Fortnite Operation Infiltration Game Mode Is Now Available

by in Fortnite | May, 20th 2020

Epic Games announced a new game mode that is available in Fortnite battle royale. The mode was both announced and released on the same day. If you are reading this right now, you can hop into the game and start playing the new Fortnite Operation Infiltration game mode.

Fortnite Operation Infiltration Out Now

It expands upon the already existing Spy Games limited-time event that is available in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2. The event mode is something that has been at the heart of the season thus far and it is now expanding even further with a new operation for players to check out.

The new Fortnite Operation Infiltration game mode is, quite frankly, Epic Games and Fortnite’s take on the classic capture the flag game mode. This is something that Epic hasn’t dived into in the past, as the battle royale title has mainly focused on the last team standing experience.

In the past, it has mainly focused on expanding to things like Team Rumble where it is more of a Team Deathmatch experience. But we haven’t had the chance to see something like Fortnite Operation Infiltration that is the game’s take on the capture the flag format.

Instead of flags, though, this spy version of the game mode is all about the intel briefcases that are on the map. There are two teams of eight players each in the new game mode and they each have a base that is their spy headquarters.

How This New Game Mode Works

At these two bases, there is an intel case that is waiting there. The goal of this game mode will be familiar to anyone who has ever played the capture the flag mode in any other multiplayer game out there. Each team is tasked with stealing the intel case from the other team’s base.

What you need to do is grab the briefcase from the enemy base and then bring it back to your own without losing it. Also, you have to deal with the fact that the other team is also trying to do the same thing by stealing your briefcase if you happen to be on the defending side.

It is best to have some teammates go after the enemy briefcase while the others are focused on defense and making sure to keep your teammates who are stealing the case safe so that you can bring it back to your base. Like Search and Destroy and other multiplayer modes, the teams will swap sides.

In one round, you might be on the attacking side that is trying to steal the enemy intel and bring it back to your base while the next round will see you be on the defending side, trying to stop the enemy from taking yours. You will continuously swap sides after each round until there is a winner.

Spy Games Abilities Work in Operation Infiltration

The winner is crowned when the first team can win three rounds in total out of four. Once you have completed a round, you will gain the intel that allows you to unlock special upgrades for your character in the Spy Games limited-time event.

For those who haven’t been playing through Spy Games, you can earn and unlock new abilities for your character, depending on which side of the event you are on. The Ghost and Shadow factions are at the crux of the event and you have to pledge allegiance to one of them.

The abilities that you get are different on both sides, though there are some common links between them. Through picking sides and playing game modes like the Fortnite Operation Infiltration one, you will be able to earn abilities like increased speed, dealing more damage at low health, and more.

Unfortunately, these upgrades will only work within the confines of the Spy Games event so you won’t be able to take these to the normal battle royale experience or even Team Rumble. That said, there are more abilities available in the Spy Games event than at launch, so be sure to check them out.

This Game Mode Will Likely Leave With Season 3

Also, if you happen to find that you don’t like the faction that you initially joined, this decision isn’t permanent. You can make a change and join the other side at any point that you want, but you will likely have to start over upgrading your abilities for that team from the ground up.

What is odd about this new Fortnite Operation Infiltration game mode that was added to the Spy Games event is that it arrives just as we start to get near the end of Season 2. Season 3 of Chapter 2 battle royale will start at the beginning of June, which is just in a couple of weeks.

The release of this new Operation Infiltration game mode likely is to tie players over until the release of the new season. As such, we only expect it to stick around for the remainder of Season 2, which isn’t exactly a very long time.

So, if you are interested in some attack and defense-like Search and Destroy mixed with a bit of capture the flag, you should jump into Fortnite right now and enjoy it before it leaves, most likely when the new season starts. Season 3 will begin on June 4 after being delayed a month.

The new season is one that players are looking forward to, as it is interesting to see what will happen when the season starts. The spy theme of this season was rather unique and it will be intriguing to see how Epic Games will continue the themed season and events in the future.


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