater, you will find this final recording on the ground in the middle of the street. Grab it and you will complete this challenge.

All that remains is the final challenge that requires you to search through 25 chests. Again, this is another simple challenge that will just take you a few matches to complete. Head to named locations and areas that have a lot of chests so you increase your chances of finding as many as possible.

Fortnite Out of Time Overtime Challenges Rewards

The rewards this time around for the Fortnite Out of Time Overtime Challenges works a bit differently than you might be used to for weekly challenges. Each of the six challenges that you complete will grant you some experience, around 2,500 experience each.

That is a fair bit of experience but those aren’t the only rewards that you are able to get from these challenges. If you complete just one of the challenges (doesn’t matter which one), you will receive a special skin variant. You get another one at three challenges completed and a final one at five completed.

If you are able to get all six challenges in the overtime challenges finished, then you will receive a special loading screen for your locker. You can complete the Out of Time challenges right now but you better act fast since they are only available until this Sunday, October 13.


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