Fortnite No Build Battle Royale Mode Could Be Coming Soon

by in Fortnite | Oct, 27th 2021

Fortnite is known for many aspects, including the ever-changing and evolving virtual world created, the insane number of impressive crossovers, and its revolutionary take on battle passes. But it all started with the Fortnite no build battle royale mode.

Fortnite Building Is Synonymous With the Game

Fortnite emerged years ago as a survival-building game as you face off against waves and waves of zombie-like enemies. When it finally came out, though, it did not take long for the new battle royale experience to take the world by storm as a competitor soon after the release of PUBG. 

When Fortnite first came out, the building aspect was not cemented as the main feature that it would come to be known for, at least in terms of gameplay mechanics, so it was more akin to its competitor, PUBG, in the simple but effective survival mechanics of surviving against the ever-encroaching storm and other players. 

Fortunately, if a recent rumor is to be believed, it looks like the battle royale title could be returning to its roots soon. There is now a Fortnite no build battle royale mode that is rumored to be released soon. 

This game mode will reportedly add to the gameplay experience, not necessarily take away from the usual battle royale modes, by offering players a stripped-down version of Fortnite. This would essentially remove the entire building feature and focus only on the battle royale mechanics. 

Fortnite No Build Mode Rumors

This Fortnite no build battle royale mode rumor started with some of the dataminers and leaks on social media sharing information that they reportedly discovered about the game mode. This includes the Twitter user GMatrixGames who shared some details about what they found. 

They posted an image that shows “No Build Duos” and the caption that Epic Games is currently testing the Fortnite no build battle royale mode. That is all that we know about the rumored game mode for Fortnite at this time, which is, admittedly, not very much to go on compared to most Fortnite leaks. 

Usually, we have a lot more to go on from the datamining of the game, like more files and evidence of this being in development, but this is not the case this time around. This is worth noting as you should take this Fortnite no build battle royale mode rumor with a hefty grain of salt for now. 

There is the question of how valid this rumor is, so that is worth keeping in mind. Even if it is true that the developer is testing this mode right now for Fortnite, that does not mean much in the end since it seems to be very early in development, if that is the case. 

Take This Rumor With a Grain of Salt

That means that it could never see the light of day as there are many features and game modes that a developer will look into but ultimately not release. Given the possibly early nature of this rumored mode, there is no guarantee that it would even release in the end. 

Furthermore, if it does release, the early nature also means that it could be a good way away from coming out for everyone in the game. It could take several months of testing this game mode and developing it further before we see it released in the full game. 

And if that is not enough, it is uncertain if this new Fortnite no build battle royale mode would be a limited-time one, similar to event modes in the past, or a new permanent one that will stick around in the game for the foreseeable future. 

It certainly gives vibes of a limited-time mode based on the premise alone, but there is the chance that it could be a permanent addition, especially if it is quite popular in the community. With the overhaul of the UI for finding game modes in Fortnite recently, it certainly has room to take place there as a permanent fixture of the title. 

What This Rumored Game Mode Would Likely Do

Presumably, this game mode will reduce the battle royale experience back to its roots of having no building whatsoever. Perhaps the environmental destruction would remain for you to be able to do, but there would not be any new building happening on the map in this mode. 

It can be argued that it is a little bit too late for the no building mode in Fortnite as there are others, like this author, who would have preferred to have it seen before the end of the first chapter of the game than now so many years later. 

This is especially true when there are so many other quality battle royale games that can be played that do not have the building gimmick in it. With that said, though, I think this is a game that has needed to be in the game for a long time. 

I still think that there should have been both a building and non-building mode available in the game, especially once the quick-building features were implemented. Building in Fortnite required an insane skill level, which I did not have until quick-building helped make it available to everyone. 

Given how it is a bit easier to build and survive in the game now quickly, it does make it a little less necessary for a no building version of the mode, in my opinion. That said, having the option there would be awesome and at least cause me to play the game a lot more again if it were there, so here’s hoping that we do find out about this mode officially soon. 


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